This State Makes Citizens Safer From…. Cell Phone Cases?

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California is going all out to protect residents from fear, by now outlawing more potentially scary objects that look like guns. That’s right, if an object looks like a gun, such as these cell phone cases, and might possibly scare someone, it is now illegal in California.

Even though these objects don’t have the characteristics of an actual gun, such as a barrel, they are too scary for people to own.

“The bill is necessary because existing law is not sufficient in its definition to clearly prohibit the manufacture, import or distribution of gun shapes cellular/smartphone cases,” said Cooper in a note to lawmakers. He went on to explain that, since they do not have a barrel that can be marked in a high-viz color– such as required for toys– some could think they were a gun.

That last sentence spoke volumes to me and reinforced that gun control is truly not about guns- it is indeed about control.

Free Pizza Offered, But What’s The Catch?

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Apparently, it is believed that people will do almost anything in order to obtain free pizza. One Indianapolis pizzeria owner is willing to put that theory to the test, and possibly clean up his neighborhood at the same time. Sick of seeing youths enter his establishment with guns on them, Donald Dancy decided that by working with the local police, he might be able to make a difference.

Mr. Dancy will be offering free pizza, in exchange for any gun.

While Dancy isn’t interested in where the weapon came from, finding one doesn’t seem to be too taxing for his customers. “I can see kids 14 through 18 coming in here and buying a pizza and their guns fall out,” he tells Fox 59. He’s working to finalize a “collection process” right now with police so that in the event this promotion really takes off D&C doesn’t start building a small arsenal of its own.

Personally, I love pizza. But I’m content to make my own rather than turn over my gun.

University Of Texas Students Protest Campus Carry With These Adult Entertainment Devices


In an effort to speak out against guns legally carried on their campus, several hundred students hosted a rally making their opinions known. The planning for this event went on for months, but fell a wee bit short of their claim that it would be the largest anti-gun protest ever seen by UT.

In fact, it would seem the number of protest props far outnumbered attendees by the thousands.

Even given the rather crude nature of the protest, pro-carry groups behaved with decorum and support.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Students for Concealed Carry welcomed the demonstration and boasted that freedom of speech and gun rights could coexist on campus, even launching a line of merch to capitalize on the event themselves.

Open Carry Texas President CJ Grisham, himself a UT student, told that the Second Amendment protects the First.

“We fully support the Cocks Not Glocks protest. The argument against campus carry and the right to self-defense has just as much of a right to symbolic protest as we do in a manner that they see fit, regardless of anyone’s opinion about the vulgarity or efficacy of said protest,” said Grisham.

It does make one wonder though, just how much these students have impacted their potential future employment with their behavior displayed for all to see all over the internet.

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