BREAKING: Charlotte police announce ARREST in shooting of black protester; suspect is…


The “peaceful protesters” — the Obama administration’s words for the rioters who have forced the city into a state of emergency — have had abusy few days in Charlotte, NC. In addition to looting, setting fires and breaking glass, they’ve been assaulting journalists and other people who’ve happened in their paths, including a homeless man and a white man who begged for mercy as they beat him.

Oh, and turns out, these “peaceful protesters” killed fellow protester Justin Carr, pictured here:

Of course, protesters initially blamed police for the death, and the Associated Press ran with that. Because, you know, the narrative.

Now, Charlotte police have announced an arrest in the fatal shooting of Carr. No, it wasn’t a police officer; it was fellow black protester, Rayquan Borum.

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