122 weapons recovered after Georgia gun heist

Six young men are in custody and over 100 stolen guns off of the streets following a botched robbery at a pawn shop in Cumming, Georgia, over the weekend.

The suspects, identified as Jajuanis Armstrong, 19; Jason Wheeler, 20; Jordan Brown, 19; Senuel Hawk, 23; Rashad Jackson, 17, who is being charged as an adult; and a juvenile whose name was not released, were charged with robbery by force, burglary, possession of firearms during the commission of a crime, and other charges, according to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspects are accused of stealing more than 30 firearms from a pawn shop early Saturday morning during a smash and grab. However, a pawn shop employee fired a single round at the suspects, who immediately fled from the scene in a pickup truck.

No one was injured during the robbery and subsequent shooting.

Soon thereafter, officers encountered a truck matching the description and a chase ensued after a traffic stop was initiated. During the chase, the truck became disabled and all seven suspects fled in varying directions, according to the Forsyth County News.

Four suspects were located and arrested almost immediately, while two other suspects were caught later that afternoon. The seventh suspect remains at large and authorities say the suspects in custody are not helping to locate or identify him. Altavious Jackson was named over the weekend as playing a part in the heist but has seen been cleared of any involvement.


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source: http://www.guns.com/2017/01/06/122-weapons-recovered-after-georgia-gun-heist-6-suspects-in-custody/

  • Timothy Toroian

    Sentence them for each gun. That will keep them out of circulation for a while. A gun theft should be worth 20 years, minimum. That way you punish the person not the gun.

    • Bandit

      Yeah 20 years per gun that means those thugs would never get out of prison justice served.

      • Chaz d

        Chances are, prison life won’t be much worse than life on the street where they came from. No physical labor, three healthy square meals a day plus snacks, nothing to do but watch big screen tv, listen to rap, play basketball and tell dirty stories to the other low-lifes in there with them. What these young punks need is a life sentence of hard labor. It’s not just poor parenting, it’s the culture they embrace – I blame a lot of it on the (c)rap ‘music’ – the disgusting and immoral values they get from that sewage being drummed into their heads all the time – reinforced by the Hollywood movies that glorify the “thug” appearance and lifestyle. The only music they should be hearing from now on is the splitting sound of hard rock – hard rocks that is – the sound of a sledge hammer making little ones out of big ones under the strain of their own backs.

        • NotPCorrect

          I like the concept behind the movie “Escape from New York”, find some isolated island without timber large enough to make a boat out of & dump violent lifers on it. Put a Naval/Coast Guard patrol around it with orders to shoot to kill anybody leaving or approaching the island.

        • ms michaele

          Put razor blades in their food or better yet cyanide

    • Five of Barry’s sons. Nuf said.

      • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

        Nope. None of them are gay. Yet.

        • 1c7svct9

          LOL, I spit my coffee out on that LOL

          • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

            Forgive me for being the source of your coffee stain!

      • ms michaele

        Asshole Obama’s family

    • JVaVFW

      That event gives the so called black life matters to sit on their gray matter while the Nation’s Star & Stripes are observed.

  • Keith

    Your right, actually if the gun laws are enforced we will never hear from these assholes again…… But we both know that will not happen. Somehow the media will turn it around and make it our fault.

    • jackcandobutwont

      If the gun laws were enforce, most democrats would have nothing to complain about and would stop whining about gun control!!

      • Fedup

        They would find something else to cry about like not enough public safe places they can go to when they hear/see something that upsets them. poor snowflakes.

  • jackcandobutwont

    WOW!! I can only imagine had rufus and dufus gotten their hands on those weapon….just how many cops would have been at risk!!! or liquor stores……..it is good to know libraries would not be at risk!!

  • GrizzMann

    Obama’s make believe sons?

  • Dan

    I know this sounds racial but as of late it seems that minorities have been involved in more violent crimes than ever. The recent Orlando shootings and nearly every cop that has been shot. What’s up with that? Just waiting to hear all the denials and how whites are the root of all evil from those who object.

    • jackcandobutwont

      That is cause coloreds are feral animals….look at what they do to each other in chiraq….black on black murders!!

      • I feed the birds here in to UES of NYC and they are feral animals. So don’t compare them to

      • Dan

        I don’t really think the majority are animals but there sure are a bunch that are uncivilized. I taught school with an African American across the hall. He taught Chemistry and I taught Physics. He condemned all the folks that were lawless and one night at a party he brought the same view up about minorities committing crimes. He hit the nail on the head when he said it was the loss of family values that plagued many minorities. Single moms who were baby factories living off welfare blaming whitey for all their ills. Those minorities that don’t accept this view are good kind working folks that are often labeled along with the dirt bags that are the ills of society.

        • jackcandobutwont

          YES when you look at blacks NOW compared to the late 50’s and early 60’s…blacks are worse off in about every way…less educated, they make less , own fewer homes and kill more often…..you can attribute much to the dnc and what they have done to remove the male from the family…..more children out of wedlock, less education and more abortions…..if you were to look at the what the dnc has done to and for blacks…it would be called a genocide!!

          • mousekiller

            Because they choose to be that way.All are given a choice and how they turn out is not our fault

          • jackcandobutwont

            Just like they choose to be victims!!

          • Bill

            Jack, it is becoming obvious the victim role is played by many who blame others for their situation. Being a victim is cool in today’s society, it’s easier than being responsible for your own actions.

          • jackcandobutwont


        • jerel

          Say what? This (behavior) is not an exclusive ‘black thing’. To be sure, it’s a ‘white thing’ – created and sustained by. Beyond accusing the family and their community of bad habits, I suggest that you dig a little deeper. You should know better if you taught physics.

          • Dan

            Jerel – Did not say black thing. He said minorities. You are right to some extent. Give folks a handout and if they are not taught it is a hand up it becomes a habit of handout. Democrats in power like it that way as that get’s them votes. Democrats think we should not have to show ID’s to vote and they said that will eliminate blacks from voting. What party thinks blacks are dumb-Democrats. They are saying blacks are too dumb to get ID’s when they say that. I know of no conservative that thinks some minority is too dumb to get Id’s. Did you ever hear the answers J. Watters gets from all kinds of people ( whites, blacks, Asians etc.) on the street when he asks them simple questions ? I have only heard one black on TV news object to the Democrats view of blacks.
            There is, for the lack of a better term, white trash that rob the system also. They have the same ethic as some blacks. No family support, no dad at home or if he is he’s abusing his own kids. The very statistics show as a percentage the percent of the white population with no home values is not as great as in the minority population. That’s a fact that can’t be disputed.
            The chemistry teacher I wrote about earlier was subjected to the same lack of values written about earlier but he had a teacher ( a white guy by the way) that took him under his wing and helped him realize that he had a future if he wanted to work for it.

    • Bandit

      Well if you go through and look up what things like al sharptang and jessie jackass have said and have been saying you will see they have been pushing for the murders of police officers of all races, they think cops are bad while they think thugs are good,, as for me,(SLUGS FOR THUGS, and the game goes on) these thugs should have all been SHOT for what they did and have been doing. Thugs like these have murdered how many officers for no other reason other than they were cops.

  • a lot of gun store owners allow straw buys because they feel the guns with be used in _______birth control

    • jackcandobutwont

      nice story, but anyone caught allowing a straw buyer loses his FFL!

    • Dan

      Nothing personal but that comment is nuttier than a fruit cake.

      • it is not. Gun store owners in the South know the guns will be used to kill other blacks most of the time.

  • BlueViolets

    Criminals steal guns. I am shocked. Just shocked. And here I thought all those gun laws make us safer. I mean look at how safe the citizens of Chicago are because of all those laws. Oh, wait, don’t they call that the murder capital? I wonder why? Sorry I got up and put on my sarcasm suit on by mistake.

  • Old Ga Dawg

    Life in prison is not nearly enough. If we truly want to make a huge difference in this world, let’s make these thugs an example for those that believe they should receive more than just years incarcerated in our prison system with everything paid for them by tax payers of this country. These are a huge problem and burden on American taxpayers.

  • Bob Rispoli

    If “O” had sons would they look like this!!!!

  • Ray Tripp

    Well it can get you life in prison if the pawn shop had an FFL which most do. Hope they get the max. Hope they get prosecuted Federally they can kiss there A$$ good buy.

  • got my licence

    Obama’s sons are at it again.

  • tCotUS

    Obozo’s BLM boys should not be charged until Obpzo is out of Office..He will just pardon them…

  • William Menikheim

    If Barrach Husein Obama had any sons, they would look just like them.

  • Tommy p

    Are they Trump voters?
    Why are they all Black?
    What’s Barack think of this?


    These thugs should all get 25 years in prison, but I bet the justice system will make a lesser charge and will get maybe 5 years. I hope I’m wrong.

  • MolokaiAdvertiserNews

    Deport to Africa, deep deep Africa, for these Obama Children to be with their people.

  • mousekiller

    First things First. Sterilize each of them Prior to jail time so when they do if ever get out then cannot produce more just like them selves.

  • Fedup

    Are these home grown terrorists arming themselves for an uprising? .They should never get out of prison because they can’t be rehabilitated and will always be a danger to society.

  • Linda Gersin

    Thugs should get what’s coming to them, a long prison sentence with Bubba, the convicted homosexual rapist, as their ‘cellie’.
    … Jim.

  • Niko

    I prefer to see these dirtbags recieve 50 lashes a piece or until they pass out, then throw them in jail due 30 years. Bring out the whip!!!!!!!!

  • Warren

    It’s the Government’s fault they could not afford 122 background checks

  • Michael Valgos

    Obama’s relatives are at it again. I believe that these punk thugs were going to cause a lot of harm had they not bee arrested. We had never had this kind of problems before Obama took office. He has created a volatile environment that has cost many police officers their deaths. He created a racist way of life, and a racist attitude. He did have change he was talking about, it just wasn’t what his liberal white voters thought they were going to get. So this leads right back to Obama. He doesn’t even rate a Mr.. I would call a piece of dog shit, but I don’t want to insult my dog that way.

  • coyote-hunter

    Prison?…Hell, that would be a vacation for these thugs, lethal injection or firing squad. get em out of the food chain.

  • paul


  • bobs33hotrod

    BLACK CRIME, Nothing said about these Punks on my Cable Network. Obama short time left, will take care CARE OF THEM.!!!
    BOBBY ~!~

  • Guns2A

    When these idiots do this, the congress tries to pass more stupid gun laws, and the only people who pay for it is the law abiding gun owner ! Its like they commit the crimes and the law abiding gun owner will pay ! These six idiots need to be put in prison for the next 50 plus years and get them off the street. The liberal judges and courts will slap their hands and throw them back on the streets !

  • SD of AZ

    Ah gee, wonder what these innocent young black men intended? And yes, they are all black if I can tell from their pictures. Surprise, surprise! Bet the rap sheet on all of them is long indeed. Maybe this along with their pasts will lock em up for a period. And I am surprised the dem lemmings are not flocking to their defense. White republicans made em do it in big news spreads with the corrupt left wing media nuts! And do find the last escapee. Sentence them to what they deserve.

  • Daniel W

    Do background investigations on all to determine if they had been arrested before. If they have been arrested before for felonies then it should be at least 7 to 10 years in jail for those convicted of felonies..

  • Ranger = Danger

    Trumps son’s at it again!

  • ms michaele

    Kill them

  • ms michaele

    Hang all those motherfuckers from a tree

  • anthony

    so hard to believe that they were negros. what i thought ,when i saw the photos, was “here’s some bright honor roll students getting ready to go to that all black college called harvard

    • ms michaele

      In Chicago everyone should own a few weapons