5 pro-gun reforms pass Senate

Lawmakers in The Wolverine State on Wednesday approved bills to allow concealed carry in schools, protect the gun rights of foster parents and allow teenagers to get carry permits.

The five-pack of bills all passed in Republican-heavy votes with the trio of proposals affecting campus carry — Senate Bills 584, 585, and 586— passing 25-12 while the other two measures, SB 366 allowing those age 18-20 to obtain a provisional concealed carry permit and SB 527 on foster parents went 26-11.

Structured to end the allowance for concealed pistol license holders in Michigan to carry openly on school campuses, which has proved to be a sore spot on occasion, the carry bills would instead shift to codify the right for CPL holders to carry concealed in those same areas.

“This legislation upholds the Constitution, protects the rights of CPL holders and reduces potential disruptions in pistol-free zones,” said the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake. “Since these zones were established almost 20 years ago, the courts have ruled that CPL holders can legally open-carry weapons but not carry concealed weapons.”

The change would enable CPL holders to apply for an exemption to the gun zones that currently bar concealed carry inside areas such as schools, day cares, bars, and hospitals provided they receive extra training. A similar proposal was floated in 2015.

Gun control advocates think the potential expansion would be dangerous. “As parents, we’re outraged that lawmakers are even considering gutting common-sense laws that protect our children and their school communities,” said Emily Durbin with Moms Demand Action. “The gun lobby may be pressuring lawmakers, but we’re paying attention, too, and we’ll do all we can to make sure the legislature rejects these reckless proposals.”

Foster parents

State Sen. Tom Casperson’s measure would change the current practice of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services requiring all firearms legally possessed in foster homes be locked in a gun case or stored with a trigger-lock separate from ammunition.

“Adopting a child does not require you to give up your constitutionally guaranteed rights,” said Schuitmaker, R-Lawton. “Thousands of families across Michigan have figured out how to safely possess firearms in the privacy of their own homes without the government telling them how to do it.”

According to MDHHS, approximately 13,000 Michigan children are in foster care, but the agency is mired in a federal lawsuit after two Michigan couples who wanted to adopt were told they would have to give up their gun rights.

Provisional licenses

Adults under the age of 21 would be able to apply for a provisional CPL under legislation sponsored by state Sen. Wayne Schmidt.

“This is a responsible bill that will require 18- to 20-year-olds to abide by the current training and background requirements for obtaining a Concealed Pistol License,” said Schmidt, R-Traverse City. “It will make sure younger people are ready to conceal carry, as they are currently allowed by law to possess and open carry a firearm.”

Schmidt says his bill was modeled after a West Virginia law and, if approved, Michigan would join eight other states with such a provision.

All five bills are headed to the state House for further consideration.

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    There is no such thing as common sense as that means that every one would know the same thing from birth. It is called applied knowledge as in we apply the knowledge that we gather as we grow. It it was so called “common sense gun laws” then every one would have learned about the use, care and responsibilities of firearm ownership at about the age of 10 and we would not have the idiots that have no clue about firearms opening their mouths and inserting foot. Every one would be on the same page. Granted there are people now that should not own firearms in the first place, the left( as most havent got a clue on a firearm and the phoenix john brown gun club is a good example of that, check out their video on youtube). Then you have the mentally inept which is already on the background checks along with felons, domestic abusers and substance abusers. then you have the ones that refer to a firearm as a toy (as in some one going I went and got me a new toy from the gun shop, its a firearm). A firearm is a tool to provide food, protection and to practice at the range. When the wrong people get a hold of a firearm then it is a weapon. So stop with the so called gun laws as most are on the books and do some thing about the idiots that slip though the cracks, kill or steal others firearms. Enforce the laws on the books and stop trying to double and triple the same laws so it makes the inept feel good.

    • George Rowe

      Right – except for “Enforce the laws on the books” many of which should be repealed and not replaced.

      • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

        That is true on the repeal aspect. As it doesnt matter on a 5 round magazine or 30 round magazine, any one that knows any thing about the so called “assault weapon” can fire the same amount of rounds in the same amount of time with maybe a 5-10 second difference. The fact it takes the cops on an average of 5-10 minutes to show up 5-10 seconds doesnt make a difference to a shooter. The Class III for collectors I can see as it does limit the amount of automatics on the streets but that doesnt stop gangs and who ever else want to modify the sear pin from making one either..Throw in some tougher penalties on gun running, straw purchases or any other firearm related offenses that helps the criminals then you have some thing to work with. Our criminal system when they put them in front of a judge if more then one charge normally drop the firearm charge which shouldnt happen.

    • Fred

      All gun laws do is make things harder on RESPONSIBLE gun owners, while doing nothing about the black market gunrunners selling weapons illegally to thugs on the street, usually stolen from burglarized or invaded homes!

      • Terry Butts

        Or manufactured from base metals by them as several cases over the past few decades have been people caught MAKING guns and illegally selling them. The US news media rarely if ever mentions these kind of arrests as it is already illegal to manufacture and sell guns without government authorization and it only proves that no gun restriction or ban would keep guns out of the hands of criminals when they can be easily made without special tools or materials that can be tracked.


        In fact in one of the cases the person who was caught making fully automatic guns in the US taught a shop class and had for years been assigning different parts of the guns for his students to make as projects thinking they would not realize what the end product would be he was caught when one of his students had enough knowledge about guns to recognize that they were building the internal part of a gun and reported it to the school.

        No gun restriction will stop a crime or criminal they only provide punishment when the criminals are caught after the fact (if not plea bargained away by a lazy DA) when it is too late for those who might have saved themselves if not for existing restrictions.

        I am sure all the victims in France felt SAFE from gun violence before the terrorists used the BANNED NATION WIDE from civilian ownership guns they illegally acquired to attack them.

        In fact I recall seeing an episode of national geographic several decades ago they showed the people living in the hills in a nation that had gun laws so restrictive that people were subject to summery execution if seen in possession of one without government authorization that used parts from a car engine and the same basic tools used for thousands of years for metal work by their ancestors to make M16s so close to the original the parts were interchangeable with factory manufactured ones.

        Far to many people do not realize that guns and ammo are so easy to make that even prisoners in the most restrictive controlled environment that bans weapons have been able to make them.

        • Fred

          I never thought of manufactured weapons! I get at least 1 or 2 emails a week offering plans to build my own ” off the grid ” AR or Glock “using normal garage tools and materials found around the house”.

          • cyberscan

            Yes, information, technology, and supplies are all that is needed. One first needs information about the supplies, equipment, and procedures needed to turn what’s available into a gum. Then one needs the technology to get the job done. Fortunately, this information, technology, and supplies are available online and for very cheap.

            It is still relatively difficult and time consuming for people with little shop skill to build a semiautomatic or automatic gun from scratch, but it is getting easier by the day.

  • Bud Wood

    Maturity generally comes at about 27 years of age. Thus, it will be comforting to know that immature people are not encouraged to carry life ending weapons. Yes, this is discrimatory in that immature people are denined leathal weapons.