68-Year-Old Woman Defends Home Invasion

A man police suspect of being a burglar is recovering after he allegedly lunged at the elderly woman who discovered him in her storage building.

Robeson County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Anthony Thompson told local media that James Dority, 39, of St. Pauls, was discovered by deputies after a call about 6:40 p.m. last Friday in reference to a person being shot.

Authorities say that Dority had been shot five times with a .22-caliber handgun by an unidentified 68-year-old woman after she arrived home to find the man hiding in her storage building and he lunged at her in “an aggressive manner” when confronted.

Dority, who does not have life-threatening injuries, was later reported to have an extensive criminal background to include past charges for possession of burglary tools and felony possession of a stolen vehicle. Thompson said the incident is in the “early stages of the investigation,” and no charges have been filed.

source: guns.com

  • Ronald Wimber

    good for this lady the only thing is she needed a big gun we half to stop ass holes like this

    • Bama Bill

      My revolver will blow a hole thru 18″ of ballistic gelatin, with an 8′ barrel and .22WMR ammo. Six holes thru anyone, and they will bleed out in a couple of minutes. I was told it would “Bounce off” an armadillo, not true. I put one round thru an armadillo from front to back. From 25 yards. And it was a big male.

  • dragonfire777

    You go girl!! Nice shooting!

  • off2shop

    When I took my concealed handgun test there were thirty-eight(38) women in the class. All 38 women passed with flying colors and all of them owned their guns that they were being tested using. Instructor told us that all women need to be able to pick up a gun and defend themselves and their children/family. All “threats” will take out the man first and the women needs to be able to protect herself and whoever else is close because it’s not “pretty” what happens to defenseless women and children. I’m now 77 yrs old and belong to a gun club and practice every Mon-Wed-Fri morning and I wish every women either young or older would consider taking up shooting as a hobby. Some morning, I never shoot a gun, but I practice speed of drawing from a holster. It’s a great sport and I have never killed a living thing except rats.

    • VT Patriot

      100% agreed. My GF with her ccw has become quite the sharpshooter. I wouldn’t want to mess with her.

    • Girlie58

      Will take your advise.😊

  • apzzyk

    The there was the Nam vet in Denver that shot and killed an intruder while his wife called the cops, and when the cops got there the vet, with gun in hand opened the door and the cops shot and killed him too. Who is more dead, the intruder of the one who shot him?

    • Proudvietvet58

      @apzzyk, Are you trying to be sarcastic, funny or, just a plain old POS?

      • VT Patriot

        Just plain old ‘guns are bad’ crowd. Hope he never say’s ‘damn, wish I’d had a gun’.

      • apzzyk

        The way that you can tell propaganda from the news is that only one side is ever reported for propaganda, while in the news you get incidents from both sides. For example about a year ago, one week, there were two incidents reported that were news that both concerned women with concealed carry permits. In one, the woman with the permit was checking out of her doctors office, could not find her bill fold in her purse, so dumped the purse, her gun hit the counter and went off and shot a woman in an exam room in the butt; in the other another woman was getting something from a convenience store, also could not find her bill fold and also dumped her purse and her gun hit the floor and went off with the round hitting a display stand which shattered with the shrapnel wounding both her and two other customers. At about the time that the reported incident happened a man awoke and heard noises from the hall in his house, got his gun out of the bed stand, and fired two shots. One hit his wife in the torso and the other missed. The second is probably far more common, with or without causualties than this woman defending herself successfully against an intruder. By ‘reporting’ this incident the reporter wants you to think that intruders are more common than they really are and also want you to believe that all turn out to the advantage of the person who has the gun. About 15 years ago, my dog, a Standard Poodle, started barking about midnight while I was asleep and I thought that he was just barking at another dog walking down the street, which had happened before. I got up, put on my glasses and turned on the light in the bedroom and then turned on the one in the hall, and when I turned the corner to enter the living room I saw the siloette of a man inside of my front door. I just started talking to him in a quiet voice, and told him several times that he did not belong here and should leave while I was inching up on my 6 pound cat and got to her and started petting her – she was on the back of a chair – while keeping my eyes on the intruder, and if he had moved toward me he would have gotten a face full of cat – he went 90 degrees to my left, I got to the phone, called 911, and said I had a intruder in my home. He turned, walked out the door, grabbed his back pack and took off down the sidewalk and turned N. I went back and put on my levi’s and had a cop convention in my living room. I described him – the only thing that I saw was Keds with red laces – they caught him a couple of blocks away and found that he was high. This is probably the most common example of an intruder in a home – some one who is not thinking well and just wonders what is on the other side of a door. I had replaced the lock assembly, but did not check to see if it actually put the dead bolt through the latch plate – it didn’t, so I corrected my mistake. I have not had a gun since I got out of the USMC in 1961, and in this case, it would not have done me any good if I had one, because in such situations a person gets up and responds and is not thinking until at least 30 seconds after he has his eyes open. CO has a “make my day” law that allows you use deadly force in such a situation, and from the local news may only be used about once a year, while the cops respond to intruder calls far more often. When in the USMC, my M-1 spent 90% of the time locked in the rifle rack and in garrison there was no ammo, and I lived in a barracks with about 300 other disarmed Marines and no one ever attacked us.
        This administration has been a master of using the fear factor – it makes believe that MS-13 is typical, where it is quite rare and really isolated to a place in Long Island, and never mentions the Russian Mafia which has most of its members in Brighton Beach which is in the area and has been there longer and is responsible for equally bad things. There are difference – MS-13 is Latio, and its members did probably come over the S. Border; the Russian Mafia are white, many were born here, and they could not have come in across the S. Border. Near the S. Border, there is the Mexican Mafia, which has its territory from San Antonio S to the border, and is directly involved in both drug and human smuggling and traficing and are also bad dudes, but are almost all US citizens, and take up a lot of Federal Prison space in TX, NM. This is very selective ‘reporting’ which is just done to support the policies that Trump advocates and are not representative of the real illegal population at all. With an estimated 3-4 million illegals from the S. they are under represented in the Federal Prison system. For the ones from the S. our tighening of the borders have caused much of the present non-problem. 20 years ago most from the S. would come in to the US to do the seasonal ag work in the Spring, and leave after the harvest was done in the fall and repeat. When we tightened the security, the ones that would usually go back home stayed over to avoid the hassle and expense, learn trades to survive, and even put down roots here and actually maybe replace US workers. There was a tile company in Denver an N.Colo that was probably 90% illegals from the S. They probably did the tile work in most of the casinos in CO.

    • VT Patriot

      The vet should have known to not present himself as the ‘one with the gun’. Simple training. I always ‘inform’ way early if any situation arises. Most cops say “Thank you, now where is the problem”.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    You dont put these people in jail you kill them. Dont just build the wall shut down immigration until further notice. The rest of the western world would follow suit. MARK MY WORDS !

  • Girlie58

    She should have finished him. No lawsuits nothing! I wonder if my comment will be posted?!

    • Roy Ota

      Concur!! She should’ve taken head shots to save tax payers monies!

      • Girlie58

        For real..

  • Suzu M

    People will only LEARN when the consequences are TOUGH.

  • Donald Baker

    Definately recommend a larger handgun for this lady

  • isaiah

    She should have finished him. No lawsuits nothing! I wonder if my comment will be posted?!

  • Linda Miller

    Good for her. I hope they lock him away and he never gets the chance to come back and get even with her. Maybe she could install a alarm and maybe a trap in her storage building. Hope she has one in her house.

  • Ron C

    No doubt the democrats would have preferred that the women be murdered by the criminal…after all they think MS13 & Antifa are benevolent creatures with sparkles in their eye…as long as they vote for the creepy democrats.