900 Plus Pages Submitted To Defend Bump Stocks

The group, assisted by a pair of well-known firearms lawyers, hold the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have misled the public in a quest to ban the suddenly controversial devices.

The Firearms Policy Coalition on Wednesday posted more than 35 exhibits including the above video in comments regarding the agency’s proposed rulemaking to regulate or otherwise ban bump stock devices.

The more than 900-pages of documentation was compiled with the assistance of attorneys Joshua Prince and Adam Kraut of the Pennsylvania-based Firearms Industry Consulting Group, argue that the prohibition could affect as many as 500,000 bump stock owners unconstitutionally, making those who don’t comply subject to criminal action and those who do left without compensation for their legally-purchased property.

In the end, points out Prince, the devices fire once per each pull of the trigger, meeting federal law. “As is clearly shown in the Bump Stock Analytical video, bump-stock-type devices are not ‘machineguns’ and do not convert a semi-automatic firearm into one,” Prince said. “It is beyond outrageous that ATF has purposely misled the public on the function of bump-stock-devices.”

The attorney argues that ATF is unlawfully attempting to usurp Congress by tweaking the tax code by Congress to retroactively apply an updated definition aimed at banning bump stocks.

The comment process has garnered over 80,000 submissions, fueled by those on both sides of the hot-button issue. Besides FPC and other pro-gun groups, Everytown and Giffords have been urging their followers to visit the federal regulations site to log comments of their own, going so far as to pay for ads on social media to help drive traffic.

The comment period ends on Wednesday.

source: guns.com

  • Kanawah

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  • Alan404

    Where is the ATF, or more properly the BATFE getting it’s marching orders remains a question yet unanswered.