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  • Craig Tarter

    It’s my belief that narrowing the definition of Arms exclusively to bullet dispensing firearms is unConstitutional. Whatever our POtuS can aim at US, by all that’s right, something far more extreme should be pointed straight back at the self conceived target.

  • Douglas King

    Why is it that a non-violent felon is not allowed to purchase a firearm? Under our Constitution, He/She has all the rights of any other citizen and has never physically harmed anyone.

  • Don’tMesswithMyTexas

    This is off topic. I did not initially request emails from this site. I, unfortunately, answered an online survey skipping pages of ads I wasn’t interested in, but have been getting a deluge of emails and ads from everywhere anyway. Emails from 2nd Amendment Insider are blank on my iPad and the unsubscribe button they claim is in every one only shows up if I push the arrow to reply. Letters to the editor come back undeliverable. I subscribed to see if an unsubscribe button would show up. I’ve left messages numerous times in the contact us box. I’ve blocked the sender and sender’s domain to no avail. I can’t find a PO address, real email address or phone number here. This site is a trap. Could it be a watched government site to fill their lists of people to watch? I said I’d start posting complaints. Here’s the first.

  • anthony

    what’s not unconstitutional is that “the-pope-on-a-rope likes altar boy’s butts.