Have American Views on Gun Laws Changed After Vegas Shooting?

While many have renewed calls for stricter gun regulations after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, a new poll has found that most Americans’ views on gun laws remain unchanged.

The poll, conducted by the The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, found U.S. citizens are still divided on whether tighter firearms restrictions would reduce homicides and mass shootings, while a majority still favor stricter gun regulations.

The survey of 1,054 adults, designed to represent the greater U.S. population, was conducted Oct. 12-16, about two weeks after the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history left 58 dead and hundreds more injured in Las Vegas.

Approximately 61 percent of respondents said they favored stricter gun laws, while 27 percent thought the laws should stay the same and 11 percent thought they should be less strict. Around 90 percent of Democrats said they wanted tougher gun regulations, but only a third of Republicans agreed.

According to the Associated Press, those numbers are very similar to the results of a July 2016 poll on the same topic.

Around half of respondents said they thought stricter gun laws would reduce mass shootings, and slightly less than half said such restrictions would reduce homicides.

Approximately 50 percent of respondents felt such measures would reduce accidental shootings, while around 40 percent thought tighter gun regulations would reduce suicides and only a third thought they would reduce gang violence.

The poll also showed that a majority of respondents, approximately 59 percent, disapproved of President Donald Trump’s gun control policies, while around 40 percent approved.

Trump was the first president since Ronald Reagan to speak at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting and has claimed to be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

Source: http://www.guns.com/

  • lightingengineer

    The First and Second Amendments are the only parts of the Constitution that protect Democracy. The Second
    Amendment is the First Amendment on steroids. Founding Fathers included Second Amendment at the beginning of this grand experiment of Democracy to give the People capability of taking down a despotic government and re-instituting Democracy. Presently there are less than two million citizens in the armed services. However there are now more than 90 million citizens owning firearms. More than ten million of these citizens have AR (Armalite) style semi-automatic rifles.

    For fascist socialist liberal Democrats there will never be enough gun control that is anything less than total prohibition because they want to take control over the citizenry. They will take every opportunity to push for
    prohibition. Given the recent First Amendment intolerant behavior of socialist globalist Democrats and their fake news the last thing we need is more gun control.

  • HDMania

    When will the liberal demorat idiots realize you cannot legislate evil in the minds of men..?

    • Tom

      They probably already realize that because most of the Demoncrats have evil minds, they just don’t realize that their minds are evil (they believe only Republicans minds are evil).

    • antimarxist

      They don’t care about any of that. They are marxists who believe in disarming the people to prevent armed dissent when “the people” who voted them in realize their utopian promises aren’t coming thru. like what happened in the old soviet union when the peasants realized lenin promises weren’t coming true after all.

  • 2broke

    doesnt matter what law or regulation that is passed, if one is intent on committing mass killings or suicide or harm of a known person any gun law passed wont stop them, it changes the type of weapon used..

    some years back in Chicago when the liberals were up in arms about more regulation for rifles..
    that year 25 people were killed in Chicago by the use of a rifle.. during the same year, 25 people were clubbed to death with a Baseball Bat.. there was no push for banning or restricting bats, yet there was rant an raving in banning rifles.. as a quote “Illogical Logic”

  • Ethan

    My views have not changed. In my mind ATF should be a convenience store, not a government agency.

    Las Vegas: We will never know the truth because somehow it is embarrassing for the left.

  • dontucker

    You are all preaching to the choir! Forget the NRA, join the NAGR (National Association for Gun Rights) if you really want to protect the 2nd Amendment.

  • Ronald Hagler

    I view the killings in Vegas as tragic and know the public is screaming for something to stop this madness. I, too, wish this madness to stop, but I know no new “gun” laws will serve any purpose other than further hindering law-abiding citizens from obtaining and owning firearms of their choice. When Paddock shot into that crowd, he broke several laws, so what reason would liberals have to believe more “gun” laws will solve the problem?

    Guns are not the problem. People are the problem! Decades of callous indifference to the actions of vile people has created a demographic of sociopaths who always see the criminal as the “victim”. Those residing within this demographic have grown to hate democracy and often preach the Constitution is an antiquated relic that no longer represents our society and how we should live. They support burning and stomping the American Flag as a freedom of expression. They support professional players knelling (in disrespect) during the playing of our National Anthem. They support the theory that “guns” are bad and no citizen should be allowed to own one. They believe the 2nd Amendment is unwarranted and should be repealed and they will go to any means necessary in bringing their agenda to fruition.

    The fact that these socialists continually attack guns, gun owners, the NRA and the 2nd Amendment is testament to their zeal in having it their way. But to use the deaths and injuries of so many as were shot in Vegas to further their agenda against “guns” is far more heinous than the shooting, as it represents the lengths they will go to achieve their goals.

    We need no more gun control! What we need is People Control! Liberal courts have been so lenient on killers and shooters that criminals no longer fear the consequences for their actions. One can receive a more severe penalty for selling drugs than for killing someone, which is ludicrous! Instead of screaming for more “gun” laws, why not enforce the ones already passed into laws. If this society does not return to prosecuting criminals, as criminals, we are doomed to collapse from pure stupidity. The fact that the citizenry of these United States is armed has been a deterrence to direct attack and assault on our soil for our entire existence. With terrorism being so commonplace, we would be better served if liberals would learn about the proper handling of firearms as opposed to seeking to rid this nation of them.