AR-15 church service draws massive crowd

A planned blessing event at a small church in Pennsylvania that asked couples to bring an AR-15 or similar rifle with them took place peacefully, but with some protesters.

As detailed by previously, the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland planned its event not to bless the firearms themselves but rather to allow attending couples to rededicate their marriages to each other. The gun, seen as the “rod of iron” in the Book of Revelations by church leaders, is cited as a symbol that shows “both the intent and the ability” to defend ones’ family, community, and nation. In all, several hundred attended, with rifles in tow.

“The ‘rod of iron’ allows not only strong men, but also women and the elderly to have the ability to protect themselves and others from such predators,” said the church in a statement Wednesday.

As noted by the AP, “An attendant checked each weapon at the door to make sure it was unloaded and secured with a zip tie, and the elaborate commitment ceremony went off without a hitch.”

Protesters and gun control advocates called the ceremony sacrilegious and picketed the event.


  • Larry Cece

    way to go people,it will make the libroids go nuts

    • Steven Earle

      There already nuts but it will make them chase their tales.

  • mike

    The part that I find sacreligious is that they were made to unload their weapons ! We know that the left is unhinged, what if one or more of those unhinged protesters opened fire ?

    • GRAMPA

      the protesters didnt know this ! all these guns and not oneof them jumped up and killed anyone. this doesnt fit the lefts fake news.

      • Ed Price

        yep, never owned a gun that pulled its own trigger. Libs just can’t get it right.

        • Larry Shriver

          If guns were as bad as some of those morons try to make them out to be, no one would ever go into a gun shop or a gun show. After all, who wants to be shot by a gun ??? The idiots refuse to acknowledge that a gun needs to be loaded with ammunition, aimed, and the trigger pulled, for it to fire. It is the person holding the gun, not the gun itself, who creates the problem. And the mostly Democrats yell the loudest about GUNS killing people, yet the DEMOCRATS support abortions. Many more lives are ended because of abortions than were ever caused by guns. Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy here ???

          • blackwingA520

            The DemoncRATS don’t think that abortion is killing a life because it isn’t “born” yet, how f**ked up is that? Their ONLY goal is to have total control of everyone by removing the one thing that makes that impossible, GUNS! that’s why they try so hard. Let’s not let that happen. Molon Labe!

          • tomsfordcars

            No Larry, you are not the only one, I also see the hypocrisy. If the libturds want to banish fire arms then let them start by disarming their own security people first. Let’s see how that works for them.

    • mngriz

      I’ll bet there were loaded mags and sharp knives to take care of the zip ties in a hurry if needed…

  • Medic RN

    Bad gun! Bad, bad gun! Naughty gun! Gun must be punished.
    Force liberal resistance into their own stupidity.

  • Frank Dio


  • Joe S Hill

    “Thy Rod and thy AR-15 shall protect us from evil”.. not entirely sure what the point was that this Church wanted to make, just so that they know that they’ll be pelted by whining liberal protesters that’ll still bitch about “the evils of the AR-15”, which is still serious bullshi! as liberals yet again miss the entire mark of again going after the tool, instead of going after the people who use the tool to kill other people! the campaign to eradicate all assault rifles and AR-15s from the stores sure isn’t going to hurt criminals and terrorists, since that is where this is headed! and when the next mass shooting happens again, and it will, then who’ll have the answers, then?

    • posercom

      There are many countries in the world were only well armed Christians are safe. Lebanon is one of those countries.

    • tdg54

      Let’s face it. It’s not about the AR, it is, and always will be about confiscation. One brick at a time.
      They will NEVER stop.

  • David F Lanphere

    I’ll just bet that not a single crazy a$$ democrat liberal tried to shoot up that Church Service like the ex Chair Force guy in Texas.

    • Steven Earle

      Same thought crossed my mind.

    • Jerry Duchaine

      Just curious if you yourself have served in the armed forces of the U.S. I am a veteran of both USAF As well as U.S Army Just curious

      • Speedy121

        I am USN Retired;
        “Chair Force”,
        be it “auto correct error or not made me Smile.

        • Air_Force_Vet

          Pretty sure he’s talking about all the unmanned aircraft (drones) being controlled from the safety of a base in the US. I’m former USAF, too. Flew in back-end of EC-47 in Vietnam. Low and slow. Used to wish they were unmanned, too. LOL

          • Speedy121

            Thank you for your time, I was still in school during your service. Later in the Navy, we called you guys the Flyboys.
            Did you mean, you were wish the planes were armed?

            On another dig,
            My 1st squadron was the East Coast version of Top Gun. I love the fact that below a certain altitude, the F-14 could outdo and fly circles around the F-15.

  • RC

    It would really be something to see. Some jerk intending to shoot up a gun free zone walking into a church full of rifles pointed at him. After he pees his pants I’d be willing to bet he’d run like a thief in the night.

    • Larry Shriver

      I bet he would do more than PEE in his pants.

      • RC

        I was just trying to be politically correct so the so called liberals might understand. I’m sure he’d have to change his underwear.

  • mngriz

    I really like this idea!! And I love the linking to the iron rod referenced in the Bible. What better way to show commitment to ones family than showing the will, means and ability to protect them from the evils of this world!! Now this is a church I would attend and support….

  • Charles Vaught


  • Steven Earle

    Ya gotta love it ! Now that’s a church.

  • Wild Bill

    GREAT people need to realize the gun is what keeps us free. t sounds like a fine church to me!!!

  • tdg54

    Sanity in a Church. Whoda thought?

  • northwesternboy

    What is all the noise about? Since none of the protestors were invited, and were not threatened, why would they be complaining?!

  • Big Ed

    I see the event as both a plus and a minus. It is a plus for allowing the people to bring their AR-15s to church, but a minus in requiring them to be unloaded and “zipped” (whatever that means-but probably unusable). There are people who want to shoot up churches-what a coup it would have been if one of these people showed up and started shooting and several hundred well armed people would have been sitting ducks because they had no bullets.

  • blackwingA520

    I hope the South African whites all have AR-15’s now, they might need it.

  • Patriot41

    what is truly a sad statement for our people in this day and age, is the fact that they feel the need to be armed, even when they are attending a church service!

  • Mark Sauck

    With so many Christians around the world getting butchered and the 8 years of Obama’s friends sneaking into our country and waiting for the right time to hit us with one massive attack, everyone needs to be ready to defend themselves. That would definitely include churches and synagogues on days of worship. We can no longer depend on our government or police to protect us all. The latest Florida massacre proved that.

  • Mike Mooney

    Very original idea to do this and a great concept.

  • jesse

    Leftists are the protestinest bunch of mentally ill retards on the planet!

  • tomsfordcars

    Love it!