Are You A Target For Crooks?

Honest folks have busy lives. We spend our time working to earn a living, taking care of our families, and trying to make our community a better place to live, to name just a few. We also try to live a positive life and prefer not to dwell on bad stuff. Unfortunately, this can make us a more appealing target for the criminal element. Here are three things people do that make the crooks smile.


Too many people let down their guard when they are at home because that is where they feel the safest. This is the main reason that home invasions continue in our society. Your home is only your safe space when you have taken every precaution to make it a hard target for the criminal.

You should keep the doors locked even when you are at home. You should have good external lighting installed to make it safer to check out nighttime problems. A good watchdog is also an excellent early-alarm system. And you should always be near a defensive firearm if you have been trained in their safe and proper use. Finally, you should discuss a defensive plan with the entire family.


All you have to do is pay some attention to the nightly news to realize that a violent criminal attack can occur anywhere and without any notice. Violent crimes doesn’t just occur in the badpart of town. It happens in our homes, our churches, at movie theaters, music events and just about everywhere else that you can name. No one is able to accurately predict when and where they will be the victim of a violent crime.

If you went to all that trouble to get a carry license, you should carry everywhere that it is legal to do so. That is the only way that you will have a chance to protect yourself and your family.


The number one thing that makes crooks happy is the fact that too many honest citizens go through life without actually paying attention to what is going on around them until it is too late to do much about it. If these folks manage to survive a deadly encounter it is generally because luck has smiled on them. And luck, my friends, is a fickle lover.

Put that cell phone away. Keep your head up and pay attention to your surroundings. If you see something that doesn’t look right, keep an eye on it until it goes away or until you can go away. Be prepared to act, and have a plan, if that situation you are watching turns out to be an actual threat. Crooks will recognize this sense of awareness on your part and often go looking for an easier target.


  • MN Lew

    Good common sense rules especially about carrying. It seems that many people who have permits just get them for bragging rights not really understanding how big of a change the permit bring into your life so they rationalize… Insofar as cell phones/smart phones most people need to have them surgically removed from their appendages aka mindless robots!

    • I have my CCW due to the fact that my life and that of my wife were threatened several years ago and the Chief of Police suggested that I get one. I just renewed it this year for another five years, I carried a firearm for over 40 years in the Army, and had several in my on Base Quarters, not once did I have any issue with them, nor was I ever questioned about my ownership of them. I was a Military Police Officer during my entire Military career and was required to qualify annually with both my side arm and my assigned rifle. Not everyone has a CCW for bragging rights, and your assumption of this just goes to show your lack of knowledge and understanding of the intent and purpose of the 2nd Amendment. HAVE A NICE DAY.

  • GomeznSA

    NONE of us is totally invulnerable – even Superman had his kryptonite problem. We can minimize our risks by implementing the concepts n the article and making them into part of our routine life style but we cannot totally eliminate the risks that are out there.

  • MN Lew

    Charles, thank you for your service! I do understand the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. It ensures the 1st for us all. Otherwise, the elites would have pressed down their collective feet on our collective necks! I take my permit and the responsibility seriously because every bullet fired has a attorney attached in the aftermath… Be well!