Armed Citizen Takes on Robbers

A pair of thugs had no idea what was coming to them when they attempted to rob a nearly empty restaurant.

In a video posted to Facebook by FourGuysGuns on March 17, two would-be robbers entered the restaurant and began to push the one customer seen on-camera into a corner.

But according to Controversial Times, the robbers who struck the Subway restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in January, 2016, picked exactly the wrong time to commit their crime, because the customer in question turned out to be an off-duty policeman, and armed for action.

Note how the criminals took something out of the man’s hand — presumably either a wallet or cellphone.

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  • Archie Cogollos


  • Rob Longwood

    Slugs for thugs…………… wide trend taking hold!

  • GR Arnold

    I always luv a happy ending.

  • Jackson Brannon

    The great thing is that TWO criminals are off the street!!!

  • SDofAZ

    We need a whole lot of that here. The masked libturds attacking whomever they want during protest marches or to show support of the police, our president, or whatever need to be given a good dose of hurt.