Home Intruder Ignores “We Don’t Call 911” Sign – Discovers It Was a Really Bad Idea

An armed intruder learned the hard way that forced entry into a home that displays a “We Don’t Call 911” sign was a really bad idea. Hearing a noise in her baby’s room, an armed Mom placed a call to her husband and 911, and went to investigate. As she left one room, she encountered an armed man in the hall, who opened fire on her.

Mom shot back, several times, wounding the intruder.

The mother and her baby – although visibly upset – were unharmed.

Family members confirmed with local media that the intruder broke in through the baby’s bedroom window, and authorities later confirmed that the suspect was found to be in possession of not only a firearm, but zip ties and a walkie talkie. Police have not said what they believed to be his motive or whether there were other suspects involved.

Even though this was believed to be a calm, peaceful residential area, it teaches an important lesson. That being crime can happen anywhere, at any time. Be safe out there, America, and exercise your 2A rights responsibly!