ATF announces NFA branch reorganization

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has split its National Firearms Act branch into a separate division in hopes of providing more oversight and efficiency.

The new NFA Division will consist of an Industry Processing Branch, focusing on processing forms from the private sector, and a Government Support Branch centered on law enforcement.

The IPB will see the regulatory body dedicate an entire branch to handling the processing of consumer-directed documents including Form 1 and Form 4 applications for the making and transfer of NFA items such as suppressors, and short-barreled rifles and shotguns.

Dillon McConnell, a public affairs specialist with the ATF, told the agency has increased the number of Legal Instruments Examiners — specialists who process these forms — from nine in 2012 to 27 today to address “unprecedented” volumes of NFA applications. The new branch will also strive to leverage “technology enhancements” moving forward.

“In addition, contract staff augment the government staff in the areas of customer service, data entry, and application research,” McConnell said.


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  • monongahela

    Our freedoms come from GOD not another man or woman. This is what our founders said to us in our Second Amendment and not just in our homes. No we are free to protect ourselves even from our own government, which has become very corrupt and steals and lies to its own people

  • GR Arnold

    We need to totally revamp or eliminate the entire NFA as it is old and totally outdated and does nothing for law-abiding citizens other than burden their Constitutional rights. It is long, long overdue.

    • The Watson

      No, it is long over due too eliminate the hold un-Constitutional agencies (ATF, NFA, BLM, IRS and many more (too numerous to list).

      • Fred Dunbar

        You’re “too’s” are grammatically incorrect. At lest one is.

        • MeanGene155

          At “lest” one? Go easy til you get better yourself.

    • Harley157


  • Terry Butts

    a suppressor is nothing more than the same technology applied to cars called a muffler they do not make guns TOTALLY SILENT or more dangerous than they are there is no legal reason for them to require the outrageous price and process to own one just to protect peoples hearing when target practicing the way the government MANDATES BY LAW we protect peoples hearing from automobiles. IF you do not believe this simply pull the “SILENCER” off your car and see how long before you are fined for not “MUFFLING” (aka silencing) the explosion driven pistons in the car.

    The NFA was not about crime prevention or to protect the PRIVATE CITIZENS of this nation it came out of things like

    In an effort to PROTECT THE COMPANIES who could afford the outrageous FINE for owning the weapons on the NFA list of RESTRICTED weapons while those they were FIGHTING could not.

    • The Watson

      Look up the word infringed. The dictionary makes it clear the all gun law are un-Constitutional (they infringe on your rights).

  • Stew B

    ATF needs to be disbanded and sent to the four corners. The entire agency is un-American and considers itself above everyone else. When Obama selected ATF to run the illegal gun border deal, he knew he was dealing with a whole group of true Criminals. As with everything they’ve been involved with US Citizens had died, been maimed or wrongly imprisioned. If ATF is involved President Trump will really loose loads of support, me being one less supporter. The ATF idiots don’t know the difference between hollow points and sound suppressors, they’ve even messed up on identifications of weapons, types, munitions and what rules of evidence are. They make up the rules as they go along. True Gustapo!