Banks Want To Track Your Gun Purchases

Banks and credit card companies held informal discussions about identifying transactions involving firearms, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Although the discussions resulted in nothing tangible — and ideas may never come to fruition — ideas tossed would help companies monitor gun purchases, which includes information on buyers, from retailers, the newspaper reported.

Financial companies explored the concept of creating a new credit-card code for firearm dealers, similar to similar to how restaurants or department stores identify their transactions, the newspaper reported. Another idea would require retailers to share info about specific firearm products purchases.

Gun rights advocates have expressed fears that storing such data on gun sales could lead to other nefarious activities by powerful entities. The federal government is already limited in their ability to track them, per federal law.

The government houses information about firearms that enter commerce. When a consumer buys a gun from a licensed dealer, the dealer logs the transaction by identifying who bought the gun and what kind. That information creates a literal paper trail (because the government cannot keep electronic records), so law enforcement officials can see how a gun when used in a crime began circulating.

Since February’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, financial companies have been under pressure to act in lieu of government action, since lawmakers have been unable or unwilling to pass new gun control laws.


  • Walter Bazner

    This is none of their business as to what we spend our money on!!!!

  • usmcb10

    disgusting it is none of their business what right do they have to meddle in our lives,NONE!!!

    • Mike Clings Bitterly

      They don’t, but they’ll sell it as being for our own good . . . as usual.



  • Marcus D.

    Cute, the feds cannot create a database, but banks can, and of course all of that information would be available to the government with a subpoena. This wouldn’t violate current law and would cost the government nothing. Brilliant! Expect it to happen, without notice to purchasers. To remain under the banks’ radar, internet sales would have to be completed with postal money orders, or locally with cash or money orders.

    • Alan404

      how about our congress critters acting to stop this kind of baloney, abuse or whatever you might choose to describe such goings on.

      • Marcus D.

        There is at least one Republican who is calling out the banks, while others (all Democrats of course), so it would be an interesting fight. The banks spend millions annually on lobbying. That’s how they got their good friend Joe Biden to take the usury cap off bank interest rates, and why BofA is reporting billions in profits for the last year.

        • Alan404

          Only one Republican?

      • Richard Faith

        The only way to stop such shenanigans is the following policy:
        1) limit all public service to ONE SINGLE TERM, AND in no more than ONE SINGLE OFFICE;
        2) REQUIRE each holder of public office, upon completing his SINGLE TERM, to return to his home town (or his CONSTITUENTS’ town if he’s a carpetbagger) and RESIDE THERE for no less than two years. This is to assure that if he SCREWED his constituents, he will STEW in their WRATH.

        • Alan404

          Sounds like a wonderful idea. Problem comes re the following.Who among those occupying elective office is going to create such rulings or legislation? Putting bluntly, were you in some cushy elected position, especially one in a “safe district”, would you vote to run yourself out of said cushy office? Be honest now.

        • Marcus D.

          For federal office, this would require a Constitutional amendment.

        • rivahmitch

          Sounds like a good idea. I’d quibble about terms… I’d allow 12 years total (House ans Senate). The 2 Term limit on the Presidency seems good. However, I’d also eliminate any retirement benefits beyond Social Security and all other current perks (Put them into the Civil Service health plan (while they serve only) and make “public service” public service, not a chance for personal enrichment.

  • Big Ed

    As I understand it, these same banks were bailed out by our taxes in 2008, now they want to screw over our Constitution. The bailouts were a desecration of our Constitution and now these crooked banks want to further desecrate our Constitution by making the right to bear arms more difficult. I think there is currently a bill in Congress to keep banking crooks from making such a double hit on our Constitution-contact your Congressmen and make certain they back this bill. If left to the liberals, they will figure out a way to make an end run around our Constitution and in so doing remove our rights.

    • Richard Faith

      Since when has GRATITUDE ever existed in the DNA of an M F’er?

  • BruceB

    This can not be allowed to happen. The ATF has rules which forbid electronic record keeping of firearms purchases. This same rule must apply to banks and credit card companies as well. What I buy and how I buy it, is Nobody’s Business and is an Invasion Of Privacy

    • Richard Faith

      If you read the fine print of damned near 100% of “privacy notices”, you will find that what they say (with very few if any exceptions) between the lines is: “You have NO privacy. SUCK IT UP.”

  • Richard Faith

    Why is it not surprising that banks want to track firearms purchases? Silly question. The worldwide banking cartel is a very central part of the Globalist CABAL. GUNS are the last hope of our SOVEREIGNTY. Our sovereignty is a THREAT to the globalists’ plan to SUBORDINATE us to THEIR one-world government. ERGO, of COURSE the banks want our sovereignty unprotected. If they KNOW where the guns ARE, they are prepared to CONFISCATE.

  • marcus J

    I remember a few years ago during the Ammunition shortage , I would show up at my local Wally World at 5am to stand in line for whatever comes in , I would never ever ever use Plastic to buy Ammo , Cash only , I used to say it then , Some called Me paranoid , I would say to them ,Maybe You are not paranoid enough

  • leeroymiller

    Start paying in cash.

  • scooter2602

    WHO is applying this pressure on the financial institutions? That’s not right. What a mess.

    • rivahmitch

      Probably the Democommie Globalists through their favorite tool… the Fed!

  • Carol

    NO business has the right to pay attention to my purchases, it is my money and I have a right to spend it as I please and on what I please. It is my personal business and they have no right to report to anyone about my private transactions. Get your FREAKIN NOSE out of my business, do not interfere in my privacy and/or my FREEDOMS. Stick your idea up your ass or people will just remove their money from the bank and make CASH purchases……..and that would be considered a huge slap in your faces!

  • Warren Cohen

    buy your firearms and ammo CASH ONLY

  • Sarge

    Just another way Big Brother spies on you.

  • Jmanjo

    Perhaps our Congress should get off its butt and tell these banks they don’t make the laws but they should obey them. No one told them to track law abiding people making firearm purchases.

  • Alexis Funfrock

    I always buy my guns and ammo with cash. Take a little extra out of my checking account every month for ‘pocket money’ and when I get a few hundred, or so, extra, I usually buy more ammo for the guns I have. When I’m well stocked up on my ammo, I’ll buy another gun. I love buying my guns. Screw the banks…

  • Arrow

    When banks/financial institutions begin tracking my purchases, I will no longer use those facilities and will pay cash for everything. They don’t call me a Neanderthal for nothing! It’s time for a reaction to every action taken by these criminals. We are millions strong, but we are divided too often. I applaud the action taken by Hornaday who just stated they will no longer sell their products to New York State because of the actions taken by their very stupid Governor! In addition, Springfield Armory just stopped supplying anything to Dick’s Sporting Goods! Let’s stop buying from these bastards too.



  • David akerson

    If you find your credit card is tracking your gun purchases, tear up you credit card and stop using it but leave it open for many years without ever using it. Also helps your credit rating and gives them no business. Also get hard copy statements so they have to pay the postage.

  • gypofil

    All the big Banks took all the American people homes from foreclosing on them ,now they want to completely destroy the America people , enough is enough time to stop putting money in the corrupted banks .



  • Lee Potter

    What the hell business of the banks is OUR dealings in firearms? Talk about sticking their noses in our business without ANY of us having given permission to do so……….Since WHEN did this become a matter of their concern? You have to have SOME gall after their having the cahones to expect the American people to bail their asses out of hot water they got themselves into. Who do they think they are, Congress?



  • Denise Mccoy

    Pay cash!

  • Dan DeFauw

    Figures they only want to make it harder on the law abiding citizens. Still doesn’t fix the problem with the Non Law abiding criminals. Do something about that!!!

  • Rick Alenn

    Well my credit card company probably has been shitting them selves with my purchases over the last year. I’ll have to send them a memo that I will be tripling those kind of purchases over rest of this year and that they can just kiss my ass


    You bankers and credit card companies better be careful, you are walking on thin ice here.

  • Chained

    Would or could this violate ones rights in some manner? Maybe law suits could stop these idiots from collecting data.

  • jwright673

    I buy guns at Cabela’s – they have their own Visa card, at least for now. I don’t know how the buyout with Bass Pro Shops will affect the card, but the last I heard, Cabela’s wanted to keep that part of their operation.

  • jwright673

    I forgot to mention, the FBI is now investigating the NRA for….involvement with the Russians in election meddling. You can’t make this stuff up. Coincidentally this announcement came out today while Trump was delivering an address to the NRA. How timely, eh?

  • disqus_l4edbQ1NL6

    all about control folks. all of these huge companies are part of conglomerates now-banks, media companies, newspapers, cellphone companies. this has been in the works for many decades. i now understand it. all want to control everything the little people do. i remember the breakup of ma bell. there is less competition, more control.

  • disqus_l4edbQ1NL6

    and here is an idea, lets all cut up our credit cards…..

  • Alan404

    Financial Companies Under Pressure strikes me as an interesting turn of phrase. Exactly what sort of “pressure”,and from whom one wonders. Seems to me that these “Financial Companies” would be well advised to stick to their business, which is NOT the sort of record keeping mentioned. Seems that these “financial companies” should stick to their business, which is NOT the record keeping envisioned by some. Seems sad that the foregoing needs to be repeated.

  • I have a deal worked out with several of the places I go when I want to acquire a new firearm, on the credit card receipt they list necessary life saving accessory, and then the cost of the product, I pay the NCIC/Background fee separate and in cash. My Financial Institution never knows exactly what the Necessary Life Saving Accessory is.