Bill introduced to allow only ‘smart’ handguns to be made

A New York Democrat has introduced a measure to the U.S. House which would require the sale of handguns with authorized user technology.

U.S. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney reintroduced The Handgun Trigger Safety Act last week which pushes “smart guns” by ordering within five years that all newly manufactured handguns include technology enabling only authorized users to fire the pistol. Existing handguns would have to be retrofitted within 10 years. The lawmaker argues a mandate to only sell guns so enabled with lock-out features would save lives.

“How many more kids have to die? How many more police officers have to be killed with their own weapon before we come to our senses?” said Maloney. “We wouldn’t drive in cars or use baby cribs that didn’t adopt the latest safety technology, and we shouldn’t use guns that don’t take advantage of this technology either.”

The bill, filed as H.R. 2380, would authorize grants to develop the technology and mandate that, within five years of adoption, all new handguns made in the country would be personalized, and that within 10 years all pistols offered for sale would have to be retrofitted with the technology. Manufacturers would be able to defray the cost of retrofitting by applying for grants from the Department of Justice.

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  • Fortuneless

    Maloney is full of Bologna

    • JaxMO

      I beg our pardon…that’s digested bologna!

    • UrsusSpartacusIII

      All Democrats are full of SHIT!!!

  • joe

    Only dimwits that know nothing about guns want to pass gun laws, this technology does not work.Try to get a cop to carry one of these he will laugh in your face. Not to mention is is so simple to bypass you may as well put a rubber band over a regular gun and call it safe. And surprise surprise look who will have to pay for it the taxpayer. It should be legal to throw morons off bridges when they work for the government

    • disqus_xLn56CDAGb

      I like the bridges idea….

  • gideonrockwell

    Idoits that no nothing about firearms and spread false propaganda should not hold public office. The Democrat Party (Democrat Socialist Party) should be declared a subversive organization, they have slid so far off the rails since Trump’s election to Office that they are totally unhinged, lying, subversive anarchists.

  • Keith

    The technology does not exist and if it did our lives would be dependent on a couple of Button batteries. No thanks, if this ever becomes law, I for one will ignore it as Unconstitutional.

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    Again the criminals will not retro fit their fire arms so again back to bend over law abiding folks. Can we find some way to make a safe politician? Enforce the laws on the books and things would work out well but no need more laws that are feel good and arent enforced. Take away the peoples firearms so that the criminals have a non shoot back target zone. As Green said from Tenn that the american people should be allowed to own firearms or weapon systems that the military have as that is what the 2nd amendment is about. To help the Government out or to take back the government when it goes to far. As the it goes when any swearing in for service or office to up hold and defend the US and constitution against any enemies foreign or domestic.

    • Drake_Burrwood

      They need to keep control of the poor.. so pricing guns out of their reach is as good as banning them.

      • Chiefbuck

        Think for a moment where most of the guns used in urban areas come from. Hint: the first owners are the only ones who actually buy the guns in legal outlets. Some drug dealers prefer guns over cash payments

        • Drake_Burrwood

          Of course.. that is why Gangs would work to indebt persons to the gang to allow them to threaten debtor or their family. And since the Obama administration publicly stated they weren’t going to waste there time with Paper violations like a person lying on a gun form about straw buying.
          The some total convicted I believe were two.

          That pretty much made it certain that only criminals would have access to guns. If a person needed firearms to protect the lives of their family then they would have to owe the gang for it in blood or honor.

  • ARCLight_Vet

    Well these would rule out ANY Democrat ever owning a gun… They don’t have enough smarts to get out of the rain let alone own a firearm… NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!

  • Francisco Machado

    Democrats oppose voter I.D.: Since we need I.D. for virtually everything – even to buy beer – requiring I.D. to vote isn’t going to shut people out of voting. And the results of illegal voting can be dangerous. The Second Amendment enjoins the government from infringing upon our right to bear arms. Making this more expensive discriminates against the poor. It works like Minimum Wage laws to keep the unskilled and incapacitated from getting jobs. Given that gun ownership is a protected right, outlawing commonly owned firearm will deprive the owners of them. Takings clause, Fifth amendment, requires just compensation. Given the impossibility of retrofitting existing firearms, we’re talking about compensation for some three hundred million guns. And the criminal element, insofar as they give a damn about this law, will rejoice. The guns must have this technology to be sold? You can bet there’ll be a thriving business in undoing the technology (which is not yet technologically reliable) after it’s sold. It would be an investment opportunity. It will, however, never get passed. Not by Republicans, and there are too many Democrats who want to get reelected and won’t vote for it.

    • jwright673

      Good analogy. Libtards don’t care if illegal voting goes on as long as it’s democrat. Even if the brain dead in New York pass the bill, it won’t withstand it’s first challenge. Taxpayers (in most states but New York) have to be wondering what the heck they voted to represent them.

      • Chiefbuck

        Voter fraud is a serious problem and for some reason only democrats are the ones opposed to things that would prevent it. There are so many proven instances of voter fraud which happens primarily in democrat controlled districts. I have never heard about a republican being involved in voter fraud. Philadelphia is a classic example where few if any GOP votes are recorded in some districts.

  • AmusedAgain

    Not going anywhere. Yawn.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Just a NYC Leftist Demonrat…..but I repeat myself.

  • Samuel Stephens

    Only dingbats write this type of garbage bills, and folks this lady her office stooges are real dingbats, non thinkers at that.

  • David Lewis

    more horsepucky

  • Estell Newton

    Just another way to keep handguns out of the hands of everyday Americans. Teach your kids what guns are for and how and when to use them and that would eliminate a great deal of the gun problems. Besides, most of the crimes are committed by those who shouldn’t have them.

  • James Andrews

    Typical idiocy. With over 300 million firearms already out there, in this country alone, this would do about nothing, nor saves any lives. In fact, it could actually cost lives. Dumb idea, from a dumb, lefty moron. Nothing changes there. This will also fail in the marketplace, as well as bolster prices in the underground market.

  • Greg Edwards


  • herman flippen

    Good luck Dumbass—

  • Sharpshooter

    If that were the case, who would manufacture guns that Democrats could operate? God knows that Democrats don’t have brains God gave a tin can!

  • momo

    There will be no “smart guns” bill passed. Maloney is violating her “Oath of Office ” and is committing Treason. Lock her up NOW. We will be able to carry in all states if the Hudson Bill Passes. Trump will sign the bill.

    • Barkingdeathsquirrel

      Lock her up? Hell no! Firing squad for her. I volunteer and I will bring my own rifle and ammo.

    • Chiefbuck

      Maloney is a well known liberal loon.

  • LawrenceO

    I guess they still think they can forget about infringement. Lubturds never learn.

  • tommie

    Would people please stop voting these Unpatriotic A-holes into office!! They don’t believe in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights!

  • coolman11

    dumb So what happens when the smart technology just decided to stop working like my cell phone one day is the gun useless?

  • momo

    They should make a smart device for her mouth.

  • dave

    New York Democrats…….Ignorance rampant.

  • jon

    most likely the guns will be fitted with a Government approved back door to shut them off the next time the demoncrats come into power

  • jon

    also will all police issued smart guns work if a brother officer needs to pick up a fallen officer’s weapon as his fails to function in the heat of a battle with the real bad guys !! .

  • Terry Butts

    Simply translation they want weapons a simple EMP (like a close lighting strike) could disable and make useless. Meanwhile criminals will still MODIFY/MAKE/SMUGGLE THEIR OWN GUNS or illegally purchase them from other criminals who do JUST AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE. Like all GUN RESTRICTIONS this will not affect criminals or crime one single bit. It will however result in several attempted acts of SELF DEFENSE failing because of yet another attempt to apply HOLLYWOOD FICTION to the real world.

    “include technology enabling only authorized users to fire the pistol”

    This will also have the potential to make law enforcement lazy imprisoning innocent people on the grounds they were the only AUTHORIZED user of the weapon used in the crime just like in all the FICTIONAL MOVIES this idea came from about the future where EVEN THEN the tech failed or was EASILY HACKED to frame someone innocent for the crime.


    They ought to have smart technology that prohibits so many politicians from being stupid, corrupt lying pigs.