Black Lives Matter blasts NRA

Black Lives Matter created a video blasting recent clips from TheBlaze TV’s Dana Loesch and the NRA-TV’s Grant Stinchfield, calling them “aggressive” and “fear-mongering” and claiming they incite violence.

But first the Black Lives Matter video narrator goes for the jugular with a rant — and ends it with a phrase that seems to mock Loesch’s call to fight the political left’s violence with a “clinched fist of truth.”

They use their guns to assassinate black people. They use their schools to funnel black students through a school-to-prison pipeline. They use their state institutions, bought politicians, business conglomerates and white-supremacist domestic terrorists to incite violence over and over again. And then they use their new president to enact a law-and-order administration. All to make them shoot first, to make them ask questions later, make them scream, “I thought he had a gun in his hand” and “I feared for my life” and “he matched the description of a suspect” and “she was threatening us.” To shoot and kill Philando Castile, Charleena Lyles, Kisha Michael, Keith Bursey and Wakiesha Wilson until the only option left is for black people to disrupt the systems that keep us oppressed and build the kinds of communities in which we want to live. And when that happens, they’ll use it as an excuse to kill more of us. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our communities and our struggle for freedom is to fight this violence with the raised, clenched, black fist of resistance. We are Black Lives Matter, and we are freedom’s future place.

Then the clip switches gears, as family members of blacks fatally shot by police show up behind the narrator, who says, “We know that we are not safe; but we are not scared, either. We will continue to produce media, teach students, march and protest, to not only protect the First Amendment as fiercely as the NRA protects the Second, but to protect our lives from gun-toting racists.”

She then demands the NRA remove the videos featuring Loesch and Stinchfield.


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