What Were They Thinking? The Brady Campaign Might Want to Rethink this Lame Video that Makes Fun of Pro-Gun Politicians

The Brady Campaign has decided to try their hand at producing a mud-smearing campaign video. Unfortunately, their efforts look amateurish and lame.

While the video tries to make congressional representatives look like “lap dogs” for “taking money to vote against common sense gun control,” it just doesn’t work. Pro-gun politicians aren’t resisting gun control because they’ve been “bought off” — but rather because they really do support the Second Amendment and Americans’ right to self-defense.

According to Guns.com, “The NRA has contributed more than $673,000 to campaigns this election cycle and lobbied with some $1.88 million. The group’s outside spending totaled approximately $24.8 million in 2014 so far, of which $12 million was spent for Republican candidates and $13 million against Democrats.”