What Were They Thinking? The Brady Campaign Might Want to Rethink this Lame Video that Makes Fun of Pro-Gun Politicians

The Brady Campaign has decided to try their hand at producing a mud-smearing campaign video. Unfortunately, their efforts look amateurish and lame.

While the video tries to make congressional representatives look like “lap dogs” for “taking money to vote against common sense gun control,” it just doesn’t work. Pro-gun politicians aren’t resisting gun control because they’ve been “bought off” — but rather because they really do support the Second Amendment and Americans’ right to self-defense.

According to Guns.com, “The NRA has contributed more than $673,000 to campaigns this election cycle and lobbied with some $1.88 million. The group’s outside spending totaled approximately $24.8 million in 2014 so far, of which $12 million was spent for Republican candidates and $13 million against Democrats.”

  • Burton Pauly

    As usual the anti-gunners try to make people who value the 2nd. amendment look stupid. But the very people who want us to lose our gun rights are the real stupid ones. One should never go to a place where they can be taken advantage of unless they have the privilege of carrying an equalizer. Thugs only respect those who can put lead in their rear ends.

    • old codger

      Hey don’t insult the dog, please! Biden doesn’t look near that good or young for that matter! Not to mention the dog is probably one Hell of a lot smarter! Isn’t Biden the one who said if you hear a intruder grab your double barrel shotgun and fire 2 warning shots??? Hmmmm, doesn’t that leave you with an empty shotgun???? ROFLMAO!!!

      • Dumanhieu Turboshok

        It wasn’t the dog I was referring to it was the guy acting as the lap dog.

        • old codger

          So sorry, please excuse! Yes he does resemble Biden in mannerisms!

      • Burton Pauly

        Thats okay old fellow. I am quite a few years advanced in life than you. And I retired from the blue water Navy years ago. I literally abhor the liberals who want to regulate, and take our rights from us. And my hope is that many of those who voted for liberals awaken and come to the realization that they are being used by those liberals running for office.

        • old codger

          Alas I gave you an up vote but I’m reminded of the phrase ” dumb can be corrected by education, STUPID is forever and the libs are in the forever category IMHO!
          Thank you for your service, USAF ’69 to ’76!

          • Burton Pauly

            Thanks for the vote of confidence old codger, and I expect most of the older folks who aren’t already senile, suffering from the memory loss disease agree with old timers who know what is right, and true.

    • 1TrueOne55

      They will regret the day that they destroy the 2nd Amendment rights of Citizens. Because when their minders and fund raisers get rid of guns it will be the uninformed they remove first as payback for a job well done.

  • Dumanhieu Turboshok

    Well!, to begin, the lapdog looked like Joe Biden and the DemonRats are actually describing themselves very well in this funny video. It is exactly what DemonRats do when bloomberg and some of these other cash cows play gun grab who’s holden.

    • Leonard N

      What has happened? Unless I am VERY mistaken, “government
      employees” at ALL elected levels, up to and including the president, are
      supposed to represent the will of “the people” and not dictate THEIR opinions
      to “the people”.

      True, there are a lot of different opinions among the
      CITIZENS of the USA and, the majority counts.

      To me, we are now FAR away from the original intent of the
      constitution and it is getting worse by the day. Indeed, it appears that “money
      counts” and it appears that many ELECTED officials can be bought.

      IMO, the whole system, as it is today, stinks and I wish for
      the impossible, I wish that we could go back to the original intent. To junk
      the whole system and fire all elected and appointed officials is not viable
      either. For one thing, this would sorely jeopardize our national security. Like
      it or not, compared to many? most? Other countries, I believe that we still
      have the best and I surely would not like the USA to be taken over by ANY foreign

      All said, while I am absolutely a supporter of the second
      amendment, I also feel that there is a limit to what the average law abiding CITIZEN
      should be able to have regarding weapons.

      As such, I am all for law abiding CITIZENS to be able
      to have a large variety of guns, like revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns
      but am opposed for the average CITIZEN to own weapons of mass destruction,
      example, machine guns. As is well known, criminals will definitely NOT obey any
      law that infringes on what they do and what they have. Therefore, with absolute
      gun control to the point of making it illegal for a law abiding CITIZEN to have
      any gun, only criminals will have guns. I sure hope that this will never

      • Dumanhieu Turboshok

        IMHO – I agree about a limit to what kind of weapons a citizen can have and there are already laws on the books regarding those limitations. Weapons of mass destruction and automatic weapons are already restricted to a class 3 license and the average citizen cannot own them without applying for a license and going through a rigorous background check or are a gun dealer. However, we can and should be able to own semi automatic weapons like the AR 15 and similar weapons of the same genre. There is a misnomer regarding assault weapons and misused by the gun grabbers to frighten and terrorize those unfamiliar with weapons to scare them to be afraid of them. Taking the weapons away from honest law abiding citizens will not do anything to stop or limit crime or stop the criminals from accruing weapons including all those which law abiding citizens cannot own. Taking away weapons that in appearance resemble a military weapon is ludicrous just because it looks black and similar to a military weapon. It cannot fire automatically. Weapons don’t kill people anyway they are inanimate objects and just don’t get up walk around and shoot people. So, the logic behind gun control is just flawed and idiotic and only makes the law abiding citizen less safe or a criminal because they choose to have the same firepower as the criminals to protect themselves and their family. JMHO

        • Wayne

          Actually, if you really read the Second Amendment and what it is saying. Citizens are supposed to be the army and they should therefore have the weapons of the army. The only military that is authorized by the Constitution is the Navy. We could say that in the same aspect of the Navy, the Air Force would also be allowed. But anyway, civilians should have the same weapons as those in the military, especially those who left the military under honorable conditions. Read it and tell me where it says otherwise: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

        • old codger

          Aaah yep!! You nailed it!! Anything can be construed as a weapon!! A fork, a baseball bat, a butter knife, a handgun, a rifle, a shotgun, a steak knife, a screwdriver, etc., etc., etc.!!!! More importantly you are absolutely, 100% correct that, ” Weapons don’t kill people anyway they are inanimate objects”, it is/ are people that kill people NOT inanimate objects that kill people!!!

        • b4k9zp

          Most people cannot afford nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons–they are too dangerous to everyone, inlcuding the user. Those weapons of mass destruction are not common self-defense or military weapons in any case, and their use in warfare is highly restricted by international treaties.

          Weapons of mass destruction are not even mentioned in the unconstitutional and highly racist national firearms acts of 1934 and 1938.

          Possession of Fully automatic weapons, rifles with a barrel length of less than 14 inches, and shotguns with a barrel length of less than 18.5 inches, as well as silencers/sound suppressors and some other accessories are unconstitutionally restricted to holders of the NFA Title II (or Class III/Destructive devices) licenses that are still available, at great expense, under the unconstitutional 1934 National Firearms Act.

      • Arizona Don

        You say on one hand you support the second amendment and then you make a statement proving you do not. You cannot have it both ways.

        So I guess you think the second amendment says just a little infringement? Ask yourself how did we get to where we are today with all the infringements (restrictive gun laws) on the second amendment? We got here by saying one infringement isn’t so bad, go ahead. Once the first one happened with the blessing of the sheep the rest came because the door was opened for them.

        Now there is said to be somewhere between five thousand and ten thousand gun control laws passed in the 50 United States of America. However, the real objective of the gun control people is confiscation so they will just keep adding laws to the books until they finally think they have met their goal. The truth is however, it cannot be reached. The criminals do not obey the laws consequently, it will never be possible to get all the guns off the street, never. However, no one will ever be able to convince the gun grabbers of that so they continue to get restrictive laws passed that only effect law abiding citizens. It has been said when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns, the rest of the saying however, it the truest it will make outlaws out of otherwise law abiding citizens. The reason being many will not surrender the guns.

        Passing more restrictive gun laws will not ever stop gun crime. Absolutely, NEVER! Your reasoning on the assault weapons is completely wrong. Furthermore, they are not weapons of mass destruction. A machine gun (automatic weapon) is an assault weapon. A semi-automatic is NOT an assault weapon.

        Now ask yourself another question just who is it these restrictive gun laws effect? Those who obey laws or those who don’t? This really is not hard to understand just hard to admit understanding.

        The same people who are preaching gun control with confiscation the goal are the ones who said it was impossible to deport 20 million illegal’s (of course we all know there are more here then 20 million). So how could we possibly confiscate “over” 350 million guns? Because it is said to be at least a quarter billion legal guns here in the US. Then add the people who are not allowed to own a gun (convicted felons) and they cannot possibly ever be confiscated.

      • iitywybad

        You should maybe catch up on what is legal and what is not. Machine guns have been illegal for private citizens for years.

        • mrm

          You can get a license to own a “Machine Gun” as a private citizen. The only reason they were outlawed in the first place was the high profile criminals of the depression days of the 1930s, like Machine Gun Kelley along with Bonnie and Clyde and others. Not to mention the bootleggers from the 1920s attempting to get around the ridiculous era of prohibition. If it were not for these two decades of absurd behavior of our government we could walk into a gun store and purchase a Thompson sub-machine gun. The only question after that is how do you afford the ammunition to fire the gun?

          • Al Chirico

            The true history of the regulation of machine guns is that they recognized that they could not be banned outright because of the 2nd amendment prohibition against doing that. So, instead, they used the part of the Constitution which gave Congress the ability to tax, so it created the Tax Stamp Act which made the cost of legally buying one cost prohibitive. At least then, they had respect for this essential civil liberty.

          • b4k9zp

            If you read the Congressional Record transcripts of the debates in Congress in 1934 on the National Firearms Act of 1934, you would find that this law, like all other gun control laws, is not designed to control crime, but to control people. For all the democratic party congressmen and senators in Congress who spoke in either house on this unconstitutional law repeatedly said its purpose was to keep these weapons out of the hands of “Sicilian and Italian and “n-word” [they actually used the one that rhymes with “trigger” in the debates, and it is so recorded] gangsters”. This law required that if one wanted to own a fully-automatic weapon (or many other objects, that are not in themselves weapons, like sound suppressors) legally, one had to have a federal firearms license, and then get a “Class III/Destructive Device” license on top of that, by submitting to a full FBI background check, supplying identifiable “mug shot” type photographic identification and a full set of fingerprints, and of course paying for that license. In addition, the “chief law enforcement officer” of the place where you lived had to supply a letter to the FBI attesting to your good character. Then,after receiving the unconstitutionally required license and paying the unconstitutional licensing fees, when you bought the “weapon” (for about $69.00 for a Thompson M1928A1 Tommy gun in 1930s), you had to pay an unconstitutional and highly racist $200-$250 “transfer tax” (which is the same kind of tax as the “poll tax” that had to be paid in many states before one could vote) and get a receipt for that tax to claim your weapon.

            The Supreme Court held that the Commerce Clause cannot be used to restrict an unalienable right (such as the right of freedom of speech or of the press, or the right to keep and bear arms, (United States v. Lopez,
            514 U.S. 549 (1995).) Under that decision, the National Firearms Act should be declared unconstitutional.

          • b4k9zp

            True, it’s getting difficult to afford even the cost of ammunition for a single shot, .22 bolt action rifle.

        • b4k9zp

          Wrong again. Machine guns are not illegal for citizens to own. But there is an unconstitutional and highly racist law that keeps you from having one without jumping through a lot of hoops, including getting a full FBI background check, and paying multiple “fees” and “taxes” for the unalienable right to possess and carry any weapon that is in common use by the military and the police of the time. Any laws restricting machine guns for the general public is flatly and blatantly unconstitutional.

      • b4k9zp

        When you claim that you are “a supporter of the 2nd amendment, but you feel that there is a limit what the average law abiding citizen should be able to have regarding weapons” then you are lying about your support of the 2nd amendment. For the second amendment was ratified to ensure that the whole body of the people (everyone who is not a member of the armed forces or the police) is always at least as well armed as the police and military, if not better armed, so that the government cannot be tempted to destroy the rights of the people.

        FYI, “machine guns” are not “weapons of mass destruction”, nor are any other common weapons used by the military or police.

        Weapons of mass destruction, and you can look this up in any dictionary, are chemical, biological, and radiological weapons that are not useful in personal self defense, or very useful, in fact, in any war between nations, for they tend to “overkill” and wipe out everyone, the users as well as the targets.

        Your claims of support of the second amendment therefore ring quite hollow, with no substance. if any firearm can be “controlled” and kept from the public, then all of them WILL BE.

  • omega2

    The BRADY BUNCH are a bunch of MARXIST THUGS out of MARXIS PLAY BOOK in how to CONTROL A GROUP OF HONEST PEOPLE LIVING BY THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES! THEY ARE THE SICKEST OF THE SICK and need immediate HEAD SHRINK CARE in a padded institution! There BRAIN not ever seeing sun shine is shrunk to a PEA and no longer able to function as an ADULT but like a 2 year old BRAT! Maybe if they had bent over on occasion and let the sun shine on there BRAIN they wouldn’t be in this CRITICAL SHAPE!

  • Rani Rich

    Democrats sure do make good lap puppies barking at command, their representatives have been found owning and carrying weapons. Why? Why is it democratic politician’s use their Right to protect themselves while they use their dumb lap puppies to bark about our Constitutional Rights. Do they really think they are elite or above every other American? Do they really think their lives are more important than everyone else? Democrats can bark all they want but I’m not as trained or as dumb as they are!


    Democrats are poopstinkers.

  • frustratedpatriot

    Unfortunate for supporters of the second amendment, this very tactic worked via I-594 in Washington state. Even many conservatives were duped int passing this garbage legislation. With Washington state as a test bed for this junk legislation, the anti-gunners are emboldened to take this same strategy to other states and the Federal level.

    We must do our level best to prevent this type of Liberal legislation from taking hold in our country.

    • Kelly Guthridge

      I checked the states website for election results right after 8PM on election day and they listed it as passed at 100% of the votes counted… yet there was still 1,000’s upon 10,000’s of many more votes still outstanding to be counted from every county in the state!

      So, how does that work? Unless they have the system rigged (Democrats call it a Calibration Error and Issue)… after all they do all of their vote tabulation behind closed doors here in Washington State!

      Washington State is bought and paid for by Socialist Extremist Fanatics, period…

      A Democrat behind closed doors is tantamount to being no different than Cockroaches in the Dark… they scurry about in large numbers and spread disease, in this case a disease of the mind… a.k.a. Socialism / Communism their true brand of Politics.

      • Lizard

        I agree that law needs done away with like yesterday .. I for one will not abide by it …Back ground check ok but rest fine print they can shove were sun don’t shine

        • old codger

          Like your avatar! Looks like possibly a earlier GTO with possibly a blower sticking up through the hood???

          • Alec Moffat

            If it isn’t a 1965 “Goat” (GTO), it is a 65 LeMans, probably with a 326! I guess there is more than one codger here.

          • independent thinker

            Definitely a “Goat” not sure about the blower though.

          • old codger

            I guess I showed my age! 64 in March, born in ’51! Ah yes the good old days, Hemi ‘Cuda’s, 442’s (that actually had some horsepower), GTO’s, 426 Hemi’s with the “6 pack” option, etc.!! I get a kick out of the youngsters today that put a resonator on a Toyota 4 cylinder and think they have a goer! ROFLMAO! Talk about the “no go showboats” per I think(?) it was the Beach Boys song????? All show and NO go!
            All sound but still takes about a minute or two to hit 55 MPH!!! Didn’t mean to overlook the Ford line!! If some of these “kids” where to see and drive some of the muscle cars of yesteryear they’d wet their “tidy whities and panties”! ROFLMAO!

          • Alec Moffat

            Codger, right on point. Imagine a 4 cyl standing up against a “409”, or Cobra Mustang.
            I have a friend that was a teen when the GTO was introduced. He bought “new” a GTO every year until production halted. He only drove one; a 68 ragtop, 428, 3 duces, Hurst Shifter, Tiger Paws, etc, ect., ect.
            He passed them to his son when the son turned 35 and the son carrys on the pristine care of his (now) fortune! It was a time to be alive!

          • old codger


          • JohnB

            Hey old codger I’m from the same month and year. I’ve noticed that most of these little squirrel cars also have large woofers and large tachometers bolted to the dashboard. Funny to see (hear) a car that has a sound system that’s more valuable than the car itself.

          • old codger

            Quoting you, ” Funny to see (hear) a car that has a sound system that’s more valuable than the car itself.” Usually one can hear/ feel them a comin 2 or 3 blocks away!! Either you hear the thump, thump or your windows or another part of the male anatomy is a vibrating! Is it any wonder when you try to talk to them one gets a awful lot of huh, what’s that you say! They’rfe going deaf with the ghetto blasters in the car! You’re right the stereo system in the car is probably worth twice the value of the car!

          • JohnB

            Right along with the silly looking large wheels with the worthless ultra low pro tires. Have you ever priced this crap? Totally ridiculous. Makes the car look like a buckboard.

  • Andre Jitta

    These idiots will never get that gun control does not work and we already have background checks so WTF are they talking about!!!!! Every time I buy a gun I have a background check!!! EVEN AT GUN SHOWS!!! But you fools out there believe this idiotic lie!

  • Kelly Guthridge

    Interesting how these Democrats a.k.a. Socialist Communist Zealot Pigs have only one interest and that is in the destruction of the Constitutional rights of Law abiding citizens! Every single thing they ever propose does nothing but chip away at the destruction of the Constitution and never does a single thing to address real criminals…

    Where in their sick twisted minds do they think they will ever get criminals to step up, come forward and obey the law for them… after all they don’t…

    • Awake

      Yes they are progressively doing this ” chip away at the destruction of the” Constitution”. That what progressive socialist do.

  • joe haire

    How childish & pathetic can you get???

  • Ibcamn

    what,did they hire the same people for this video they did for the photo shoot of obama firing a rifle!??!
    this is like when someone shoots film and then sees what on it and wants a reshoot-but then say’s he can work with what he’s got and then wonders why his film turns out like sh!t,because someones blind as a bat!!how did they not see how awful this was?how the message just didn’t get there without a crapper full of laughs and no merit at all!!,if your going to accuse some one of something,names or evidance,well you know how it works!they should have hired M Night Shamealongdingdong to do this ad,may have turned out better,but,not…i don’t know!thead was messed up funny and shows the aragance of the liberals and democrats on how they feel about us conservatives and republicans!

  • Wallie

    Gee that kinda reminded me of all the democrap, marxist libs begging after soros the commies money.

    • RetiredTpr

      If we want to see lap dogs, just look at the Democrat Party! Can we say Bloomberg, Can we say Soros, Can we say Hollywood elite, Can we say corrupt labor unions? If the Republicans find someone who believes in their cause and donates, they are immediately demonized by the Democrats. The Democrats are worse than lap dogs, Democrats would, and do, sell their souls for cash!

      • Wallie

        Well said, can’t add much more to your points.

      • old codger

        They are even lower then that!! They’d sell their grandmothers, mothers, wives, daughters, nieces,etc. into prostitution to get money for their Communist agenda!!!

  • Lynn McCrann

    I wonder how many in New York, Detroit and Chicago love the fact that crimminals have guns but an honest citizen has to be a lapdog to liberal edicts in order to be able to protect themselves.

  • Harold

    Typical add for the Brady , “idiots, fools and village idiots.”

    • John Gillis

      A Kenyan village is missing is idiot!

  • WhiteFalcon

    The best thing the Brady outfit could do for this country is to disband.

    • b4k9zp

      Sarah Brady, who took over the outfit known as Handgun Control, Inc. when its founder Pete Shields died several years ago, passed away on April 3, 2015. Maybe her Brady Coalition will pass away also.

  • Bert

    They are nothing but low life mud-slinging idiots who want to destroy the US from the inside!
    Thank God we aren’t lapdogs of the left, and quite frankly their use of defensless small animals amounts to nothing short of animal cruelty! Shameful!

    • JohnB

      Not to mention an insult to actual lap dogs.

  • Lizard

    If any time in History America needs Guns most it Now with all Muslims and out laws Obama bringing in … I think it about time gun haters back off find some thing worth while do beside making then selves look so dumb

    • Alec Moffat

      and they should just stay out of the way!

  • vkbmvoter

    That is a lame attempt to insult our politicians, the public and that cute little dog!
    If this the best you have, you are so SCREWED.
    When people are shot in those awful situations that we hear of in the news, my first
    reactions is, keep the guns away from these fruit cakes. THEN COMMON SENSE COMES
    I read in my paper this morning about a
    man who went to a home in his neighborhood
    and was banging on the door. A woman who
    Lived there opened the door and ask him what head wanted. He said cigarettes. She told him to step inside and she would get
    him women from her purse. When she returned he wanted all her cigs and pulled out a machette and threatened her with it.
    I think having someone with a machette would be as frightful as a gun. At least with a gun They might miss a vital organ. With a huge knife who knows? Since chopping people up or beheading them is now in fashion around the world. These loosened who attack innocent people to Rob, are rather dim witted. They see beheadings and become titilated with the excitement of doing It.

  • ReaperHD

    It looks like all those Progressive Liberal Democrats that keep pushing Climate Warming for their part of the $100 MILLION DOLLAR TREATS that their Progressive Commie Donor promised all who ran on Climate Warming. They make accusations and forget to look in the mirror.

  • Patriot159

    To find out if your member of congress is an America hating, anti-constitutional Marxist lapdog scum, you don’t have to contact anyone, just look for the (D) next to their name.

  • Sparten1

    What can you expect from the Brady Bunch? Imbeciles! There’s no such thing as “common sense gun controls.” How about we add “common sense car controls” to keep registered cars out of the hands of drunks. There’s a lot of dumb people in this country and getting more so all the time.

    • JohnB

      They all seem to be coming out of these ivy league colleges. I would suggest a college course in common sense but common sense seems to have been turned upside down lately.

  • Not_Easily_Impressed

    It takes one to know one. Ever heard that one?

  • al

    The stupid Democrats don’t have a clue about the history of this country. If they would try real hard to remember the beginning of world war 2 the big one. Well it was said by the Japanese they were afraid to put troops on the ground in the USA because they thought every American was armed weapons or GUNS! That is the real reason we must live by the constitution and bear arms and use them against all invaders foreign or domestic.

  • TLN2

    Its time to push back on the Brady Bunch. Notice their add has the comments closed? What are they afraid of? Time to really bombard them with the facts. Fill their fax machines with gun pictures. Print criminal statistics. Blame them for being unable to convince people to be nice. Stop crime and we will give up our guns. What about domestic abusers? Do you know that name calling is domestic abuse? But talking amongst ourselves convinces no one. We already have a consensus among gun owners and 2nd Amendment insiders. Let’s push for disarming the police. They don’t even have the responsibility to protect us. Blame the Governers and Mayors for being ineffective at stopping crime. Why haven’t a few decades of liberal teachers been able to arrest the violent tendency of criminals while they were in school. It is past time for gun owners and defenders of their families to go on the offensive.

    • JohnB

      No point in bombarding them with facts, their minds are already made up. Now maybe if we started filling their fax machines with pictures of pop tarts in the shape of guns they might get nervous. Disarming the police would at least protect our pet dogs.

  • maxparrish

    I don’t know about other campaigns, but the Brady organization contributed $500.000 to Washington State’s gun control measure alone.
    With Bloomberg, Gates and a few others, $9.3 million overall was spent…just for closing a gun-show loophole.

    The NRA spent $450,000 they were that scared!

    • b4k9zp

      “a gun show loophole” ? WHich one is that? There is no such loophole.

  • Wayne

    Wow, these anti gun people are nuts!

  • ElmoS

    Why do these ANTI-GUN TROGLODYTES want to disarm us? They tried it by voting for UN Resolution 2117. The Democrats voted for this 46 of the Citizens We elected to represent us and protect us from the evil terrorists and drug cartels and illegal aliens. The people aren’t our friends and they alien themselves with our enemy’s. Not one Republican voted for this Arms Trade Treaty that is being pushed by the Obama Administration. Hey, Democrats, Who’s Going To Protect You from bad guy’s?

    • JohnB

      Why Elmo haven’t you heard? If nobody had a gun then everyone would live in peace and we would have nothing to worry about. What bad guys? Again, haven’t you heard there are no bad guys, just bad guns that force otherwise peaceful people to go on shooting sprees. Isn’t that the only reason to own a gun? To go on a shooting spree.

      • John Gillis

        I appreciate the sarcasm, JohnB. That last line is the one I hear about “military style” or “assault rifles” spewing from the mouths of ignorant liberals. But that line can be applied to any firearm. To these cretins, guns are magical and possess people, causing them to rampage and murder.

  • jaydee

    Compare this commercial to the classy series of ads that the NRA aired this election cycle. The Brady ad insulted my dogs as well as myself.

  • John

    I think it’s easy to understand these crooked democrats with the abolition of the second amendment. They talk confiscation, but never even mention paying a citizen the amount he paid for his firearm. Meanwhile, this administration gave the banksters $85 billion a month for almost 6 years! That would be the same as $1000 a month for 85 million families! People would not be in such poverty and could have paid for their loans, thus avoiding any banking crisis! This administration exists to strip the American people clean of their wealth and their rights, nothing else!

  • Virgil Ferguson

    Demoncrats are the ones who can be bought. In the long run honesty is the best policy.

  • Daniel W

    Tell you representatives that YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT’S ARE NOT FOR SALE TO MIKE BLOOMBERG. Remove from Office any politician who has accepted Bloomberg, Gates or Soros money. Just say No to hysteria.

  • arab


    • JohnB

      Did Obama convert?

    • b4k9zp

      All the Democrats who are Jews, and those who aren’t Jews, but are blacks or Muslims, are trying to ban guns, that is true.

  • TheLastPlainsman

    The NRA is a gun corporation?
    News to me.

  • codycollie

    It never ceases to amaze me that the anti gunners who probably do not own guns are pissing off people that own and carry guns? Not very smart!

  • Donald Congleton

    Christ, what utter garbage

  • Amazes me that the people who want to confiscate and destroy American’s firearms are the same people who should be tried and convicted and stood against a wall and shot for treason.