California Tightens Even More On Gun Control

Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has rallied lawmakers in California to join her in creating what she calls a “gun violence working group.”

State Assembly and state senate workers make up the 16 members of the group, whose aim is to tax and restrict the use and sale of firearms across the country.

“Thoughts and prayers from Washington won’t keep our kids safe,” Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel stated. “What we need are common-sense gun laws that will protect our schools, our families and our communities.”

The problem there is that much of what the group proposes has already been put into effect or attempted and labeled as ineffective.

“Anything that they might consider to be reasonable gun laws has already been done,” Firearms Policy Coalition Spokesman Craig J. DeLuz shared with The Los Angeles Times. “We’re at a point where we’ve gone from reasonable to infringement.”