California’s Narrows List of Legal Handguns

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” ~ Oscar Wilde

CA, “leading the way,” once more!

CA’s AG maintains a “Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale.” As you might imagine, the list of handguns that may be legally purchased in CA is continuously shrinking!

The state, through its justice department, has functionary established the goal of phasing-out the lawful purchase of all autoloading pistols (regardless of capacity) by citizens, including retired LEOs. No timetable has been officially set, but most believe the list of “decertified” handguns will include all autoloaders by the end of 2019.

Ultimate status of existing handguns in private possession, that have been subsequently dropped from the “List,” is currently unknown, but forced confiscation is a safe bet!

Thus before long, CA residents may be looking to 7/8-shot 38/357 revolvers currently manufactured by S&W and Ruger for home defense, and 5/6-shot revolvers for carrying, such as the Kimber K6, new Colt Cobra, Ruger LCR, and S&W’s 340PD 5-shot snubby

It may be no coincidence that Colt is currently re-introducing its 6-shot Cobra revolver (38Spl), Kimber came out with their excellent K6 revolver (357Mg), and Ruger has recently introduced its eight-shot Redhawk (357Mg)!

Before it is all over, the Supremes may rule, in five years, maybe twenty. In the interim, down here in peon-land, all we can do is prepare and otherwise look after our own best interests, a strategy which may include moving to another state!

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts his sails!” ~ William Ward


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.


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  • jackcandobutwont

    CA the most anti US, anti Constitution State in the country!!

  • Popetal

    Why don’t the citizens of CA file a class action suit against the governor and the Democrat establishment for violating the 2nd amendment?

    • Dan

      Because everyone waits for the NRA to pursue action and 1/2 or more of shooters are too cheap to become members. They would rather have a few six packs. How do I know ? I owned and operated a gun shop for 10 years and would ask if you were an NRA member and at least 50% were not. I even had specials for supporters.I know several folks that thought nothing of dropping bucks at my shop every week and they were too cheap to support NRA. If your one of those you should be ashamed of yourself. I actually had a pharmacist that purchased a handgun from me every Friday for over 24 weeks but wasn’t a NRA member. I bought him a membership when I saw what a great customer he was but he just never could accept that are rights were under attack everyday somewhere. He was a little odd but a very personable person.

  • Richard Lofgren


  • amtang2

    Using those famous words of defiance, “MOꓥὨN ꓥABE” (Come Take!), literally bury the Sacramento legislature in post cards and put up signs by the thousands everywhere.

    Perhaps they’ll get the message that there will be massive civil disobedience requiring martial law and activation of the Guard in order to carry out this or similar ‘laws!’

  • Bama

    This is guaranteed by the second amendment of the U S. California is clearly overstepping on this issue.

  • Thomas Lee Fugate

    Time for gun companies to refuse to sell any firearms to California agencies that their citizens cannot buy

    • xpmark1

      That’s a good idea.

    • Dan

      Also refuse to let Hollywood bodyguards access to firearms that Joe average cannot purchase or carry.

  • Mathew Jackson

    I was at the Sheriff’s Academy range a while back and we were discussing California eventually trying to confiscate. One of the deputies said point blank that no one in his department would do it. The state would be on their own. They could use the national guard but I think there would be reluctance in the ranks there too.

    • Jeff Warner

      The lack of ammunition will force many to give up their guns, for a pittance, since they will be all but worthless! My neighbor across the street is a cop, and said they expect the law abiding to eventually give up their guns! They do not want to collect them, but when you are unable to purchase ammo, they will be worthless, and the state may then offer a few bucks for them. The criminals who will bring in ammo, will keep their guns. The entire plan is obvious, and it is really a matter for the SC to rule on, since it definitely “infringes” on the Second Amendment!
      Until that happens, California will remain the most unfriendly Constitution state, and the Exodus will continue! I am moving to Arizona this year. Already found a house.

      • Mathew Jackson

        I agree. Been stocking up.

  • Alan404

    To blazes with California. GIven the types that people there elect to public office, Californians fully deserve the crap that they get.

    • Jeff Warner

      You are wrong! California has many true citizens, true Patriots, true Americans! They are swamped by the cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, where the liberal congregate! That’s where Waters/Pelosi/Brown/Newsom get the votes, and where millions of illegals live getting food, housing, education, everything one can imagine, for free! That is the part of the state that wanted Hillary in office, while independent and Republican voters were voting for Trump or Sanders, the cities voted for Hillary!
      To demonstrate that there are many who are not for the overreach of the state government, my county voted for Trump, while LA county with it’s 12+ million overwhelmingly voted for Clinton. Since the libs congregate in the populated areas, they vote for social ideologies, and we get caught paying the bills!
      In the past years, since 2010 or earlier, middle class income people, have been moving out, to Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, or other conservative locations, where they retain their rights! But the population keeps growing in California, by birth in the minority, by illegals and by refugees!
      Someday, the state which is more then $400 billion in unfunded debt, will collapse! That will change everything, but not for the better! The people will move, and demand all of the social project money from the next state, and keep feeding off the working citizens!
      This is the “Roman” affect, that caused Rome to fail! All brought by liberals living off the government promising them food, housing, money, whatever they needed, without any work required.
      It is a study in social welfare, and is being led by liberals in our government, federal, state or local!
      Our country is ripe to be taken over, but whoever tries must heed that we are so in debt, they may be better to leave us alone to die as a nation!

      • Alan404

        You paint a most dim picture, which I hope is incorrect. Unfortunately, it strikes me that is is hope invein.

  • avlisk

    More Civil Rights attacks in California. We are feeling like we are only 3/5 of an American citizen in California. Bill of Rights? Not here. Constitutional protections? Not here. Shall not be infringed? Not here. Phil Ochs is echoing in my brain: “Here’s to the Government of California: Find yourself another Country to be part of.”

  • Jeff Warner

    There are presently dozens of lawsuits that have been filed about the overstepping state government, yet the state turns out more so called laws every month,that eat up time, force the citizens to sue or comply, and using delay tactics in court, the suits take years to reach any court! In the meantime, the laws are on the books, forcing the people to face jail time or worse if they do not obey the law!
    The state doesn’t punish drug crimes with laws on the books as hard as gun ownership laws!
    Recently, laws that have been placed on gun owners not only effect new gun purchasers, but those who already own guns! Magazine capacity laws are shortly to be implemented. They restrict capacity to 10 rounds, and force people who have owned higher capacity magazines to turn them in to law enforcement, or face jail time and substantial fines!
    The overreaching state government is considering making it illegal to sell guns, which would close down gun stores altogether!
    The laws already passed, but not in effect until Jan 1 of 2018, include only purchasing ammo from state approved ammo sales outlets, which the state has not issued any rules on, making internet sales illegal, and when one purchases ammo, a background check will be required, allowing 2 weeks to clear the purchase before you can pick up the ammo you already paid for. The part that not many point out, is there is a charge by the state to conduct the background check, adding the cost to the purchase price! They actually believe they can effectively police out of state purchases! Since many hunters purchase ammo where they hunt, it seems ridiculous to even try to catch someone with ammo purchased in another state!
    The restrictions on purchasing hand guns, not revolvers, but pistols, has been a law for many years, and is still being fought in the courts! The liberal AG and governor have decided any pistol, must imprint a special number on the casing of the shot she’ll or bullet case, when the pistol is fired! There is no technology for doing this! That leaves ALL new pistols unlawful to sell in California. As the manufacturers discontinue one model for a new model, it lowers the number of pistols that can be sold. In 2015, there were 700+ legal pistols to sell. In 2016, the number dropped to 400+ and in 2017, the number is now fewer then 200.
    Revolvers are the only handgun not required to imprint a number on the case, but that may soon change!
    Since the politicians are “infringing” on the rights of the people, it will take a ring from the SCOTUS to overturn the illegal acts of the politicians, but there are no cases on the SCOTUS docket reqarding these state laws, to overturn the laws! Until cases finally get to the SC, the liberal politicians in California and the idiot Governor, will keep churning out these laws weekly/monthly to restrict the citizens from their rights to protect themselves, protect their families or protect their property!

  • jeff

    I grew up in CA and then went off to the USMC in the 70’s. I came back to southern CA in the 80’s living outside of Camp Pendleton. When I got out of the corps I moved from CA and have never looked back. It used to be a good state to live in, now it is a good state to be from.

  • dstudie

    There is a war coming in CA. The liberals will feel the wrath of the people. They will all be rounded up and executed by the very weapons they are trying to ban.

  • dstudie

    California has become a fascist state exactly like 1930s and 40s Germany. Moonbeam Brown is a Hitlarian persona who thinks himself a God. He is clinically insane. He has been on hard drugs for many years now. Sacramento is just like Berlin. There is no freedom in CA any more. The federal government needs to step in and arrest the legistlature, the Governor and the the mayors of the leftist Nazi cities in CA. By 2019, CA will be a third world state mostly owned by China. The hispanics left here will be used as slave labor.