Voters Set to Determine the Rights of Future Gun Owners in Washington State

Politics/controversial-ballot-issues-2014-include-pot-personhood-gun/story?id=26652629″>Voters in Washington state are about to decide which of two completely different measures on the ballot this midterm election will be passed into law. Initiative 594 would strengthen background checks for future gun owners. Another measure would prevent more background checks unless the federal government passes a law forcing the state to comply. Local billionaire Bill Gates has contributed

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Weird Neighbor Tries to Terrorize Gun Owner with Yard Sign that Basically Invites Criminals into Her Home

Kimberly Edson was so concerned that a local father carried a concealed weapon (legally) near her children she resorted to trying to shame him with a large sign in her front yard. Matthew Halleck carries legally. He’s a past PTA president of Harriet Bishop Elementary School and carries his weapon with him when he drops his girls off in the

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