New Wave of Bankruptcies to Hurt US Investors

New Wave of Bankruptcies to Hurt US Investors Open Letter from a Successful Business and Real Estate Owner to Americans: Recently BuzzFeed broke the story that retail giant is now hoarding 10 million dollars’ worth of gold and silver at an undisclosed location in the Utah desert, along with a 30-day supply of food. Of course, the millennial reporter

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The Nasty Surprise Pensions May Soon Deliver to Trump

The Nasty Surprise from Pensions that May Bring the “Trump Rally” to a Screeching Halt… And Crash the Economy… In the weeks following Trump’s election win, markets have soared. But some market watchers are starting to fear the “Trump rally” is nearing its end. They see one big indicator in trading activity that suggests a major shift might be coming

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