Here’s How Far Police will Go to Get Your Money…

The Police can Take YOUR Money Without Proving Anything…Just One Unacceptable Way the Government is Funding Itself… Picture this: A cop stops you on the highway. He searches your car, including your wallet or purse. You prefer to pay in cash on vacation, so you have several $1,000s with you. The cop calls for backup. They SAY they suspect you’re

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Last Chance to Get Gold Cheap?

Gold and Silver Post Big Gains to Start 2016… Is This the Last Chance to Get Gold Cheap? After declining for three years, we may now be on the cusp of a new bull market in gold and silver. Case in point: From January 1 to July 1, gold climbed from $1,060 to $1,342 – a 26% gain in just

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Trump Just Exposed this U.S. Debt Secret

Trump Just Said Something about the U.S. Debt that Nobody Wants to Say… And It’s Got Some Americans Very, Very Worried… Trump is a businessman who understands debt. In fact, he calls himself “The King of Debt.” So when he talks about the mountain of U.S. debt (currently over $19 trillion!) it pays to listen. To keep Washington running, the

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