Trump Just Exposed this U.S. Debt Secret

Trump Just Said Something about the U.S. Debt that Nobody Wants to Say… And It’s Got Some Americans Very, Very Worried… Our nation’s president-elect is a businessman who understands debt. In fact, he calls himself “The King of Debt.” So when he talks about the mountain of U.S. debt (currently over $19 trillion!) it pays to listen. To keep the

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Billionaires buying Swiss military bunkers

Former U.S. Treasury Official Reveals… Where Billionaires Are Hiding Their Cash A.WASSERMAN, CASEY RESEARCH REPORTER New reports have emerged about an unusual gold haven used by billionaires: A set of secret Swiss military bunkers built back in World War II. Located under the Swiss Alps, these new gold vaults are becoming the world’s largest store of gold. Bloomberg even goes

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