You Won’t Believe This Irrational and Invasive Program Was Actually Touted as a Solution to Violent Crime

The city of Beloit, Wisconsin has experienced a rise in violent crime, with seven gun homicides this year. In response, the city’s Chief of Police devised a new plan to address the issue. He asked residents to voluntarily allow the police to search their homes for guns. Now, after being vilified in social media, the chief has withdrawn the plan.

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Shades of the Nazi Germany: This Police Chief Wants Citizens to Turn in Friends Who Are “Gun Enthusiasts”

A Texas man named Larry McQuilliams went on a rampage recently in downtown Austin, shooting into buildings apparently planning to burn the Mexican consulate. He was killed by a police officer before anyone else was hurt. It appears that case opened the door for that city’s police chief to reveal his own agenda. Police Chief Art Acevado held a press

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