What Were They Thinking? The Brady Campaign Might Want to Rethink this Lame Video that Makes Fun of Pro-Gun Politicians

The Brady Campaign has decided to try their hand at producing a mud-smearing campaign video. Unfortunately, their efforts look amateurish and lame. While the video tries to make congressional representatives look like “lap dogs” for “taking money to vote against common sense gun control,” it just doesn’t work. Pro-gun politicians aren’t resisting gun control because they’ve been “bought off” —

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New Revelations about Draconian Gun Control Law: You Won’t Believe How Many People Are Affected

In the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo spearheaded passage of an expansive package of new gun control measures. Best known for its ban on assault weapons, the law also forces mental health professionals in the state to report any patient who might be a danger to himself or others. Now,

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“Moms Demand Action” Launches Manipulative Ad Campaign to Force Kroger to Submit to Its Demands

Last week we reported on Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action and their efforts to target Kroger and push them into banning open carry. While the grocer has’t yet buckled, Moms Demand Action decided to craft a little marketing ploy for them. The lengths to which these anti-gunners will go to have their agenda accepted is insane. This is manipulation at

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