3 Armed Men Break in and Threaten to Kill 8 People. What Happened Next Was Exactly What Should Have Happened.

When three Spanish-speaking males broke into a Harris County, Texas home, they probably thought they were going to walk right in and walk right out. It is not known whether the men were in Texas illegally or not. But because of the lax enforcement of border laws in the state of Texas, the men might have thought burglarizing a home would

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Outrageous! East Coast City Bans Sale of “Imitation Firearms” – A.K.A. “Toy Guns”

For too long we’ve seen it happening in our schools. Zero-tolerance policies make pop-tart guns a punishable offense. And no longer is it acceptable for children to  put their index and middle fingers together to create a “make-pretend” blaster without fear of punitive action. And while that kind of zero-tolerance ridiculousness is happening inside of American schools, a certain city council has decided

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