Russia Just Dealt this ‘Death Blow’ to the U.S. Economy – Here’s What You Must Do Now to Prepare for the Fallout…

Russia Delivers this Dollar ‘Death Blow’… But Some Americans Are Protected… Will 2015 Be the Year Gold Finally Gets the Respect It Deserves? Let’s Find Out… The end of the currency wars is now in sight. For many months, Russia has been slowly moving away from the U.S. Dollar. When they started, they made only small moves mostly in secret.

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Retirees Could Get Up to a 33% Raise PLUS Guaranteed Income For Life with Higher-Yield Annuities*…

Unfortunately, far too many Americans are retiring today WITHOUT a pension or predictable income stream that they can count on… Now, more than ever, retirees are turning to annuities that can help provide a predictable income stream to help secure their retirement income. If you’re approaching retirement and would like to learn how annuities might fit into your retirement income

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Do This Before Obama Gets His Hands on Your IRA or 401k

Obama Proclaims “8 Years Is Just the Beginning”… He’s Already Seized Healthcare… Now He’s Targeting Your Retirement Accounts… “Eight years is just the beginning.” This is Obama’s new slogan for his post-presidency work. Not only is it shocking, it reveals his TOTAL COMMITMENT to ramrodding his policies down Americans’ throats. It should now be clear that Obama will stop at

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