Weird Neighbor Tries to Terrorize Gun Owner with Yard Sign that Basically Invites Criminals into Her Home

Kimberly Edson was so concerned that a local father carried a concealed weapon (legally) near her children she resorted to trying to shame him with a large sign in her front yard. Matthew Halleck carries legally. He’s a past PTA president of Harriet Bishop Elementary School and carries his weapon with him when he drops his girls off in the

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Will Obama Put an END to This Magic Tax Form?

A best-selling author and former IRS attorney has released a radical new tax plan to cut Americans’ tax bills by as much as 40% or more in some cases. So far, 127,531 Americans have used his system to cut their taxes as much as $18,000, depending on their tax burden. All 100% legal, and all while essentially vanishing off the

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