Chicago: 5 dead, 31 wounded in weekend shootings

The violence continued in Chicago last weekend, as five people were killed and 31 more wounded in shootings around the city from Friday afternoon through Monday morning.

The shootings included a triple homicide and a man shot on a Chicago Transportation Authority Green Line train on the near west side of the Windy City, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The triple homicide took place in the far south side Roseland neighborhood, where two women and a man were fatally shot late Saturday night. Police indicated the group was standing behind a parked vehicle when two people rushed out of an alley and opened fire on them.

Tyson White, 36, was hit in the neck, and the women, 26-year-old Jacquell Mosley and 30-year-old Dominic N. Morris, were each shot several times. They were all pronounced dead at the scene.

The Roseland neighborhood also saw another fatal shooting Sunday evening, when 22-year-old Steven Reid was found by police officers with a gunshot wound to the head. Reid was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The first fatal shooting occurred in the early morning hours on Saturday in the south side Back of the Yards neighborhood. Carlos Cortez, 22, was shot multiple times and found by police lying in the street. He was taken to a local hospital and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.


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  • Elly

    The city with the most severe gun control laws once again shows just how much they work.

  • Chuck

    “The Late, Great City of Chicago”! Chicago is doomed as long as they keep electing Damn-o-rats.
    Look at all the other big cities and see the same conditions. Wake Up America! You are committing suicide!

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      you never hear of any of the elected officials getting killed. I wonder why is that.

      • Nancy Anderson

        They are on the OTHER side of Chicago behind tall walls and fences with armed guards to protect them when they go out.

      • William L Emery Sr.


      • Ethan

        Because they are protected by heavily armed people.

      • jeff

        Will, three of the last four governors have gone to prison. 😊

    • Jimbo

      At least it had class when the Italians ran it


    Just another weekend in the windy city! What communist rule has brought to one city in the USA!

  • tex40q

    Wasn’t it the mayor of ChiTown that banned President Trump from coming to Chicago ? PTL for that . If the president went to Chicago , we would have to hire several thousand Secret Service agents to protect him . Those agents come with salaries ,pension plans and benefit packages that never go away . Once hired they can never be fired or laid off , even if the president is traveling to Amarillo

    • WAMD

      You have no idea what you are talking about you don’t just hire secret service agents today for use tomorrow like they are meter maids, Their job takes careful time consuming background checks and many years of specialized training and the job of secret service agents is not crowd control that is the job of the police or the military or national guard, Next time you decide to opine try putting the little tiny piece of brain that you have in gear instead of letting it free wheel in neutral.

      And your information is also incorrect in another thing you wrote they can be fired and laid off anytime, Where do get your information at the dime store, YOU ARE A MORON!!!!

  • Alan404

    Who were the shooters, if that has been determined. Another question might be, who were the victims.

    • Buckeye conservative

      Who cares . . . it’s Chicago.

  • monongahela

    Where is al sharpton,blm, jesse jackson and that goofball they have for a mayor. I guess to the blm it doesn`t matter unless they are shot or killed by a white person so sad. Even though there is alot more black on white violence in America with the media suppressing that truth.

    • Duane Drummond

      The people you mentioned don’t care if blacks are killing blacks, they only care if whites do it.

    • Terry Butts

      Actually they do not care at all they just exploit the incidents for political gain when they can twist the facts to make it appear racially motivated something hard if not impossible to do if the victim and criminal are both black.

  • Duane Drummond

    Let them all die, I say. They’re taking care of the hoodrat problem for us. I say provide Chicago ghettos more guns so they can get it done faster and we won’t have to support their sorry asses with our taxes!!!

  • generalJed

    Chicago could have been the greatest city in the World, but the Daley family destroyed that opportunity forever. Las Vegas is the next U.S. city that has that chance. Even though it is run mainly by Democrats, it is run like a libertarian stronghold and is open-minded enough to be a mega-business center combined with all of the tourist attractions that make it a world destination. They don’t tolerate crime in Las Vegas, like they do in Chicago, and the people can and do carry concealed weapons.

  • Seems like they would run out of blacks someday

    • William L Emery Sr.


  • Nancy Anderson

    How could something like this happen ???? They don’t have guns in Chicago. That’s what their mayor says. Hmmm. Wonder which side of Chicago the mayor is in. I would be willing to bet good money that it is NOT the near South side. It’s time to round up the perps, oh, and while they are at it, maybe they should include the mayor, and possibly even the Governor, as they are the ones who took all of the guns from HONEST citizens and left them defenseless against the thugs who will have them no matter what.

  • Jimwolf

    Gee, maybe if we are lucky, the BLM will all kill themselves in Chicago and at least that city could live in peace (only kidding)..

  • Jimbo

    Wow,since the feds stepped in, they been doing a bang up job

  • William L Emery Sr.

    The only thing I would say to this is, give them all a gun and ”lets have an old fashion ”SOUTH SIDE SHOOT OUT” LAST ONE STANDING, WINS!!!!! [what an HONOR!]

    • Duane Drummond


  • Kirk Kahler

    I would like to know were BLM, al Sharpton, Jackson and the AACP is ?? this has to stop blacks killing blacks ever day and MSM wants to cover it up or attack trump for some thing ! the mayor is corrupt the left don’t care and every day a black man is killed by a black man and no one cares ! but if a black man is killed by a white person no matter what the reason then all hell brakes out ! this crap needs to be fixed we are all Americans and life matters no mater what color you are !

    • Duane Drummond

      Because they don’t care if blacks are killed. They only care if a white man does it. All these big mouth preachers and organizations hollering about black men being killed by white people are more racist towards black people than white. My last father in law was black and he said if it wasn’t for Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson and all of the other big mouths, racism wouldn’t be a thing. They keep it going by lying all the time.

    • Terry Butts

      They only chime in when it promotes their political agenda we do not see riots etc. when a black officer who defended himself against a black “suspect” is not even brought to trial over it much less found innocent or acquitted based on actual evidence and witnesses that contradict the “spin” the media put on the incident.

      Only when they can CLAIM it was racism resulting in political gain, financial gain or both for them do they open their mouths about anything.

  • Ethan

    Every large city in trouble in the country is ruled by Democrats and all have been for decades, one need not look further than that for the reason for all the problems.

    The embattled mayor of Seattle just resigned, but nothing is going to change because yet another Democrat will take his place and Seattle will remain the San Francisco of the Pacific Northwest.

  • bigrigtrucker

    a good example of gun control, only murders allowed to have guns,

  • George Downs

    The evidence shows that the Democrats use Blacks as what Hillary herself said “useful idiots” not caring one iota for the devastation their policies cause in the inner cities. All the large cities run by Democrats have the highest deaths by guns coinciding with the strictest gun laws. Blacks/African Americans along with poor Whites have been used for decades by the very politicians they help vote into office, believing the LIE repeated over and over “Republicans are for the Rich and Democrats are for the POOR.” Obama did nothing but inflict harm on the Black population, their unemployment rate is much higher than when he took office the numbers of them living under the poverty level skyrocketed etc. The Welfare System itself was a product of racist Democrats in order to keep the Black population down by breaking up their families, admittedly some Republicans went along with it.

  • Bernard Simpson

    Let them kill each other off hell with thar cesspool