Chicago mayor pushing hard to ban guns from party buses

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now pushing even harder to impose strict regulations regarding guns on party buses, saying he would like an outright ban after several shootings have occurred on the controversial vehicles.

Emanuel said Monday he had ordered staff to find a way within Illinois state law to not only regulate but essentially ban firearms from the buses, DNAinfo reported.

The move is seen as an effort to toughen an ordinance proposed in March that calls for party bus operators to install security cameras, hire more security guards, and post signage to allow police to determine if the vehicles are legally operated.

Emanuel said that the buses are a “bad combination of substance abuse and guns.”

“We are going to close every one of the loopholes,” Emanuel said.

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  • Keith

    Shit, there is no place in Chicago where the gangs of illegals have not shot people, a lot of people.

  • Robert Buckholz

    oh boy drinking and guns what the farking stupid people of chickenago

    • Terry Butts

      Yep they fail gun safety right there just like when they drink and drive.

      The fact is they failed to mention that in most of the cases being referred to by this politician as his excuse the guns were ILLEGALLY possessed under existing restriction already so this ADDITIONAL restriction would do nothing to change what is going on except disarm any sober security hired by operators of such things.

      • Your assumption guns are always illegal to be possessed while intoxicated is not true in all jurisdictions. I can carry in a bar and a church in Oregon, but not in Texas. I do not go to bars, churches, or anywhere but courthouses without a firearm. It is hard to get a concealed handgun license in Oregon without going into a courthouse

        • Terry Butts

          I made no such assumption about possession and alcohol.

          My statement was about the fact that in Chicago it is nearly impossible to get a permit to even own a gun the CRIMES this politician is using as an excuse to pass even more restrictions mainly involved individuals who according to existing Chicago restrictions were not allowed to even buy much less posses a gun.

          So like all gun restrictions both from the past and proposed future ones it would not have stopped the crime even if it was in effect before it happened much less stop it from happening in the future.

          • You are wrong. Chicago cannot prohibit gun ownership or possession since 2010, McDonald vs. Chicago, found it so in the US Supreme Court.

          • Terry Butts

            Then the information available to me was wrong as my comments were based on the information presented about how to legally purchase and posses a weapon in Chicago.


            The links showing guns still banned in Chicago contain what many of the criminals were shown to have used in past stories about the incidents being used to push this new legislation.


            In fact one of the shootings actually CONTRADICTS they mayors claims as it was not anyone that was on the bus that did the shooting yet the incident is in the statistics being used because it involved people who were on such a bus.


            There was even a period where they illegally decided that anyone living in a housing project that involved tax money in any way could be disarmed simply because of where they lived the excuse was the COMPLAINTS about being threatened by those living there (In reality it was drug dealers complaining about being SCARED because their intended victims were armed and let them know what would happen if the continued their illegal threating actions) thankfully a judge tossed that out and ordered their door to door confiscations at those places unconstitutional.

            One of the problems we have is that places like Chicago run by anti gun politicians will HARASS gun owners and make it as hard as possible for them to exercise their rights regardless of what the courts tell them.

            To many politicians like this mayor feel they can ignore the constitution and the rights of the people if it “SOUNDS GOOD” to certain groups to abolish those rights in the name of safety.

          • I have gone through that process in Oregon. They can make a difficult bureaucracy, but they cannot prohibit ownership and possession of arms. In Oregon, you are more likely to be shot by a cop than a gangster or a crackhead, but you are more likely to be killed by a car than a gun.

          • Terry Butts

            Legally you are correct they can not that however does not stop them from acting as if they can.

            In fact constitutionally most if not all of the STEPS required are an unconstitutional restriction in fact they should not even be allowed to require that card that states the GOVERNMENT authorizes them to exercise their right to own a gun (how long till they make the same demands about speech?).

            In fact requiring that card is very similar to what HITLER required as proof they were members of the Nazi party or a strong supporter of them before they were allowed to own a gun after he imposed the restrictions on gun ownership in the name of “STOPPING CRIME”.(it in fact was actually to disarm those he planned to put in death camps later)

            By taking advantage of those requirements that give the government control of gun ownership they can prevent it as effectively as if they have banned all guns.

            In fact that one story you linked was a ruling issued over the fact that Chicago though requiring the guns to be registered as one of the steps before they could be carried stopped registering any guns in 1982.

            In fact they still have it banned where you can not purchase a gun legally within its city limits according to the information I linked in my previous post. As well as a list of guns they still treat as banned.

            What Chicago has is an anti gun government doing its best to prevent as many law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves while using the crimes committed by those breaking existing laws as an excuse to make even more restrictions.

            These anti gun people and groups do not even use the reality of crime statistics in their claims to them every gun prevented from being owned is a crime that was stopped when in reality it is an act of self defense that is stopped as criminals ignore the laws that get in their way in the first place.

            In fact the “Saturday night special” law a certain state passed a few years back was done on the FALSE BELIEF that criminals were buying “cheap” guns to use in crimes

            They claimed all they had to do was make only the EXPENSIVE guns available and crime would suddenly stop.

            One of the first “GUNS” on their list as a “CHEAP THROWAWAY GUN” was a NON FIRING GOLD PLATED WWII COMMEMORATIVE REPLICA that cost over $4000 that served only the purpose of hanging on a wall as decoration to them that was an INEXPENSIVE gun a criminal could easily get and use to commit a crime.

          • If governments, gangs, and criminals followed the laws, we would not need guns.

          • Terry Butts


            This is what the anti gun politicians and their anti gun supporters do not understand. It is a simple fact no law they pass will end or stop crime because the criminals do not obey those laws.

            Murder itself is a crime and against the law so if just passing a law fixed the problem then there would be no murders.

            The fact there are shows that just passing a law is not the solution instead of wasting time crafting new laws that have no more effect on criminals than existing ones they need to be addressing how to properly handle those that broke the existing law in the first place.

            Instead of plea-bargains and finding excuses to give virtually no punishment for their crimes.

          • Pleas bargains are bargain basement justice which are as likely to catch the innocent as well as the guilty.

          • Terry Butts

            Very true many times innocent people are coerced into taking a plea bargain by lawyers who falsely convince them they have no chance in court and the plea would give them less punishment than losing in court.

            The other problem is when the person is actually guilty and they are allowed to make plea bargains simply because the prosecution does not want to spend the time or cost to prosecute them for the actual crime they committed.

            Many times leading to someone who committed murder during a crime getting as little as five years. That is what has to be stopped if crime is actually going to be dealt with the original idea behind plea bargains was to get some underling of a crime boss to turn evidence against their boss in exchange for a lighter sentence.

            Now that power is abused by prosecutors that either want a quick resolution without trial to make a name for themselves or who do not want to actually do their job handling the prosecution in court.

          • DAs make deals when a reasonable person might have a reasonable doubt regarding the witnesses, who are most often mistaken, or the forensic evidence is flawed…. or both. The original idea is corrupt.

  • roughman

    I don’t get it. I thought handguns were already next-to-impossible to legally own, let alone carry, in Chi-town.

    And while I agree that people shouldn’t armed in that environment, (“Party buss?” I can just see the “ethnically diverse” types that would ride one!) It seems to be a moot point…

    • Terry Butts

      They are unless you are part of some “PROTECTED CLASS” and/or have the money to get through all the restrictions that have already been imposed on the FALSE promise crime would decrease.

      The ban would be just like the gun free zone nonsense that only guarantees the victims would be unarmed as a criminal could not care any less what laws they break to commit their crimes.

  • TEA

    We have to ban Rahm Emmanuel, and let somebody in his spot that’s going to clean up the city of Chicago!

    • We need to train every head of household in use of arms and supply them with a .38 Special.

      • Timothy Grasmick

        Agreed, but as long as the thug bitches are using AKs and .45s I want something that will come closer to matching them. I will keep my AR15 and .45 and every thing else I have.

        • A .38 Special revolver is far lighter and safer than a .45 to teach and operate. They can weigh less than a pound loaded. Limiting what you have was not suggested. Arming sane responsible adults with clean criminal records is common sense. Open carry in an urban setting is NOT common sense.

      • John Gillis

        Get the new Colt Cobra with .38 +P ammo! You’ll be quite pleased with its accuracy and handling.

        • My personal rule of thumb is, if it is over 16 oz., it is too heavy to conceal. If I can see it on others in the summer, it can be seen on me.

  • Ray Allen

    This loser cannot get anything right.

    • Samuel Stephens

      He couldn’t get things right when he was Obamanation’s chief of staff. The only thing he could do was cuss like a moron.

  • jaydee

    How much difference would this make in Chicago?

    • ADBDAB


      • The history of firearms prohibition internationally is the more they work to disarm others; the more gun violence there is.

  • Roman

    He never was in the U.S. military, but he served in the Israeli Armed forces.

    • L Cavendish

      if true…see where his true allegiance lies…

    • canislupus


      • Roman

        I guess you never heard of the word “research”.

    • He was never in the Israeli Armed Services. He went as a CIVILIAN volunteer to repair trucks during the Gulf War. He did not go into combat or wear a uniform. It is unlikely he would have been allowed to carry a firearm. He never was in a combat zone, unless you consider all of Israel a combat zone.


    He can’t do one thing right but run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. God what a failure! Maybe, those running around wild will get him.

  • Nate

    Guns and drugsalcohol don’t mix for one and for two it’s illegal to be under the influence of any regulated substance and in possession of a firearm. Again, only the lawful owners will be left at risk. If you think the criminals are going to abide by any law you make, your absolutely nuts!

  • Timothy Grasmick

    Just keep on banning firearms, just look how good its working for Chicago now. I think I will just stay in Nebraska and keep my gun rights.

    • old codger


  • Sharpshooter

    Surely, you’re not talking about the “Fast and Furious” loophole that was pushed so hard by Emanuel and the other POS Muslim, Obama. On reflection, I believe that they were both involved with guns and drugs!

  • Samuel Stephens

    Bless this little ole peckerheads heart for wantin to stop gun violence, but he’s going about it in the wrong fashion. Arm the good law abinding citizens and declare open season on thugs and gangbangers put a bounty on their BLM heads, give the cops free reign. Good ole Rahm is just another dumb DemocRAT with control issues which he will not give up. ALL DemocRATs are control freaks, they wouldn’t be dumb DemocRATs if they couldn’t try to control.

    • old codger

      There is NO such thing as a “dumb” DemonRAT!! Totally f**king STUPID, YES!! The optimal word is “STUPID”, again there is no such thing as a “dumb” DemoCRAP!

      • Their intelligence and observation is blocked by their desire to want to believe.

  • Terry Butts

    it like all other bans imposed so some POLITICIAN could “FEEL GOOD” about himself as if he did something to help people will have no effect on crime or criminals whatsoever.

    What it will do is ensure that any SECURITY hired such events will be unarmed and unable to properly respond when a criminal does decide attack.

    • If all the guns disappear from the face of the planet, I will teach you three different ways to kill less complicated than blowing them up or running them over with a truck. If you want it to be done skillfully with no sound and no forensic evidence, it may take me more than an hour to teach you. If you want to kill yourself, there are many ways to do it with no pain and very little mess on a shoe string budget.

      • Terry Butts

        Exactly and many people already know those or other like methods that is what the anti gun groups can not understand it is not the tool the criminal chose to misuse that is the problem it is the criminal themselves that is the problem.

        In fact when they first started this nonsense of blaming the tool instead of the criminal I recall the political cartoon in the paper it showed an old west scene with the bank robber riding off into the sunset with the loot while the townspeople lynched his gun for the crime.

        • That proves common sense is a myth; like unicorns. It is too rare to be common and certainly not natural to most humans.

          • Terry Butts

            Well they did spend decades changing the education system so that most students come out of it mindlessly believing anything they were told by educators/government is true instead of learning common sense and how to tell what is actually true through observation and evidence.

            In fact they changed the dictionary so the definition of common sense is in reality the one that used to be for common belief.

            I doubt they even teach that it was common sense observation that showed Columbus the world was round while the common belief at the time was that it was flat anymore.

          • If you assume common sense is some innate understanding of logic used in the real world, Terry, no such thing ever existed. Long before Columbus, the world understood this planet is round. Columbus just noted how the bottom of a ship disappeared over the horizon before the sails. My paternal ancestors in the Chaldean empire understood how the planets moved before Abraham was born.

          • Terry Butts

            “If you assume common sense is some innate understanding of logic used in the real world, Terry, no such thing ever existed”

            Correct what used to be known as common sense was the common observation of the world and what was happening then coming to a logical conclusion as to why what was observed happened.

            Throughout history however common belief which is what governments and authority figures claim to be the way things are was the only thing being taught to the next generation.

            There were a lot of civilizations before that understood those facts because they observed what went on around them.

            During many times in history such as the dark ages certain governments made a massive effort to wipe out that knowledge and replace it with their own beliefs on the subject.

          • Governments and groups of people never used logic. There is no such thing as “common observation.” There is no great and glorious past. There is no history of common beliefs. They are only common to the mob some associated with; not the world or even a particular nation. We just have better communication of man’s ignorance and irresponsible behavior.

          • Terry Butts

            Some people did and do use logic always have and have been persecuted by governments throughout history for not blindly following the beliefs the government dictated if those beliefs were contradicted by observation of facts.

            The words “common observation.” refer to their INDIVIDUAL definitions in a standard sentence not a DEFINED single phrase.

            1.belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question:common property; common interests.

   act or instance of noticing or perceiving.
   act or instance of regarding attentively or watching.
            3.the faculty or habit of observing or noticing.
   act or instance of viewing or noting a fact or occurrence for some scientific or other special purpose
            6.the information or record secured by such an act.
            7.something that is learned in the course of observing things

            In other words if a GROUP of people observed the same thing it was a common observation of that event by them.

            Thus common sense used to refer to people who PERCEIVED the world around them and made their own decisions based on logical explanations of what they observed.

            common sense
            1.sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.

            Today however it is confused by modern dictionaries trying to define it as what is COMMONLY believed by people regardless of intelligence or practicality.

            During the time of Columbus it was the official stance of the government and certain state churches that the world was flat (despite the bible not mentioning its shape as being flat) they even made it a CRIME to investigate or even suggest anything other than it being flat. In fact if it was not for the influential people Columbus new he would have been arrested and tried for even suggesting the world was round.

            In fact we see this again today with the “climate change” bunch who actually tried to get it made a crime to STUDY or investigate the issue even to perform the STANDARD scientific verification of the results they presented as fact before it was verified by the standard scientific process all theories have to pass before they are accepted as scientific fact. If this attitude was allowed in the past that one dinosaur would still be wearing the wrong head because no further research would have been permitted once it was SETTLED by the ones that decided that head was the correct one.

            “We just have better communication of man’s ignorance and irresponsible behavior.”

            On this I agree completely.

            People are people some do irresponsible things and that will never change but now we have a media and politicians with an agenda who will spout on for months or even years about one or more such events trying to make it out to be an “EPIDEMIC CRISIS” they need to fix.

            Using it like this politician to push their personal agenda upon the people regardless of who’s rights are taken away or restricted in the name of “SAFETY” or “CRIME PREVENTION” that somehow the crime was caused by whatever inanimate object they want to restrict or ban rather than the behavior of the people involved in the crime.

  • McDonald v. City of Chicago, case in which on June 28, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (5–4) that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,” applies to state and local governments as well as to the federal government.

  • Peacekeeper

    I thoroughly abhor Rahm “The Ballerina” Emanuel but as a NRA Police Instructor, I see no reason why guns, buses and alcohol should mix?? Lawfully concealed carry permits usually don’t allow for holders to take their guns in bars or nightclubs that serve liquor so how is a bus different? Why would one expect to be able to carry there? I am sure most of these so called shootings on “Party Buses” are with illegal guns carried by low life hoods with no permit. If I go to Chicago and carry there with my HR-218 Permit… I don’t plan on riding any party buses.

  • Dan

    He is a jerk and millions know it.

  • Larry McWreath


  • canislupus

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to start making arrests on Chicago’s South Side? The murder rate there makes the events on party buses look tame, don’t you think?

    • Roman

      You must not even be from Chicago.

      • Mrseddies

        Why because he makes sense?

    • In Oregon, when they made person on person crimes a ten year minimum, it cut down on the violence overall.

  • Leon Barber

    There is just NO hope for Rahm Emmanuel. He still does not realize that gangsters do not obey laws.

  • R Beardall

    I would not go through this rat ridden state without one in the belt & one in the boot!Better Idea, let’s just pass a national concealed carry law so NOT just the Crooks have guns?

    • We thought we had a national concealed carry law in the Second Amendment, but Article 1, Sections 8 & 9 allow them to tax and regulate away every right. The Amendments in the Bill of Rights are propaganda without teeth as long as Congress has powers without referendums.

  • jim jones

    Party buses?????, give me a fucking break