Colt To Supply Our Overseas Allies

Connecticut-based Colt’s Manufacturing last week was awarded a significant Pentagon security assistance contract.


The $57.72 million firm-fixed-price contract announced by the U.S. Army on Thursday covers delivery of up to 10,000 M4 and M4A1 5.56mm carbine rifles. The award, issued through the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s Foreign Military Sales program, is for guns intended for Jordan, Morocco, Afghanistan, Senegal, Tunisia, and Pakistan.

Self-defense weapons sold through the program are considered to be a “fundamental tool of U.S. foreign policy,” and can be either funded by the receiving country or the U.S. government as aid. The Pentagon essentially acts as the go-between for industry and the foreign customer looking for materials. DSCA head, Lt. Gen. Charles Hooper, said that so far this year sales are booming with $46.9 billion in weapons sales to foreign partners and allies in the first half of 2018 alone.

“Defense exports are good for our national security, they’re good for our foreign policy. And they’re good for our economic security. And as the administration and our leadership has said, economic security is national security,” Hooper said in June.

The M4 contract has an estimated completion date of Sept. 20, 2019, and Colt will perform the work at their West Hartford plant. The company markets a variety of semi-auto M4  and M4A1 carbines commercially as well as select-fire variants to law enforcement and military end-users.

In related news, on July 13, the U.S. Army Contracting Command issued a $28.4 million firm-fixed-price contract for an undetailed quantity of “North Atlantic Treaty Organization commercial off-the-shelf carbines,” with Colt, Daniel Defense, and FN competing with Remington to fulfill the order by July 2019.


  • marcus J

    That is very good news for Colt , I also like the idea of United States Manufacturing benefiting , But !! and this is a huge But !! Three Huge Red Flags Pop Up !! Afghanistan , Tunisia , Pakistan , With Friends like Pakistan who needs Enemies

    • Yes not friendly to us at all !

  • Sivispace

    I agree with Marcus. How long will it take before those weapons are aimed at us?

    • hoyingla

      obviously you don’t care about all the other firearms already in these peoples possession or the AKs the terrorists have.

      • Sivispace

        Actually I do. I am highly critical of the Soviet Union for littering the Third World with AKM rifles and RPG 7s.

  • hoyingla

    As I read this article it reminds me of the quality of Colt firearms and the reason when I look for a new firea4rm to purchase I look to Colt first. I am not taking anything away from those fine companies listed in the article they make fine firearms but the aren’t Colts and that says enough. Quality may cost a little more but when in a pinch it’s all you have.