Concealed Carry Up 215%

Concealed carry permits rose 215 percent between 2007 and 2015, and the murder rate dropped 14 percent during that same time period.

In other words, more guns being carried for self-defense correlated with fewer murders.

On May 22, Breitbart News reported that the demand for concealed carry permits witnessed its greatest surge ever between May 2016 and May 2017. Fox News referenced Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) data showing there were 14.5 million permit holders in May 2016 and approximately 15.7 million in May 2017.

Now the NRA is tweeting data which shows that the bigger picture is not just the one-year surge but a 215 percent jump in concealed carry permits between 2007 and 2015.

It is interesting to note that the murder rate dropped by 14 percent while concealed carry permits surged. And “the overall violent crime rate” dropped by 21 percent. This is not what the left tells us will happen if concealed carry expands.

In fact, national reciprocity for concealed carry has been introduced in Congress, and Gabby Giffords, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, and many other gun control proponents have come out against national recognition of concealed carry for law-abiding citizens. They all suggest national reciprocity would undermine gun control and make Americans less safe.

Here is the problem with their claims — concealed carry surged by 215 percent between 2007 and 2015 and the murder rate fell and the violent crime rate fell with it.

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  • Ischgabibble

    Kind of puts a new twist on the 2nd Amendment Rights, don’t it?

  • Alan404

    I used to hear the following, all to often by the way, from fellow gun owners and shooters. “The NRA won’t let them do that”. While one might well wonder who it is that makes up the NRA or any other organization for that matter, more important in my opinion was and remains the following. One gathered the impression that some wonderful Big Daddy, aka The NRA would always serve to protect the rights of those who were to dumb, to lazy, often times both, to defend the rights that one would think were important to them. It just isn’t the case, for it is up to the individual. Just like it always has been, to contact, and maintain contact with their elected reps., on matters of concern to them. John Saylor, a long serving congressman from Johnstown PA, who was on our side by the way, was sometimes critical of Gun owners, who he noted seemed to by Last Minute Charlie’s, my choice of phrase, as opposed to people who maintained regular contact with their elected representstives. If you take a moment to think about things, I expect that the wisdom of his comment becomes self evident.

    At this point, I will conclude with the following. Regular contact with your elected reps. on matters of concern to you is important. It is necessary to. Don’t be a Last Minute Charlie or Charlene either.

    • Evermyrtle

      Idiots, love to hear themselves rave, they don’t even have to be right!!! By the way The NRA does strive to help keep the country safe, and to be safe, it is never a bad thing to have a “gun” handy! It is obvious that you know nothing bout the NRA but the name the it goes by!!

  • Tom Murphy

    While our soldiers, airmen and Marines
    are moving to crush the ISIS home bases in Syria, Afghanistan and
    Pakistan under the able leadership of Defense Secretary Mattis, the
    foul-minded enemy connives to strike at our most vulnerable and innocent
    in our nation. As American civilians, we should arm ourselves in our
    homes, schools, hospitals and recreational venues, so that among our
    most vulnerable citizens there are armed and vigilant guardians who are
    ready to react with sudden lethal force at the first signs of violent
    attack by the depraved fanatics during their Ramadan (June) terror