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  • Cyborg119


    “Father of Oregon Shooter”

    I am certain it is NOT beneficial to keep beating gun owners over the
    head with detailed stories and videos like this. YOU are greatly
    contributing to the anti-gun hysteria by doing so. YOU are
    propagandizing the gun friendly public.You will inadvertently or for
    certain be successful in persuading some to agree with this father.
    “BAN GUNS”

    I would hope that you will rethink the probable damage that your and
    other pro-gun sites accomplish by your counter productive thoughtless

    Why has there only been articles about the father’s extreme anti-gun position and not the mothers?

    Why hasn’t there been one story focusing on Mercer’s attraction to
    Nazism. I understand it was his mother that went to to gun range with
    him a lot. What is the background of the father? Is he anti-religious?
    Is the mother anti-religious? Didn’t Mercer order a Nazi hat? Where are
    multiple stories about CNN making Mercer white? People don’t acquire
    extreme hate in a vacuum. Somebody – who was it [ ??? ] that made him so
    ant-Christian? Had he been to a Mosque? Did he have one or many Muslim

    This type of article is destructive to gun ownership and inordinately
    stupid on your part. Your enhancing the fathers anti-gun zealotry. The
    cacophony of anti-gun mentally deranged Socialist, Democrats, Marxists,
    Progressive and halfway house residents don’t need help from you to
    foster their goals. These kinds of misdirected article have the likely
    potential to help persuade weak minded to be anti-gun or change from pro
    to anti-gun.

  • EddieW

    Obama bringing in tons of Muslims, and we are Infidels to them, worthy only of death! Bringing in also Terrorists! and freeing prisners, then wants to take our guns away from us, so we cannot defend ourselves…He is wanting the biggest bloodbath in the history of the world…and will get it!!

  • Vinnie S.

    Anyone with a brain even partially engaged sees right through this rhetoric ! Anti Gun people don’t even seem to use small portions of their brains .We all can clearly see that these shootings all can be tied to some sort of mental problem including that of radicalizing individuals that can qualify as “Easily led or controlled by propaganda type empty promises that have no substance but sound like a plan to get somewhere to be recognized as a martyr to get out of an existence that is going nowhere at a rapid pace”

    • Dick N Sharon Epperly

      right on