When He Saw a Female Cop Pinned to the Sidewalk, This Good Samaritan Jumped into Action

This story is just chock full of GOOD. An aware citizen, helping a police officer, with a happy ending. It’s just not something we see often enough today.

It was just another normal day when Jeremy Wachsmuth dropped off his daughter at school (where the young lady had just won an award for being an Honor Roll student), when he spotted something that was cause for great concern.

Police Officer Briana Johnson had responded to a call for a man sleeping beside the road. She was pinned down and struggling to maintain control of her firearm, in a position where she had no way to fight back.

Upon taking in the situation, Mr. Wachsmuth dashed across four lanes of traffic to tackle the offender.

“She was trying to hold her gun while he was trying to grab it,” Wachsmuth said. “So I slammed on the brakes, ran over there tackled him.”

According to Coon Rapids Police Captain Jon Urqhart, officer Briana Johnson was responding to a medical call about Stephen Pearson, who was sleeping on the side of the road and reeked of alcohol. Pearson, who was recently been released from prison, yelled “I hate the cops, I’ll kill you” before tackling officer Johnson.

Police say that Wachsmuth assessed the situation correctly and he did what any citizen should have done in that scenario.

You can watch the video here:


  • Lee Berry

    Outstanding job!

  • mtman2

    LEO’s should always be in pairs, w/shoulder cameras always on ~!

    • Patriot47

      LEOs should be able to count on our support.

      • mtman2

        Of course if that’s the case; or reverse if not(there are bad cops).
        However if Mr. Wachsmuth wasn’t there in time that second she might
        be dead and the drunken creepy-nut out there w/her pistol somewhere ~!

      • Juicey Bananas

        LEO’s can not and will not expect nor ask for assistance from the public at large as you all know due to the liability issues which could be financially devastating to a community and or county governing body.

        • leadfoot320

          he was not asked ! he did what was right ! MY HAT IS OFF TO HIM ! I CONCEAL CARRY. I WOULDN’T HAVE TACKLED HIM !

    • jaybird

      In the video the police officer explaining what happened said that an officer was in the passenger seat calling for backup. Why didn’t he help her is the big question?

      • jcrawdad

        That’s the question I was asking myself . Should that officer be disciplined for not responding help to the pined down officer

        • randsue80

          The officer in the passenger seat was an unpaid reserve, and he was trying to communicate the situation and that was probably what he was trained to do. He should have jumped the guy first then worried about communicating! However you do as you are trained to do!

          • Apolloone

            This is only a guess but maybe it was stressed on the cop not to get involved, unless it was a life or death situation and this like it to me, rules or not if I was that reserve cop I would have went to her rescue and let them fire me.

          • randsue80

            We can all say that but that is in retrospect, it is easy to find fault with his actions but I was pointing out that if you’re taught to respond in a certain order of actions i.e. communicate first then act, it will be the way you do respond!

      • mtman2

        One could only assume that person “reserve” was told not to aid because of the shooting last month by a rich “reserve-dud”e killing an unarmed perp being arrested.
        Dunno as nothing was said which is a glaring oversight it’self ~!

      • Patrick


        • Patrick

          not sure what to do, or not trained in common sense, to help a woman fighing a man, could ned help?

          • Patrick,
            Common sense did not come into play in this situation,. How long does it take to call for backup? Once that was accomplished he should have gone to the aid of he lady officer. Had the bad guy killed her he might well have gone after the other guy in the car, based on what the bad guy said about killing police.
            I am beginning to think that carrying concealed could get to be a full time job backing up our policemen.

      • John Magee

        I’ll guarantee that pud reserve officer is no longer a reserve officer. He was afraid and would rather watch his partner get shot than getting his nifty uniform get dirty. When I was an MP, we noticed one newby who would “stand by the radio” while we’re in the bar on the verge of getting our butts kicked because we were missing a man. He worked a week in the street till he was assigned permanent motor pool duty.

  • Jarhead

    Had he double-tapped the bad guy he should have gotten a medal & $50,000 dollars reward.

    • Francisco Machado

      Should have. Recent experience says there would be a riot over it and the county prosecutor would have him locked up for murder. There is a significant move afoot for reasons I do not comprehend to insure that police will take little or no action in response to vioelnce or to criminal activity, even going so far as to attempt to prosecute an officer killing someone in self defense when he’s under attack. To a police officer, taking action has become a gamble that may cost him his job if not his freedom.

      • CintiCB

        It’s getting so bad that there won’t be any police officers left. Who’d want to do it? This would hurt a lot of civilized people, but, it could have one positive result. There will be no po-leese in da hood. They can all kill each other.

  • e111w

    Wachsmuth is what – volunteer fireman? Bless the little officer’s heart – but what in the world is such a tiny thing doing on a police force? Talk about vulnerable. This is representative of political correctness gone to warp speed.

    • Ruckweiler

      Reminds me of the grandmother years ago who was escorting a guy in the courthouse who’d been a linebacker in college. She was killed because she was so small. Agree with your comment. Political correctness has these itty bitty women as officers. Sad.

    • Quintin G. Williams

      That was his daughter in the picture with him and not the female police officer. Back in my days, Good ole Margaret carried her weight and than some even at a little over 100 pounds. We had a few brawls where she was right in the middle and she got bounced like a rag doll, but size has nothing to do with being capable of wearing a police officer’s uniform. More power to this female officer that she didn’t draw her weapon and shot this scumbag ! Tarrant County Grand Jury just no billed a Grapevine Officer for shooting an unarmed illegal Mexican perp whom he had stopped for Investigation of Driving while intoxicated. Video shows nothing that appears to be a threat to the officer, however to hear the local news people , you’d think that being under the influence is an excuse to kill any Juan ! The Grand Jury agreed, the man is dead and now it will be up to a Civil Jury to determine how much the City of Grapevine Texas pays for this unwarranted police shooting. Been there and done that , so I know of what I am speaking about !

    • Apolloone

      That was my thoughts when I saw her, she’s a good candidate for ending up being brutally killed or suffering the consequences for having to kill some ignorant brute.

    • conservative since 1962

      The little lady shown with Mr. Wachmuth is his daughter, not the female Officer involved!

  • Tex Irvin

    what any good citizen should do if able

  • Bob Markle

    Great job! I will always help a police officer’s they risk there lives everyday. If I can assist them when in need I’m all in.

  • Scott M Sykes

    why are we allowing this kind of scum out of prison? this is the problem with the justice system. we allow the real criminals out and put away good people on circumstantial evidence.

    • andrew

      Jails are too full of those evil Pot-smokers… [ sarcasm ] gotta boot the real hardcore felons out to keep them pot-smokers from influencing others that haven’t found the truth about Weed yet…
      [ sarc. off now ] A stoner, would never be passed out on the curb / gutter, nor would a stoner try to open a can of whoop-ass on a cop… Stoners just wanna enjoy the buzz…
      I would not hesitate to go to the aid of an outmatched police officer [ CC ]

      • Apolloone

        Yep we have more convicted pot smokers doing more time than many convicted violent criminals, not that it would have done any good but Ike forgot to warn us about the Prison Industrial Complex, which is a big money making business today for those who are connected.

        • boone1

          Right you are about that.

      • boone1

        Well I don’t like cops but I sure as hell wouldn’t let someone like this moron kill this cop.I would go to her/he’s aid because I don’t like cops that does not mean I won’t help one out after all you still have good cops out there and killing a cop is not one of the things that I would do unless the cop is trying to kill me.

      • Scott M Sykes

        I fully agree with you Andrew. don’t think this guy was a stoner (those were such good days!) but I am pretty sure he more than likely was a drunk and on a mission to try and kill a cop. my question is this: when marijuana becomes legal will those who have been convicted of using and having less than a pound (let’s face it an oz doesn’t fulfill anything and to have a good stash to enjoy starts at a pound) be released? And those convicted of smuggling be released and charged with tax evasion?

    • Quintin G. Williams

      Because the Imposter is going to Declare Martial Law soon and he wants to make room in prisons for those of us who believe in Our Constitution and the 1st, 2nd , 4th and all other amendments to The United States Constitution which he swore to uphold among his other lies, like that wife of Monica Lewinski’s boyfriend, Slick Willy ! That’s why they are starting in July with the Jade Helm 15 exercises in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado to round us all up and throw us in those train car jails. Are you ready to join us American Patriot Terrorists as the man from Kenya calls us ?

      • John Magee

        You sir are an idiot.

      • Quintin G. Williams

        Does the truth hurt you that bad that you have to revert to calling names ? You must have voted for the Man from Kenya twice. So tell me John Magee : “How’s that Change Working for you Now, Asshole ?”
        How do you like them Apples ?

    • tinkerunique

      0’dumma HAS pardoned several thousand illegal felons, and turned them loose on American citizens, while importing more. Sounds like a smoke screen for the KNOWN Muslim “training camps” in side the USA.

  • KayO

    Love the story.

  • Quintin G. Williams

    After all the recent Police Bashings everywhere, it is good to know that not everyone out there is anti-police. As for the perp who was abviously drunk and did assault a police officer, his probation should be revoked immediately and he be sent to finish out the sentence for which he was incarcerated to start with and than be tried again for his attempt to kill a uniformed police officer..

    • e111w

      Si. Es possible – asi asi?!

    • ekim

      ONLY the vocal SCUM and IDIOTS are anti police !

  • Peatro Giorgio

    Now here’s a man whose actions should be replicated across This nation. People give up that lousy outrageous posture of it isn’t any of my business. ( It is.) Do we wish to live as animals or do we wish to live as a society of people who hold true to honor , Galentry, chivalry, helping and assisting those in need. That Bull#### I don’t want to be a ratt. Is just that Bull####. Your living as a rat if you refuse to help. How does it feel scurrying around like a rat ducking and hiding. Free Man an women do not shrug or skirt their responsibilities . They contribute completely.

  • Capt Bob

    I agree with lee Outstanding job.

  • Johnny Graham

    I think I would fire the reserve officer.

    • Apolloone

      I’m guessing he was following orders, but I would have went to her aid amyway, I hope we see an interview with this reservist.

  • John VanderKelen

    Another example of how women are ill equipped for this type of physical confrontation and the military. Political correctness has this country in a downward cycle. Then there is the matter of worthless homosexuals …

  • Too bad the guy didn’t slam this guy’s head into the concrete 7 or 8 dozens times. The world would be better off without trash like this convicted felon out on the streets. Keep your hopes changed thing And I will keep my gun.

    • Apolloone

      Then he would have been charged with murder, it wouldn’t be the first time someone has taken out a piece of Vermin, a pharmacist in Texas comes to mind, I think he’s still in prison for killing a guy who was robbing him at gun point, there have been at least three cases in the past twenty five years involving pharmacists who killed the would-be robbers and maybe even murderers.

  • tax man

    I hope the scumbag is back in prison for the rest of his life! Thanks for saving her! We love our cops and hate the thug criminals! God Bless our fine LEO’s – they keep us safe, nice he could return the favor.

  • Layne Giddens (fuknprick)

    same thing happened to me and 2 friends while we were out driving around. cop was getting ready to cuff this guy behind this guy behind the cop car. as we get closer we can see the guy turn and take the cop down and was bouncing the cops head off the ground. we get even with them and its a lady cop, WTF we jump out im 2 feet from the guy getting ready to punt his head like a football. he grabs her gun and next thing I new I was getting ready to eat a bullet. I yelled he’s got the gun and we all ran back to the car he got in his car and we hauled ass he was right behind us. he wasn’t chasing us he was trying to get away from cops just as fast as we were trying to get away from him. long story short i got nothing in return but 2 warnings instead of a couple tickets. the guy did a plea bargin that ran concurrent with the charges that he was being arrested for that night. was it worth our lives NO would we do it again YEAH. Oh almost it was her (officer Roberts CCPD) birthday that night.

  • DenverKitty

    Back into prison the attacker goes…

  • daveveselenak

    In this upside-down country that we live in this is no surprise. Years ago there were physical standards that the policemen were required to meet; what I see now are frail women and overweight, more like obese men and women officers that can barely walk, in fact I notice many of them waddling! R.I.P. USA – your toast!

  • Tom Travis

    We need more people like that to assist the police..

  • Jon

    Excellent Job, Pal. I Woulda done, Same thing…

  • Stash Holly

    Great Job, At least one person knows that sometimes the Police need a little assistance. I hope the Officer never puts herself in that situation again.

  • Ronald Hagler

    We need more of that!

  • 1josephg1

    Citizen brutality!

  • scot_belle

    THANK YOU Jeremy Wachsmuth for your unselfish act of kindness.After all the recent Police Bashing that has been most everywhere on the news…it is good to know that not everyone out there is anti-police. As for the perp who was obviously drunk and did deliberately assault a police officer and yelling his true intention… his probation should be revoked immediately!! He needs to be sent to finish out the sentence for which he was originally incarcerated to start with. THEN ADD the charges for this physical assault where he was actively trying to take the Officer’s weapon from her with murder as his goal. Hopefully, this perp will NEVER see daylight without bars…….ever again.

  • Juicey Bananas

    Shouldn’t that fella get a ticket for dangerous J-Walking on that busy four lane road and a simple assault for bodily injuries sustained by the perp and the officer when he attacked the felon fighting with the female officer? As we all know, the courts should find if this citizen is guilty or not with a hired Attorney to represent him and fines for his crimes when found guilty and lets not forget the court costs associated with this stunt and I would think a jail sentence would be warranted in this case, with a work release and for Wachsmuth to pay for his incarceration also. After time served a two year probation with the Iowa Department of Corrections with all costs to Wachsmuth be paid.

  • Sylvester Jones

    He did what a true American would do, not one of the free-loading welfare bums.

  • TAM44

    That was great and shows not all people are from thug hood.

  • Steve

    Great job!

  • brabbie2002

    Why do they let this scum out time after time?

  • blackwingA520

    I’m surprised the Muzzy in charge, B. Hussein Oblameo, didn’t try to have this hero arrested. Oh, wait! the perp wasn’t black.

  • tinkerunique

    A good person doing a great thing. Happens every day but seldom makes the news because it cannot be sensationalized.

  • ChuckS123

    A bit off subject, but I would guess that a large % of officers overpowered are female.