When He Saw a Female Cop Pinned to the Sidewalk, This Good Samaritan Jumped into Action

This story is just chock full of GOOD. An aware citizen, helping a police officer, with a happy ending. It’s just not something we see often enough today.

It was just another normal day when Jeremy Wachsmuth dropped off his daughter at school (where the young lady had just won an award for being an Honor Roll student), when he spotted something that was cause for great concern.

Police Officer Briana Johnson had responded to a call for a man sleeping beside the road. She was pinned down and struggling to maintain control of her firearm, in a position where she had no way to fight back.

Upon taking in the situation, Mr. Wachsmuth dashed across four lanes of traffic to tackle the offender.

“She was trying to hold her gun while he was trying to grab it,” Wachsmuth said. “So I slammed on the brakes, ran over there tackled him.”

According to Coon Rapids Police Captain Jon Urqhart, officer Briana Johnson was responding to a medical call about Stephen Pearson, who was sleeping on the side of the road and reeked of alcohol. Pearson, who was recently been released from prison, yelled “I hate the cops, I’ll kill you” before tackling officer Johnson.

Police say that Wachsmuth assessed the situation correctly and he did what any citizen should have done in that scenario.

You can watch the video here: