What The DEA Wants For Their Agents

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration last week issued a solicitation for the latest version of Glock’s G29 9mm subcompact for use by their special agents. The notice, posted Friday, is specific in that it seeks 100 5th Generation Glock Model 26 pistols with a 5.5-pound trigger pull and AmeriGlo night sights long with six magazines each.

In a justification posted at the same time, the agency explained that they issue and maintain Glocks for their special agents “in extremely hazardous and unstable conditions,” and that use of the specific model would save money by preventing retraining. “[A]nd most importantly provides vitally important realtime lifesaving advantages during responses by our fighting force battling a war on drugs,” said the agency.

First of the “Baby Glocks,” the G26 has been on the subcompact carry market for over two decades and it is the smallest Gen 5 model produced by the company. Notably, the 10-shot abbreviated semi-auto does not share the same flared mag well that is standard on other guns in the generation but does have a host of other features such as an improved barrel, trigger and grip ergonomics.

Introduced in January and highlighted at industry events, the pistol retails for $799 with AmeriGlo Bold sights installed, $749 with Glock night sights, or $699 with standard sights. The handguns are requested to be delivered to the DEA’s training academy at Quantico, Virginia.

source: guns.com