One Democrat-Run City Has the Craziest Plan Ever for Stopping Violent Criminals

When we were growing up, the adults in our lives taught us to be good people. Often times, we would hear them say “Crime doesn’t Pay”. Apparently that sentiment, like many others from our youth, have gone by the wayside in California and a few other Democrat-run cities. A new program, targeted at recent parolees and known criminals, is paying them $1,000 per month- or $12,000 per year- to NOT commit gun crime.

Yes, you read that correctly. Richmond, California, is paying criminals to not use guns in criminal acts.

According to the Washington Post, the city of Richmond hires “ex-convicts to mentor dozens of its most violent offenders and allows them to take unconventional steps if it means preventing the next homicide.” Some of these “unconventional steps” include overlooking certain crimes–including a few homicides–and trying to match violent offenders with “rival gang members” as a means of checking behavior.

Even though this idea has not received support from American citizens, California is still going through with this plan. On top of that, there are also select cities on the East Coast who are considering implementing programs similar to this, despite 3 out of 4 citizens not approving the idea.