Dems Ask Sporting Goods Retailer To Stop Selling Guns

A group of Democrats in Maine and New Hampshire want Kittery Trading Post to stop selling “assault-style” rifles and eliminate gun sales to those under age 21.

Six New Hampshire state lawmakers penned a letter to the historic retailer, whose 90,000 sq. ft. flagship store is in Kittery, Maine, near the shared border between the two New England states. In it, they ask KTP to emulate examples set earlier this year by Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods, who adopted similar changes to their own gun sales procedures. The New Hampshire group was joined by three corresponding Democrats in the Maine House who echoed their message in a rally at Kittery’s town hall on Monday.

“When the issues surrounding gun violence in the aftermath of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida erupted, and students were asking for action so they could feel safe, we naturally assumed that a business such as the Kittery Trading Post (KTP) would respond and take meaningful action,” said the letter, asking that the retailer halt sales of some types of semi-auto firearms and raise the minimum age for gun sales. “However, despite the huge outpouring of community support to encourage action on gun violence directed at KTP, the KTP management appears unresponsive.”

The retailer is the subject of a petition started days after the Parkland, Florida shooting that has amassed over 10,000 signatures of those urging the store to “stop the sale of assault-style firearms & high capacity magazines,” over the threat of a boycott.

Established in 1938, the family-owned retailer sells both new and used guns locally and online via Gunbroker, with some 1,500 auctions listed as of Tuesday, many for semi-autos such as AR-15 variants. KTP, long a fixture in southern Maine, was named one of the best men’s stores in the country by Esquire Magazine in 2011, saying it was “one of the few stores that stood the test of time.”

Elsewhere in Maine, outdoor retailer L.L.Bean announced in March they would follow the lead set by Dicks, Walmart, and others in adjusting their gun sales policies by saying that it will no longer allow those under the age of 21 to buy guns or ammunition from their store in Freeport, the only one that carries firearms.


  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    Dont cave in to the clowns. If they want to ban any thing start with the mind and mood altering drugs that the mass shooters are on. Then follow that with brain dead domocraps.

  • pappy450

    Go ahead and boycott you corrupt COMMUNIST LIBERALS. The LAW-ABIDING LEGAL AMERICAN people that BUY those products are CERTAINLY NOT “your kind” and do NOT share “your’ values. But remember when TSHTF WE ARMED PATRIOTS will have the advantage, because when those seconds count and it takes the “police” minutes or HOURS to show up when you are “in trouble”, it will sure suck to be YOU.

    • Terry Butts

      I doubt the ANTI GUN complainers that threaten to boycott ever actually went there in the first place.

      • pappy450

        Nor do I care if they do. They only send “protestors” to stand in front in an attempt to stop customers from entering,just looking to start a fight.(and get their fifteen minutes of fame) from the lame stream fake news networks that are usually “tipped off’ that they are going to start something and to “be there” to film it.
        More communist “tactics” to push their “agenda”. I just wish “law enforcement” would DO SOMETHING other than stand around with their thumbs up their butts, as property is destroyed, and people are attacked because (I guess) they are too frightened of losing their “pension”. Too many times I have seen this scenario played over and over on the news networks as the attacks and destruction occur.

        • Terry Butts

          This how the “brownshirts” under Hitler worked the police had orders to just stay out of their way while they harassed, vandalized or even attacked those their boss chose to be the scapegoat to promote their political agenda.

          Under the laws and past court rulings of this nation the police should be arresting them for vandalism, assault or the numerous other acts of terrorism they conduct in an effort to impose their political agenda upon the citizens of this nation while illegally silencing their opposition with propaganda, threats or actual attacks.

          • pappy450

            Yes and NOW we have “anifa”, and Black LIES matter..Just to name two “groups” that are allowed to do what they want. (and in N.Y we even have SOME “State Troopers” (cuomo’s “brown shirts”) That are doing the “bidding” of our COMMUNIST “governor, that thinks he is a “KING”.. The time is long overdue for ‘we the people” to take BACK our country and if LETHAL FORCE is “necessary”, SO BE IT. I, for one, will NOT “turn the other cheek” and allow this SCUM to attack myself or my family…. I may end up in jail, but THEY will be “PLANTED”…PERIOD.

  • Richard Walker

    Someone under 21 must take a case to the supreme court to resolve this unconstitutional action. There is ABSOLUTELY no point to these restrictions because they will do nothing to stop the real criminals in any way. If a man can go to war at the age of 18 he can certainly buy a gun. The only assault rifles are those possessed by the US military, and they are automatic weapons already proscribed for civilian ownership. An AR-15 and the like are semiautomatic (one trigger pull, one bullet) like any other rifle available to buy on the civilian market. Those that wish to ban these guns are nothing more than the equivalent of any tin pot dictator in the mold of Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Josef Stalin. et al.

    I say to Kitterys that they should tell these lawmakers to either pass a law or shut the F up.

  • Mac Daddy

    I truly hope if these gun grabbers get their way that when evil comes around in the form of a foreign nation trying to take over, a domestic terrorist group, a plain everyday nut job, & of coarse our own Government turn Socialist like the Left Coast Liberals & our Bill of Rights is dissolved that these same gun grabbers are the first to be imprisoned & eliminated. As for the Kittery Trading Post hang tough because there are still Americans who believe in the Constitution & the Bill of Rights & companies like yours are our only hope.

    • Terry Butts

      It is a historical fact that in nearly every case those who facilitated the take over of a nation as disarming the law abiding citizens in this nation would do are usually among the first the new regime eliminate after all if they can be conned or paid to commit acts of treason against their own no new regime will trust them not to do the same to them.

  • Alan404

    I have my own dreams too, alibet with no significant chance of attainment, which should be the fate of the dreams expressed by the referenced “legislators”. By the way, a proper response to the demands or requests expressed would be, as some British acquaintances were inclined to say, Piss Off Mate.

  • Dennis Parker

    Dicks and Wal Mart are both being sued for violation of constitutional rights by several 20 year olds, including US veterans who where denied due to age. Dicks stock has tanked and Was Marts stock will also take a dive, will when they lose the law suits and more and more Join in.

    • Terry Butts

      The problem is the retailers do not care they expect to be bailed out by our tax dollars just like the ones in the past were at the last minute to “SAVE JOBS” when all they had to do was listen to their customers and stop ignoring the rights of their customers because it was “Politically Correct” to ignore or impose restrictions on them in an effort to MICROMANAGE peoples private lives.

      These actions in no way make anyplace safer or reduce any crime as for ASSAULT weapons the only guns LEGALLY qualified to have that name have been restricted for decades most of congress would not even pass the background check required to get the permit to “legally” have one and then only ones made before the 1980s era amendment that banned any newly manufactured ones from being sold on the civilian market. Criminals have actually gone as far as making their own proving that even if they CONNED, COERCED or TERRORIZED every store in this nation to stop selling guns CRIMINALS will still have them just like they do in London, Canada, Australia, etc. despite the fact they SUCCEEDED in getting their DREAM in those nations.

  • Gary Asti

    Seems to me that WE THE REAL AMERICANS who defend our country, our borders, our honest way of life and those of us that enjoy the outdoors shooting sports need to make a example of Maine and New England and other states that attempt to force stores such as KTP by boycotting there vacation spots and such. Fairs fair right. As far as Walmart ll bean and dicks the estranged goes its already their loss. They have lost millions in sales and it will continue till they are closed and gone or change their policy again.
    What needs to be done and the dumbocrats refuse to do is force the states to enforce each and every one of the thousands of passed laws in each state that is never enforced.

  • KVandy

    The Second Amendment is what allows us to keep our First Amendment rights and all others. The Second Amendment is all that stands in the way of demoncraps implementing their communist takeover and allowing the US to become overrun by illegal immigrants and turned into another 3rd world hell-hole.

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

  • Big Iron

    LL Bean has been around “forever” but if they choose to respond to those who intend to deny the American people their ability to exercise their “rights” then they cease to exist as far as I am concerned. DO NOT BY ANY PRODUCT FROM ANY COMPANY THAT CAPITULATES TO THOSE WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO DENY ANY RIGHT TO ANYONE. We NEED to create a website containing the names of THOSE businesses who have chosen to deny any “right” to the people. “Rights” are NOT “privileges”. “Man” can only give or take “privileges”; “rights” are given ot “ALL” men/women by their Creator and are NOT subject to revocation by Man!

  • 48dodge

    The Democrats can kiss my a$$.

  • backrow

    Will never understand the anti gunners bad people or those filled with hate shoot people, not guns, guns have no ability to make a decision to shoot or not. When you have confiscated all the guns in the country, I guarantee you will not like what fills the vacuum.

  • jon

    for all those new rules that do nothing to stop the criminal / deviant from getting or using them in gun free target rich sheeple killing zones where the unarmed are not allowed to defend or protect themselves or those they love this from the elite who have armed police as well as armed private security around them 24/7 and every feel good new law does nothing to stop the next crime from happening.

  • John Gillis

    Kittery Trading Post is a great place to get your firearms. Screw the Democrats. I hope the Post sticks to its guns, so to speak.

  • Allen Thompson

    I live in Florida and the things that have gone on to either restrict or deny our 2nd amendment rights have been astonishing. I have never seen so many people fighting to have their rights taken away. I remember the late 60s people protesting for their rights but never against them. They don’t realize that without our 2nd amendment rights we will lose all of our rights. When it comes to our rights either being denied by retail store that cave to knee jerk policies, we just spend our dollars elsewhere. When it comes to politicians that want to deny or take away our rights, we must vote them out.