Dems Continue Push To Ban 3D Printed Guns

The brawl over downloadable gun manufacturing code reached Capitol Hill on Tuesday with a group of Democrats in both chambers vowing action.

No less than a trio of new bills dealing with regulations on 3D printed gun files and the firearms they could produce were highlighted in Washington this week. The legislation included the 3D Printed Gun Safety Act crafted by U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla; and a pair of bills updating the 1988-era Undetectable Firearms Act debuted by Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal in the Senate and U.S. Rep. David Cicilline in the House.

“These 3D-printed plastic firearms can evade our detection systems and are a direct threat to our national security,” said Nelson, holding the guns could be coming to schools, airports and other sensitive areas despite the use of x-ray machines and screeners at security checkpoints.

The original Undetectable Firearms Act, requiring at least 3.7-ounces of steel in a firearm made or otherwise imported into the country, came about in an era of misinformation about “plastic” or “porcelain” guns. Driven by such Hollywood portrayals as the fictional Glock 7seen in Die Hard 2 and a composite pistol used in an assassination attempt depicted by actor John Malkovich in a Clint Eastwood movie, the UFA was twice reauthorized and is set to continue in its current form until 2023.

The lawmakers behind the proposals this week seek to block the publication of the blueprints that can be used to make 3D-printed guns while arguing the current law on undetectable firearms should be modernized to mandate which primary components of a firearm should be metal.

One of the guns at the heart of the debate on printed firearm designs — Cody Wilson’s Liberator marketed by Defense Distributed first in 2013 — details that a 1.19×1.19×0.99-inch block of steel should be permanently epoxied into a purpose-designed cavity in front of the trigger guard to comply with the law. Nelson and his fellow Democrats hold that such “detachable metal clips can often be easily removed before entering a security screening area and reattached again after to meet the law’s requirement.”

Cicilline’s proposed bill also includes adding a definition to federal law for the term “ghost gun” and outlawing possession of one after 2020. The definition would encompass any firearm that lacks a unique serial number. Bills similar to the ones proposed were introduced to Congress last year but have been stuck in committee.


Elsewhere in Washington, President Donald Trump tweeted that he was “looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public,” going on to say that he had spoken with the National Rifle Association on the matter and the issue, “doesn’t seem to make much sense.”

The White House later expanded on that, with deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley tellingreporters,”In the United States, it’s currently illegal to own or make a wholly plastic gun of any kind, including those made on a 3D printer.”

The controversy left national gun rights groups with varying degrees of reaction, with the National Rifle Association issuing a guarded statement on Tuesday saying that “anti-gun politicians and members of the media have wrongly claimed that 3-D printing technology will allow for the production and widespread proliferation of undetectable plastic firearms,” going on to point to the 30-year-old regulation on undetectable firearms. Meanwhile, Gun Owners of America took a more vehement stand that forecasts of printed guns in the hands of criminals are a red herring to block the spread of constitutionally-protected information.

“This is freedom. This is what the Second Amendment protects,” said Erich Pratt, GOA’s executive director. “With few exceptions under federal law, it is legal to make your own personal firearm, as long as it is not transferred to another person. Why wouldn’t the Second Amendment protect the right of a law-abiding citizen to make his or her own weapons?”

Late Tuesday, a federal court in Seattle granted a temporary order blocking DefDist from their planned release of 3D gun data, much of it already in the public domain, but Nelson argued the drive to pass more regulation is now.


  • Ron C

    Well this is nothing new…it is just the socialist democrats taking away individual rights from the citizens of a once free nation…If they could that would take all freedoms away and confiscate all of your money…
    After all that is who they are socialist/communists that use deception to enslave the populace…period!

  • Alan404

    In case anyone hadn’t noticed, there are, among Republicans elected critters that respecting civil and or constitutional rights, are less than trustworthy too.

    • TheEngineer73

      I agree with that.

    • William Gordon

      NOT true–it is the demos you are talking–the demos are socialist/commie/ nazi–check the history prior to 1918 and 1930 to start ww2–you will find that the demos are playing the same game as the nazi and commies

  • jerry1944

    Stand by our weapons Jus how many ppl can afford a 3 D printer in the first place Much easyer to buy a stolen weapon on the streets and cheaper .We cant let lib nuts , dems are rinos start taking Gun rights They make a crack they keep on till it breaks and the ppl are prisoners of the Government

    • Proudvietvet58

      3D printers are really not that expensive. I know at least 30 people who own them and could easily get them to “print” a .357 for the cost of the metalic/resin powder.

      • Terry Butts

        That depends on ones income for the majority of people $1k+ IS expensive and the cheapest I have ever seen one that can use the type of metallic/resin needed and print something gun sized.

        The cheapest 3d printer I have seen listed by a simple search is nearly $300 still expensive for anyone on a budget and still more than a much better than “plastic” gun costs and can not do the required plastic type to make a SAFE to fire 3d gun as well as can only print items 4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7.

        Remember the type of material one can use and size of item that can be made varies by printer model and the cheaper the printer the less it can actually do.

        • Proudvietvet58

          Mr. Butts, perhaps you are on a low, fixed income Sir. $1,000.00 is a drop in the bucket for those of us who appled ourselves, get the education available to us and, own our own profitable Companies.

          • Terry Butts

            True that is however not the people the politicians are using as an excuse few if any of the criminals they claim this will arm with “undetectable guns” apply themselves.

            In fact the article in this link goes into more detail about the issue of 3D printed guns.


    • John Siemens

      The Dems are now twisting the 2nd amendment to include the 1st amendment freedom of speech so that the discussion on gun rights cannot happen.

  • Brabado

    The Corrupt-Crooked Liberal Democrats are scared of even, paper guns….
    They are very afraid their “victims” will be able to defend Liberty and Democracy against their “already planned” leftist Tyranny and Oppression!
    Semper fi.

  • TheEngineer73

    I don’t think a printed plastic gun is worth the effort to load the software and 3D printer and start. But of course I have a whole safe full of guns. Some of them good ones. But does the Democratic party really understand fully what a 3D printed gun is and how it will work? I really doubt it! Really! But then of course I am a gun nut and might print one to see what they look and feel like. I already have a semi-auto .22 cal. pistol that is smaller than a cigarette package. (Wilkinson “Cherry”) It has a 7 round magazine, and will empty all 8 as fast as I can pull the trigger. It took a long time to tune it up to do so, but I enjoy showing it to skeptics at the pistol range. From what I see, the Democrats want to outlaw every gun in the world to law abiding citizens that aren’t military or police, even if they say they don’t. Preserve the second amendment as is or suffer the tyranny that follows.

    • Brad Ackles

      No disrespect meant here, but you ask, ” I really doubt it! Really! But then of course I am a gun nut and might print one to see what they look and feel like “. Would you be so kind to take a minute and answer that question? I think there are many who are confused, no matter what the party affiliate and it sounds like you can clarify any confusion out there. Thanks!

    • Proudvietvet58

      TheEngineer73, Sir, being an Engineer, you of all people should know todays technology does in fact allow the manufacturing of metalic/plastic resin guns that most certainly DO work. I have two that work perfectly.

      All a little .22 is going to do is piss off a criminal. If you are serious about protecting yourself and Family, don’t go with less than a .38 or 9MM.

      Lastly, there are DIY folks who love to use their hands building new things. Those type folks can put McGyver to shame 🙂

    • Terry Butts

      I do not believe they understand a thing about them. As shown in Hollywood fiction many of them get their information about the guns the weapon can just be picked up off the printer when done and immediately used.

      In 2013 when the plans were first released and had MILLIONS of downloads they made it clear it was not the full gun it still required a firing pin and ammunition.

      While advances in plastics may or may not have fixed the firing pin issue any plastic capable of surviving a shell being fired in it will show up on x-ray equipment and unless they have the “safe” plastic rounds even a single bullet will set off any properly working metal detector.

      Personally for the current cost of the printers one can purchase a much better gun or one of the many kits to build one and do so with a lot less hassle but that does not give the government the right to ban the plans and a court recently ruled so that is why the controversy is back in the news having been nearly unheard since it started in 2013.

      Further if they get to ban the printing of nearly finished working guns what stops them from banning other shapes that offend liberals like certain statues, flags or other objects like plastic knives or wall decorations shaped like objects they want banned.

      Remember these are the same people who were behind the a “Weapons ban” under which at one school they expelled a student for nothing more than having a image of a gun on his shirt meanwhile their school mascot carries a trident. For those unfamiliar with what that is it is a medieval era three point spear in other words a weapon. While it may not be made of materials capable of being actually used as such neither was an image of a gun.

      • Proudvietvet58

        Mr. Butts, I strongly agree with your comment!

  • jkm49

    As much as they try you can not legislate against innovation, ingenuity and human creativity and imagination it will always prevail.

    • Proudvietvet58

      JMK49, My point exactly! You can make a gun out of standard pipe fittings, a few nuts and bolts and springs easily found @ Home Depot or Lowes.

      Remember all this garbage come November folks!!

      • John Siemens

        You are so right! Even teenage criminals in Chicago and NTC know how to make “zip guns”.

  • Proudvietvet58

    I can see 3D printed guns not being allowed for sale without a FFL Dealers license but, there IS a law that does allow an individual to make his/her own firearm for personal use.

    This is a blatant infringement on our Freedom of Speech/Press and, an infringement on our 2nd. Amendment rights!


    If making your own gun for personal use is against the law, why do multiple Sports/Gun stores sell KITS to build your own guns????

    I call BS on this one!

    I would have to fight this in Court!

    • Terry Butts

      “If making your own gun for personal use is against the law,”

      So far it is not however if you then sell the gun you made without having the license you mentioned then yes one of the thousands of gun laws was violated. Especially if one does what the recently convicted man in California did who made and sold hundreds of guns including FULL AUTO guns that are not permitted even as home made for personal use.

      • Proudvietvet58

        Mr. Butts, where exactly did I say “For Sale'” in my comment?

        I am in fact a Licensed FFL Gunsmith who has forgotten more about the laws than you are aware of.

        • Terry Butts

          I did not say you did I simply tried to clarify that making it is not currently a crime but that making it to sell without the permit is and already covered by existing law.

          One of the excuses being used by politicians to push for the ban is there claims of “any criminal” could now get one printed by people making them to sell as if they could not illegally get one, make their own, or buy one from someone like in the linked story if the plans for a 3d printed one were banned.

  • John Siemens

    3D = Dirt Dumb Democrats. They continue to grasp at any argument that can be exploited as a political advantage. They are pushing so hard toward a civil war!

  • Terry Butts

    “The lawmakers behind the proposals this week seek to block the
    publication of the blueprints that can be used to make 3D-printed guns
    while arguing the current law on undetectable firearms should be
    modernized to mandate which primary components of a firearm should be

    IF they have the needed firing pin and AMMUNITION they are not undetectable by a metal detector. X-ray machines used at airports have ALWAYS shown the shape of plastics so unless they have suddenly changed to even older technology than used in the 80s the guns are not UNDETECTABLE. Also they plans were already out back in 2013 before they started this so any CRIMINAL who has the EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE printer that costs more than a dozen ILLEGALLY acquired guns who wanted them has them.

    ““looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public,””

    There is already laws on the books about selling ANY homemade gun it does not matter if you made it with metal, plastic, ceramic, etc. if it was made after that year in the late 1800s and fires a modern self contained bullet it requires special permits and paperwork to legally sell guns one manufactures.

    • mousekiller

      I agree with your ideals and ideas. you seem to have it together.
      If the liberals do get guns banned consider this.. How about the old fashioned zip guns that were plentiful back in the late 40s to early 60s. home made to shoot bullets and shot gun shells and untraceable.rubber band or strips of inner tube and a nail to fire the bullet and shells. Pipe for a barrel Took 30 minutes to build and did the job of a of a regular gun. Just good for close up shooting. They will be making a come back and the bad guys will be first to use them . Un traceable.. Laws mean nothing to the idiots and liberal anti America snowflakes . Liberals are for them selves and live in a fantasy world with fantasy ideals of perfect.

      • Proudvietvet58

        Here is some food for thought guys; Next time you go to Home Depot or any other hardware store, take a 12 gauge shell with you and see how perfectly it fits a certain size pipe ID. Ones imagination could come to the conclusion ‘Hey, I CAN make a gun out of this’. Ideal for those on low, fixed incomes………….. 🙂

        • Terry Butts


          Frankly when they are able to find such homemade guns inside of prisons made by prisoners in one of the most restrictive government controlled environments that exists there is no way anyone acting with intelligence instead of emotion would ever believe that BANNING something takes it out of the hands of criminals much less actually protects people from criminals misusing the item.

  • apzzyk

    The reason that the trying to make 2nd Amendment rights into a civil rights issue is not working is because all of the civil rights movements in the US were about expanding the rights for some without infringing on the rights of others. The labor movement was about making the workers equal to the owners, managers and investors, with the violet aspects being a tactic of those who did not want the expansion of rights. With labor these were the ‘goon squads’ hired by management to send union organizers away in ambulances or boxes. Obama was derided by Conservative because of this actions as a community organizer who was advocating for actually trying to get various government entities to quit discriminating and violating the existing civil rights of the people he was representing.
    As we have seen too often, gun rights seem to be at the expense of the most basic right of all, the rights of others to simply live.There is no record of any of Bull Connors’ deputies armed with battons, using dogs to attack the peaceful demonstrators were ever severely injured, there is no record of the marchers for civil rights during that period lynching any of their opponents. Violence has no part in any civil right, and there is no doubt that guns are instruments of violence.
    For those of us who just want reasonable restrictions on the type of guns, such as a ban on bump stocks and a ban on semi-automatic long guns and even hand guns, we are willing to accept that at least some people like to engage in activites, such as target shooting or even sports hunting, and that, so long as they are mentally fit to engage in these activities, they should be allowed to own guns and engage in these activities. Sportsmanship means at least letting the target animal have a chance of being able to escape; semi-automatic rifles are simply not made for this. My M-1 semi-automatic rifle, was simply made to be used against other men in combat situations. When I was in the USMC (I learned from other Marines that in most states these would not be allowed as hunting rifles – that only bolt and lever action rifles could be used, and in some states the only legal long gun that could be used for deer hunting was a shotgun which shot a single slug at the target. I have not had a firearm since I got out in 1961, but from what I have heard some states still have the reasonable restrictions that I give above. If a firearm cannot be used for hunting wild animals then I can see no use for them in civilian hands.
    One of the current problems with firearms is somewhat similar to taking away the keys to the vehicles of people who should no longer drive. Many states now require that people over a certain age must at least appear and take an eye exam to retain their licences, and some are going to some sort of basic test of mental fitness to retain this license. Both of these seem to have been rejected by the gun owner community. Years ago, when I lived in TX, there were signs posed notifying people that firearms were not allowed in places where alcohol was sold by the drink, but I have heard that this is no longer the case.
    When it comes of ‘open carry’ I am of the opinion that only law enforcement should be able to do this anywhere because there is simply not the need to do this by civilians. If you should find yourself in a place where you have fears for your personal safety, do the sensible thing and leave. We have laws against driving after the driver has had an alcoholic drink or is on medication that would impair functioning, but there do not seem to be similar laws limiting the access to firearms, and I would like so see them or more of them. A few years ago I had a neighbor who had too much to drink and was having an arguement with his wife, got out his pistol and came out an fired a round into the air, and suddenly the neighborhood was full of cops. He had gone back in the house and passed out. When he came out his was only charged with the minor crime of putting a projectile (also cover snow balls) into the air, given a minor fine, because we had no law against being in the possession of a firearm while under the influence. He got the same puhishment that a 7 year old would get for throwing a snowball. Something is wrong here.
    Did you know that about 99.9% of both former and current inmates in our prison systems were at least elibible at one time to be law abiliding gun owners. 19 out of the 20 veteran suicides that happens on the average day are by gun. There is an average of at least one case a month where a toddler shoots another toddler or someone else, or him or her self. I have to put safety latches on the doors and drawers in my kitchen that contain sharp object to keep my grand kids save, but there is no similar legal requirement for guns.
    If reasonable gun restrictions are going to be resisted, some ones that gun owners will really hate will result, so make your choice soon because you might have to live with ones that you will really not like at all.

  • William Gordon


  • William Gordon

    The state of Florida–should get rid of Nelson–he is all mouth and no action–Florida needs someone who will be for the people of the state–not the demos and how to over ride the President–NELSON SHOULD GO–He is a bad rep for our country