Details emerge on San Bernardino school shooting

Although the investigation is still ongoing and will be for some time, authorities released additional details surrounding the shooting at a San Bernardino elementary school Monday morning.

San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan confirmed that the shooting was a domestic-related murder-suicide. He identified the victims as Karen Elaine Smith, 53, and 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez. The suspect, who also died, was identified as Cedric Anderson, 53.

Smith, a special education teacher at North Park Elementary where the shooting took place, was Anderson’s estranged wife. The two had been separated since March after having been married just a few months.

Burguan said Anderson entered the classroom around 10:30 a.m. and, without saying a word, opened fire on his wife with a Smith & Wesson .357 revolver, before turning the gun on himself. Martinez, as well as a 9-year-old boy whose name has not been released, were standing behind Smith when the shooting occurred. Authorities do not believe the children were targeted but simply caught in the crossfire.

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  • jackcandobutwont

    crazy ni&&er! and now a dead ni&&er!

    • John Doe

      Could have been a lot worse…..Atleast the man had enough dignity to take his own life, before taking out half the school. Mental health is a serious problem in this country.

      • jackcandobutwont

        Yes it could have been worse…but why not take just your own life?? Why do these folks have to kills other before killing themselves??

        • John Doe

          They feel that the person that they take out are the reason for all of their grief. Mental illness….

        • John Doe

          Most people who commit these types of crimes just don’t wake up one day and say, “Hey I’m going to go kill a ton of people!!”….They throw up alot of red flags, months or even years in advance. People around them just don’t see them or refuse to want to see them, and address them to the proper authorities.

          • truthseeker

            Muslims do that but are given a free pass.Last year remember

          • Terry Butts

            Or the authorities ignore the reports for example the one who posted his hatred of women in social media and his intent his own relatives among others reported this and their fear he would carry out the threats he made.

            The authorities DID NOT EVEN LOOK at the videos that made them so concerned they instead just INTERVIEWED him and decided he was not a threat to anyone tragically just days later he carried out his threats.

      • Jim Silhavy

        Mental illness is not the biggest cause for murder in the US, although it is a large contributor.
        The ones who commit murder in Chicago every week are not all mentally ill. Guns are not the major problem either. We live in a culture of violence. Violence in our music, in our movies, in our TV programs, etc.. Impressionable young people grow up to be violent. Not all, but enough of them. Change the culture. Not an easy task, but necessary for the future.

        • lightingengineer

          73% illegitimacy rate among blacks means the lack of discipline and guidance from fathers. This reduces cultural capital which is the main driver for respect and value creation. When was the last time Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, or the news media told black girls not to get pregnant out of wedlock? Simple answer….never….

          • steve

            And they get paid welfare to have children out of wedlock to boot.

        • Peter Osborne

          The ability to separate fact from fiction and understand consequences is a lack of education. From parental forward . The solution is obvious, but exceptionally difficult to remedy.

  • got my licence

    Do you want to bet he was a democrat? I know absolutely if he had any connection to any conservative group it would be plastered all over the lib media.

  • homer1057

    What a shame; TWO SOULS LOST for lack of KNOWLEDGE! RACE has NOT a thing to do w/this, but the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH! 1 Peter 3:18 KJV

  • Drake_Burrwood

    ‘Line of fire’ not “crossfire”
    Crossfire would be if someone was returning fire.