Dick’s To Destroy Remaining ‘Assault Rifles’ In Stock

After announcing policies that most gun owners saw as alienating, Dick’s Sporting Goods said it will go one step further and destroy its remaining inventory of firearms dubbed “assault weapons.”

A spokeswoman told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the remaining inventory at the retailer’s Field & Streams stores will be destroyed and then recycled.

“We are in the process of destroying all firearms and accessories that are no longer for sale as a result of our February 28th policy change,” she said. “We are destroying the firearms in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations.”

Responding to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on Valentine’s Day, Dick’s led the charge in altering store policies regarding gun sales and AR-type weapons. Company executives revised store policy to restrict gun sales from buyers under 21, and ban bump stocks, “assault weapons” and high high capacity magazines.

While the retailer received broad praise by gun control advocates, Dick’s has been met with resistance by gun rights advocates. The company has been named in two lawsuits alleging age discrimination since buyers between ages 18-20 are legally permitted to buy firearms.

Also, some investment analysts slammed the company for continuing to sell guns but limiting the supply and alienating customers by adopting a “disadvantageous political alignment.” Nonetheless, Dick’s chief executive said they were prepared for the social and possible financial backlash.

But Dick’s has weathered this storm before. Following the deadly Sandy Hook school shooting, Dick’s stopped selling AR-style firearms but continued selling them at the Field & Stream locations, which there are about 35 across the country.

A handful of other high-profile retailers followed in Dick’s footsteps in March, including Walmart, Kroger and L.L. Bean. Although shares of Dick’s have fallen 45 percent from 2016 highs, price per share since February’s decision has held steady. Dick’s stock ended Friday with more than a 2 percent increase.

source: guns.com

  • Thomas Lee Fugate

    If I was a stockholder in this company I would be upset with destroying thousands of dollars of merchandise. Perhaps it it time to start buying stock in any of these companies that are publicly owned and put some of these CEOs on the street.

  • Donald Baker

    Any attorneys in the crowd should insure Dick’s is unable to write this inventory off on taxes, since they are deliberately destroying it.

    • carmine

      I agree with you 100%. This is viable, legal inventory, not damaged goods, and as such should not be able to be written off for tax purposes! They have an opportunity here sell the stock to another firm, and donate the proceeds to any anti-gun group they desire. We both know the IRS will not monitor what happens to the money!

  • rick meek

    Dick is a Dick —- they’re just making their asinine point of view and THEY WILL GET REIMBURSED USING TAXPAYER MONEY…..

  • Gooseguts

    I stopped shopping at our local Dicks store after their first announcement. Now I know I will not be going back. What a inherently stupid thing to do… EVERYTHING can be an assault weapon you stupid Dicks.


      The better thing to do would be to shop at the store.. fill up a basket with all sorts of items .. and then when you get to the checkout and they ring everything up, remark that “oh you’re the store that restricts my 2nd amendment rights” and then walk out !…

    • The Deplorable Hobbit

      The cross bows they sell are very advanced versions of weapons that at one point were state of the art assault weapons!

      • Gooseguts

        I had not even thought of that. Hopefully the crazies don’t come to this realization and start throwing bolts at everyone…

        • The Deplorable Hobbit

          The definition of assault weapon is pretty flexible. Long bows, spears, spears with a throwing device, rocks, or sticks were all assault weapons at one time. One of the few weapons developed for hunting that ultimately became an assault weapon was the Kentucky long rifle during the American Revolution.

  • Paul Zoltek

    No more Dick’s!

  • Joseph Morgan

    Dick’s has always been an elite nose in the air overpriced clothing store. If you look closely you will see that the majority of merchandise, they call sporting, is clothing and overpriced. I stopped in our local store twice and was not able to find anything I was looking for and when I inquired the people just looked down their noses and treated me as if I were a gutter rat and could not even make an appearance of trying to help. I for one will never enter a DICK’S store again.

    • KVandy

      Always found dick’s to be a rip-off

    • Ken Kaminski


  • urshoozuntyd

    A sporting goods store that DOESN’T sell sporting rifles or accessories? #dumbphux

  • urshoozuntyd

    Feel free to buy a rifle or parts at any online store while its still legal. Palmetto State Armory is a good place to start.

    • spleebasigh

      and their ammo is better priced that “cheaper than dirt”

  • Jane Stacy

    nobody should shop there at all they could have donated to our army and marines

    • DJ

      The AR15 is not a military arm and are not interchangeable with the M16 or M4. So they would not take them. An assault rifle is capable of automatic fire, not just semi auto.

  • Da Hawk

    As I have said before…….This store is owned, run and operated by…….DICKS!!!!

    • jack


      • Bill

        also castrated….NO BALLS.

  • Tommy Shelton

    I give Dick’s three years then they are gone

    • jack

      I HOPE

  • Arrow

    I have never been a fan of Dick’s. They just put in a new large store in my neighborhood, so I guess I will just continue with Internet shopping or visiting gun friendly stores. But, there arn’t many left.
    So, goodby to a Dick. May you go bankrupt ⛅️

  • William A Haynes

    I’ve never seen such an act of jumping the gun (no pun intended) and betrayal of Americans. I’ve seen this crap coming since the 60’s, but never thought I’d see it come to fruition. Dick’s Sporting Goods. I guess now they’re just for camping and fishing. Until they say we can’t go camping because the national forests now belong to a private corporation or no more fishing because of the toxic waste a private corporation dumped into the water upstream. So will Dick’s then destroy all tents, sleeping bags, misc camping gear, all fishing poles (think about whipping someone to death with it) and reels (because without a pole why need a reel), etc. Yeah, I know. Sounds far-fetched, huh?!? So did losing our guns, law-abiding citizens, while criminals won’t lose anything, even though “all guns are being taken!” If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns! Sound familiar????

    • jack

      they should just QUIT

    • Ernest Buck

      Better watch your back,you are an assault weapon.They might try to destroy you.

      • William A Haynes

        I almost wish they’d bring it on. Soonest begun, soonest done! And I guess you can forget the “almost.”

        • Ernest Buck

          I hear you and I think others might be with you.they are doing something stupid

    • Ernest Buck

      What about cars and planes they kill too.Are they going to destroy them.Big Big assult weapons.

  • jack

    no more dickless stores fine by me never bought anything from them and now I never will

    • usmcSergeant

      Not shopping at Dick’s ever again! Going to Academy and local stores…

  • Ralph Oldham

    Just call me a lesbian, no more Dick’s. Seriously, typical corporate elite that have their head up their collective asses. They have no clue what middle America wants or needs.

  • Bob101st

    I will not shop at Dick’s or Field and Stream for any reason. Any company that caters to the whims of left wing politics and refuses to accommodate the sale and customer wishes for the majority of American Citizens does not deserve our business. It is sad that a CEO can be so easily indoctrinated by a political agenda. It has always been understood if you don’t want to own a firearm or ammunition, then don’t buy one. For a company to pacify gun grabbers, by apparently blaming a weapon for the stupidity of a few individuals, to me, places the CEO and Board of Directors, of those companies, in the same category as those using firearms for mass shootings. They are all nuts. God Bless America.

  • Paul Fites

    What is “Dick’s” definition of an “assault weapon”?? There has not been a uniformly applied definition across the country of an “assault weapon”!! The closest accurate description is “MSR”, (Modern Sporting Rifles)!! Idiots.
    They should not be allowed to write off the values of inventory under any circumstances.

  • Paul Fites

    Have you noticed that a number of states have passed laws ALL restricting lawful owners. Not one law passed protects our school children!!!!! Shows you their real desires!!

  • Harold Johnson

    I won’t buy a thing from them for this time on….

  • Joseph Dawson

    Well Dicks chief executive has decided to join the ranks of other corporations that think they can change Americas gun policies. Like most sniveling whiny liberals that want to abolish the 2nd amendment to the constitution of our country with their anti American rhetoric, which I doubt anyone of these so called CEO’s ever served a day in our armed forces, if they did I guess they missed the part of the Oath where it says to protect the constitution from threats foreign or domestic! Well in book all you anti second Amendment whiners are a threat to the constitution and should be deported as soon as possible to some country that doesn’t have the right to bear arms and see how it is. As far as not selling assault rifles your not solving anything a assault rifle is a tool just as any gun! Guns don’t kill people! People do! You can do as much damage with a hand gun, high powered rifle or even a shot gun, heck a person hell bent on killing can do as much damage with a knife, sword, axe even a screwdriver! So what do these company’s think they are accomplishing by giving in to the whims of all these non Americn whineing anti constitutional haters, that think the United States would be a safer place without guns they are sadly mistaken! So go ahead Dicks destroy your inventory, hopefully they are all paid for and not on credit or there’s going to be some pretty pissed off gunmakers looking for their money! Seal your corporations fate when real true blooded Americans boycott your stores and refuse to step in your anti American establishments! My Family or myself surely won’t ever shop there! So Mr or Ms CEO hopefully you will be out of a Job soon and Dicks will be swinging in the wind!

  • John 3:16

    I think it’s time to put Dick’s out of business for their cowardly behavior. One just opened in our community last year. I have yet to be in it and now I know I will NEVER be in it. And you can bet other cowardly businesses that sell firearms will follow Dick’s decision to cave in to the left’s demands, using school children as a new tool in their anti-gun arsenal. How about a national boycott of all Dick’s stores?

  • Andy Meyers

    So now all I can buy there is over-priced fishing gear. Clothing had me priced out long ago. They’ve lost me.

  • Andy Meyers

    Can someone find their definition of assault weapons?

    • William A Haynes

      What their definition is is anybody’s guess. But I saw a particular post of an interviewer asking protesters what an assault weapon was. That had a poster board with a large selection, including BB guns, a .22, and one of the pistols from the movie Men in Black. And yes, several people chose one of these three with a surety. So not only is their definition ambiguous at best, but proved to me they don’t even know what a real gun is, much less an assault weapon!!

  • Rick

    Who cares by dicks.

  • Mein kampf

    The right of a retailer to determine what to do with its own inventory. Weapons like this can be had online if you take the time to build your own. Who cares if a retailer decides not to sell assault weapons. Take one apart and you’ll see how easy it is to build your own.

  • don lavrich

    goodbye dicks. wont be at your store ever again. you are real DICKS!

  • don lavrich

    I will be sticking with field and stream. this is a great store and their prices beat dicks.

    • Swampfox

      Don Field and Stream is owned by Dicks and they will not be selling any so called assault rifles either.

      • Larry Shriver

        Just support your local independent gun shop owner; I’m sure they would be happy to sell you as many firearms of any type that you want to buy.

      • don lavrich

        if that’s the case I will shop at cabelas. I have bought a rifle from them before.

  • ridleymike

    I wouldn’t ever go there except for golf stuff.

  • Herb Onash

    Don’t be that guy . Don’t be a Dick , Dick .

  • Martin Dyer

    They won’t be destroying any “assault weapons” because it would have been illegal for them to sell any. I won’t be going there to buy anything again, and if someone gives me a gift from there, I will return it for a refund.

  • Journalist_r_liars

    I guess these fools think that they are going to save the world by destroying those evil guns. That is such a grandiose folly to hear about. Absolute saviors of the entire planet. Evil and scary firesticks. The very thought of those weapons that go out and commit assaults on their own makes me tremble and weep. I realize that Dick’s Sporting Good is getting rid of Dick’s Sporting Bads. I realize now that if were to think about the evil firesticks for too long, It might cause me to wet my pants or for any future children to be born without a stitch of clothing. Dick’s has caused me to see the light. We will see the onslaught of Assault clothing next and perhaps Assault food later on.


    Every one shop at the store.. fill up a basket with all sorts of items .. and then when you get to the checkout and they ring everything up, remark that “oh you’re the store that restricts my 2nd amendment rights” and then walk out !…

  • metheoldsarge

    I seriously doubt those weapons will be destroyed. The average price for an AR-15 is from $600. to $2500. Are they really going to throw all that money down the toilet? I doubt it.

  • antimarxist

    They seem to be living up to their name.

  • msskye

    Armalite Rifle, AR where do you get assault rifle from that? it is manufactured by the Armalite manufacturer. There are now several manufactures that are making rifles on the same design. An assault is an action. I can assault some one with a rock. Let Dicks sell rocks.

  • Brent Hawkins

    All of my family and I have decided that what little we have shopped at Dicks will be the last on the day that they start destroying guns. And we will be teaching our children and grand children how an evil place that is. We are also encouraging others to do the same.

  • David F Lanphere

    look for the total destruction of all the Daisy “Red Rider” Cowboy assault rifles as well!

  • disqus_l4edbQ1NL6

    never been in their store-never will. the store is aptly named DICKS

  • Rightleaning

    Does anyone want to bet that there will still be shootings in No Gun Zones and mentally ill lunitics? I will not shop at Dick’s stores for anything.

  • George

    Dick’s you are idiots. I can’t believe your are so bent on making a statement that you go this far. I will never ever shop in your store again.

  • Dan

    I’ll start buying my ammo somewhere else! Done with Dick’s! TIME TO BOYCOTT DICK’S SPORTING GOODS! They are letting the Liberals run their business! And I WILL NOT FUND LIBERALS!

  • James Hopkins

    Time to stop buying at Dick’s!!!! Boycott them and show them who pays their salaries. See what happened with the NFL for not supporting the Anthem and disrespecting the Flag. The same can happen to Dick’s for not standing for the constitution of the United States!!!!!

  • Tim Pope

    Dicks Sporting Goods again deciding what we buy . I closed my account with DSG in 2016 when they dropped the Scent Blocker line . Scent Blocker products came with a scripture quote tag with their products and DSG dropped their line because SB would not remove them . I have not been in DSG since. I haven’t missed them since. I hope they destroy their business as well.

  • Jmanjo

    Somebody should have Dick’s management observed mentally as these are liberals gone berzerk! I’m not shopping there.

  • Thomas Goss

    SCREW Dicks

  • Lee McCrary

    This means nothing, and small gun shops will profit from it.

  • David Barrett

    liberal socialist people running this business, only question what will they sell when they are abandoned by sportspeople?

  • The Deplorable Hobbit

    Dicks is dead to me! The statement that they were only selling Modern Sporting Rifles at Field and Stream is false. I saw one at a Dicks the day before the @#$8&* CEO went off the rails and remember wondering how long it would be on the rack.

    Fortunately we recently got a great, western chain store called Sportsman’s Warehouse, that I really like, open near the local Dicks. Their more direct competitor Dunham’s is expanding firearms and ammo sales. Both have much better prices.

  • JDW

    This action by ‘dicks’ remind me of a child wanting attention! They are getting attention, but the wrong kind. The few people who visits ‘dicks’ out of nostalgia will wear off, those who defend the second amendment will no patronize the store. It is a lose, lose situation for ‘dick”. I have no sympathy for them.

  • Thomas Goss

    SCREW Dick’s they are no longer on my shopping list.

  • DonM

    Really! Do they really sell assault rifles? NO! “AR” does not mean assault rifle. It means Armorlite Rifle. It is also used by the UN because it uses what they call “humane rounds”…smh @ #LiberalLogic

  • The Deplorable Hobbit

    “Following the deadly Sandy Hook school shooting, Dick’s stopped selling
    AR-style firearms but continued selling them at the Field & Stream
    locations, which there are about 35 across the country.”

    WRONG!!! This was a lie in a Dick’s press release.

    Dick’s started stocking AR-15s, at least, in gun friendly markets after a pause of a few months. I specifically remember looking at one in a rack behind the “Lodge” counter in the Dick’s Sporting Goods in Uniontown, PA on February 27 and wondering to myself how long it would stay in the rack. This is notable, in part, as it was the last time this formerly fairly good customer will ever set foot in a Dick’s Sporting Goods or Field and Stream store.