Are the EU’s Stringent Anti-Gun Laws Endangering European Jews?

One of Europe’s leading Jewish organizations is asking the European Union to pass new laws to allow Jewish community members to carry firearms “for the essential protection of their communities,” according to an article in the Washington Free Beacon. The European Jewish Association argues that gun license laws must be changed in light of the rise in anti-Semitism and the increasing number of attacks on the Jewish community.

The article continues:

The recent attacks, including one on a Kosher market that killed four, “have revealed the urgent need to stop talking and start acting” in a way that empowers Europe’s Jews, according to a letter sent Tuesday by EJA General Director Rabbi Menachem Margolin to EU leaders.

The EU, which has enacted very stringent gun control laws, should empower and train Jews to be proficient with guns in order to maintain their safety, according to Margolin.

“The Paris attacks, as well as the many challenges and threats which have been presented to the European Jewish community in recent years, have revealed the urgent need to stop talking and start acting,” Margolin writes.

“We hereby ask that gun licensing laws are reviewed with immediate effect to allow designated people in the Jewish communities and institutions to own weapons for the essential protection of their communities, as well as receiving the necessary training to protect their members from potential terror attacks.”

Many European Jews have stopped attending synagogue, and are avoiding gathering places like kosher groceries. IJA believes people would feel safer knowing they will be in the company of armed individuals who are trained to react in case of attack.