Ex-UPS worker charged for stealing guns

A former United Parcel Service driver hailing from Lilburn, Georgia, has been arrested and charged for stealing guns from a delivery truck this month.

According to a news release from the Lilburn Police Department, 32-year-old Seun Long Vang and his girlfriend, 26-year-old Chhun Nath Kheav, were both arrested on numerous charges related to gun thefts from a UPS delivery truck on July 11.

On July 12, police went to Main Street Guns in Lilburn to investigate an incomplete delivery suspected to be a firearms theft. Upon arriving, police discovered the box had been opened and resealed and that nine of 10 guns were missing from the package. The stolen firearms were worth $5,000.

After following up with UPS, investigators determined that Vang had not made the delivery but had left UPS with the package and then given it to another driver to deliver. Vang claimed he was running behind schedule and could not complete the delivery.

UPS then conducted its own internal investigation, which led to the firing of Vang after he gave inconsistent statements and revealed he had violated several policies.

Police were informed of Vang’s termination and that UPS suspected him to be the thief. This led Investigator Cody Belcher to visit Vang’s home, where he interviewed his girlfriend, Ms. Kheav, who admitted to possessing the stolen firearms.


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source: http://www.guns.com/2017/07/24/ex-ups-worker-charged-for-stealing-guns-from-delivery-truck/

  • Earn nest

    Now the guns are evidence and the guy will have to wait years to finally get them.

    • David

      Unless they can track the gun theft back to the Clinton Foundation, in which case, they will never be seen again. This is all providing they don’t get stolen from the evidence room.

  • Alan404

    Obviously, more Gun Control is needed and would be appropriate. Problem lies in how Gun Control might be defined, definition being necessary. For instance the following question is needful of answers. Of the following two possibilities, which is desired, punishment of and or ever more restrictions on the law abiding, or punishment of criminals?

    • pappy450

      NO…. obviously more “criminal control” is needed. If the “law” and ‘judges” would stop coddling criminals and actually making them do the FULL AMOUNT OF TIME for their CRIMES when they are CAUGHT,, there would be less Crimes committed. (and less criminals roaming the streets) As for me, I have excellent “gun control” I hit what I am aiming at! LOL!!

      • rkroning

        But for some people, life in prison is a step up. What do you do about that? See Sheriff Joe.

        • Terry Butts

          That is one of the things that needs to be addressed.

          Prison should not be coddling the prisoners as if it is a resort hotel providing them with things the average citizen can not even afford.

          This just encourages them to continue to be criminals because their home life is missing the LUXURIES they are given while in prison.

  • L Cavendish

    nice…what can brown do for YOU?
    need to send them up for 20 years each on gun charges

  • GR Arnold

    Prison time at minimum. Hopefully they will get convicted in both federal and state courts if there is possible different statutes involved.

  • Dave

    Lost his job at the old DOJ, did he?

  • generalJed

    He and his girlfriend should get the mandated 180 year sentence each for their crimes, and additional sentencing, if possible, for destroying public confidence in a common carrier and in interstate commerce!

  • Emmitt Osteen

    UPS only fired him.