Liberals Hate This Common-Sense Gun Law (Let’s Hope It Passes)

Citizens in many states have the right to obtain a concealed carry permit for personal protection. But when they travel across state borders, carrying a weapon on their person or in a car or an RV, they are suddenly in violation of the other state’s laws and subject to prosecution. Now, finally, Texas Senator John Cornyn has introduced a bill at the federal level to rectify this inequity. It’s called the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

With nearly 1.4 million new concealed carry permits being issued each year, it only makes sense that a national reciprocity law be enacted to protect law-abiding holders of CCW permits to cross freely from one state to another without worrying about breaking neighboring state’s gun laws…

Cornyn explained the much-needed law would allow the concealed carry permits to act more like a driver’s license.

“So, for example, if you have a driver’s license in Texas, you can drive in New York, in Utah and other places, subject to the laws of those states,” Cornyn said.

As expected, Liberals are up in arms about the bill. The New York Daily News reports:

A top priority for the National Rifle Association, the measure would force states like New York with relatively strict gun laws to allow individuals who have concealed-carry privileges in their home state to pack heat…

The bill “would create a lowest common denominator that makes the weakest state requirements the law of the land,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, a group funded by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg…

“This bill is a menace to New York and would allow potentially dangerous people from other states to carry concealed weapons in our grocery stores, movie theaters and stadiums, without even notifying the police,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) told the Daily News. “It is a nightmare for our law enforcement officers and the community, and I will fight this legislation tooth and nail.”

Under the new Republican majority, and with many rural-state Democrats facing pressure to vote in favor, the bill has a good chance of becoming law. Then President Obama must decide if he will sign the law or exercise his veto.

  • b4k9zp

    Chuck Schumer has always been an irrational hoplophobe, as have Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and the rest of the democratic party.

    • Arizona Don

      I agree, when it comes to schumer however, you are much more polite then I will ever be.

      • b4k9zp

        When you have truth, logic and reasoning, as well as thinking ability, on your side, you don’t need to engage in the extremely childish and counterproductive name calling that liberals always do.

        • Debra

          Correct. And that’s what makes us different from them. And they hate it cause they can’t make us act like them.

          • dickG

            “And the truth shall set you free”.

        • Arizona Don

          I agree however, calling an idiot an idiot is not name calling. Just a statement of fact!

    • JohnnyCuredents

      There’s nothing ”democratic” about that mob. That’s why it’s always wiser to refer to their association as the Democrat Party. We don’t want to confuse the uninitiated.

  • Suffolk Property Inspector

    Is Schumer kidding Licensed Gun Holders are not the problem. I guess he lives in the state where everybody obeys he laws and there are no illegal guns. What a dreamer

    • Peter Osborne

      Schumer is a complete azzhat. The NYS law is as stupid as it can be. When my Dad died, moved his pistols to a state that does not require registration. About year later the State Police showed up to confiscate them. He was disappointed that they were out of his grasp. Two were pistols that had been in the family since they were manufactured in 1906. Now safely away these two pistils, one automatic .32 ACP, and one Colt DA birdshead grip .38 revolver they will go from my son to tis kids some day. In the 109 the guns have been around that hone have been used in the commission of a crime or have shot anyone. I also have a Ballard rifle from the 1870’s that has only killed Buffalo in its’ 140 years of existence. Clearly it is the person holding the arm and not the arm that commits the crime, Schumer refuses to accept that fact.

      • Arizona Don

        If you have not seen this video it is worth you time. Some facts that make people like Schumer look like the fool he is!

        • Tomcat01

          Thanks. I have seen and am a member.

        • dickG

          Chucky A fool?
          Surely Sir. You jest!

          • Arizona Don

            OK idiot!

      • Nikita63

        I agree and suspect that there mat be criminal intent as a New World Order statist on the part of Schumer, to support the surrender of our sovereignty and resources to the U.N. now being bandied about by the most deceitful and least transparent Administration in American History. If the shoes fit, these people will NEVER wear them. or the onus to us ALL that goes along with it though they have richly deserved the disdain they receive from us! They are neither responsible to us or accountable to us and that’s the way uh-huh, uh-huh, THEY LIKE IT!

    • Tomcat01

      Yeah, and he’s from a state with high crime rates.

    • dickG

      How can there be illegal guns where there are laws prohibiting them?
      Please explain, Chucky!

  • The Fox

    The demon-rat party is nothing more then the new Nazi’s, to dumb lead and to dumb to get out of the way, they are like evil robots going about to destroy freedom and anything good for the people, they want to be the slave masters of the plantation of all races and colors, ego’s bigger then their rock filled brains.

  • captainmvh

    reign in the “potentially dangerous people” and turn a blind eye to the known dangerous criminals …..good idea makes everyone in NY a soft target

  • scott

    when will someone elliminate scumbag shumer,low life leader thats been destroying ny for decades.filthy criminal scumbag needs to be in jail.these liberal retards get dumber by the second.every gun statistic shows criminals dont apply for gun permits.only law abideing citisens,unlike shumer and the rest of the dumocrats in nys.

    • Combatvet52

      I’m glad i moved out of NY 17 years ago, I can’t stand those SBags Schumernazi Deblowios, and the other favorite commie good old Cuomonuts.

  • justdave

    Strange, where I live in northern WI, the gangbangers, pimps and drug dealers bring their unregistered weapons with them from detroit. chicago, madison, etc. I want the liberals to explain to me how limiting my right to protect myself and my family is a good thing. Perhaps these pollyannas can forgo having armed body guards, just carry a big feather to tickle an attacker into submission.

    • dickG

      Why you damn fool! It’s just “Common Sense”. Don’t-cha know?

      • don

        your the dam fool

        • dickG

          I for got to add: //Sarc??
          Sorry ’bout that!

    • Antonio Pires

      Good luck getting the answer Sir! Liberals can not, will not handle question with common sense. Remember! They are the ones that removed commonsense from the public schrewools. It’s right it’s not a typo! They’ll cursed at you, you see it here already. LOL! God Bless the ignorantes for they have no brains!

      • John Wirts

        You have to remember the DEAMONCRAT 12 D’s

        1832 Noah Webster stated “[I]f the citizens neglect their duty and
        place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be

        Democratic Party—the so-called progressive party—is not only
        corrupt but is wedded to what I call:

        12 D’s of prescriptivism: Deny, Defy, Distort, Deceive, Discredit,
        Demonize, Distract, Discourage, Destroy, Do, Disagree, Disclose.

        this day and age, as politics becomes more and more corrupt, the
        political tactics recommended by Saul Alinsky have been perfected by
        today’s progressive democrats. Not only that, they are now widely
        used by our liberals throughout our celebrity society.We have gone
        from civil discourse, to uncivil, to corrupt in just three
        administrations. One can pinpoint when the new tactics started: in
        the early 90’s during the Clinton’s first presidential campaign
        as they established a “bimbo eruptions team”. Hillary Clinton,
        who was the brains of the outfit, used her expertise gained from Saul
        Alinski’s book “Rules for Radicals” to usher in a whole new
        strategy on how to deal with opposing individuals and ideas. No doubt
        her expertise revealed in her college thesis was put to good use as
        she rewrote the rule book for the Clinton camp.

        any politician today, especially a democrat, who gets in trouble and
        see how many of the 12 D’s they employ. To enable the strategy you
        need to have a news media that is no longer objective, and panders to
        those in power, while pushing their own agenda in concert with the
        politicians. No doubt the mainstream media has sold its soul to the
        DNC. The media has become the de facto Public Relations arm of the
        Democrat Party, Obama White House, and liberals in general. Pravda
        would be proud.

        the media’s assistance, anytime liberals find themselves in an
        embarrassing or compromising situation, they simply employ the
        “12D’s” of progressivism.


        the facts while claiming that the issue in question has nothing to do
        with the evidence at hand. Common weasel wording includes such lines
        as: there is an “on-going investigation and I cannot comment on
        it”. Also deny being part of what has taken place. Bill Clinton’s
        famous denial ‘I did not have sex with that woman…” is an
        example of this tactic. Obama’s denials concerning the attack on
        the consulate in Benghazi, Libya is another example.


        artificial indignation and claim to be a victim, even whenthe
        opposition has photos, video, recordings and witnesses proving their
        story to be factual. Then play the beleaguered victim while hurling
        accusations at the accusers.


        the facts, bend the truth, and blame everything on someone else (e.g.
        the previous administration). With this tactic it is important to use
        some facts, but not the whole truth and to bend the truth in the
        desired direction. Mainstream media surrogates make this easier:


        necessary, lie. Go on the attack with the most offensive story
        possible. Offer up counter accusations to throw the opposition off
        balance. According to Alinski, if your enemy is spending his time
        defending himself, he can’t pursue accusations against you.


        doubt about the opposition’s integrity, honor, character, proof,
        witnesses, video, or photos through lies, distortions, and
        counter-accusations—preferably aided by the mainstream media. Get
        the media on message with talking points and “Key phrases”.


        and label the opposition. Use the old “they want …” line and
        fill in the blank from the following menu: They want… to starve
        kids, to take medicine away from old people, pollute the water and
        air, live large while others starve, keep it all for themselves, let
        people to die while they profit, etc. Over the past four years the
        Obama administration has used the following terms to describe the
        opposition: “malicious”, “insensitive”, “evil”,
        “hostile”, “threatening, “the enemy”, and “flat earthers”
        to name just a few. Class warfare is an effective aspect of this


        another crisis such as the fiscal cliff debacle, to distract people
        from the real story (e.g. Benghazi, etc.). Create a “war on…”
        women, children, the poor or blame it all on something else such as a
        video or anything else that will distract observers from the real


        the opposition with dire consequences. Get the media to join in by
        echoing the threat. To see firsthand this

        in practice watch CNBC or MSNBC.


        in character assassination. Go after any aspect of their life that
        might be vulnerable—nothing is off limits—and use maximum
        intimidation while claiming the opposition is “mean spirited” and
        engages in the “politics of personal destruction.” Divide and
        conquer the opposition by pitting them against each other.


        you agenda while the opposition is distracted by your tactics. As the
        media adds to the distraction by covering your distortions and
        misdirection, make as much progress advancing your agenda as


        to disagree about the facts no matter what happens. Disagree
        vehemently and loudly with anyone in the opposition no matter how
        obvious the validity of their claims may be. Follow Hillary Clinton
        lead in giving testimony on the Benghazi debacle: pound the table in
        indignation. Look directly at the camera and with all of the
        artificial sincerity you can muster, claim your innocence.


        the facts of the case but only when the trial is over, the election
        is won, statute of limitations has passed, you don’t think it will
        matter anymore, or the book deal payoff is big enough. Finally, admit
        the truth but make light of it as if the matter is of little
        importance—after all it happened so long ago. Do not admit to any
        responsibility, and show no remorse.

        are the tactics that make up the grand strategy of today’s
        so-called progressive democrats. Observe liberal democrats during
        Obama’s second term and I believe you will find that Noah Webster
        was right!

        • dickG

          Excellent analysis!

        • LibertysSon

          The Democrat Party Is essentially a criminal syndicate disguised as a political party.

          • dickG

            It is a criminal enterprise and should be treated as such under current law.
            Perhaps we could vote on re-opening operatons at Alcatraz Island or expanding that Cuban facility we have to accommodate their proper care.

    • Nikita63

      They cannot explain it and so, they will tell you to, Shut up and that you do not know what you are talking about when in fact, That is true of them and their agendas and not law abiding American citizens trying to exercise in full compliance with legal requirements , a constitutional right they would end in order to take total CONTROL of every aspect of YOUR life. “An armed man is a citizen, a disarmed man is a subject. ” Since the advent of firearms,: more than 300 million “citizens,” of various countries have been MURDERED by their own governments once they were disarmed. It is an object lesson in history we cannot AFFORD to Ignore and We must NEVER surrender our right to defend ourselves against all threats; particularly those that may originiate in our OWN COMMUNITIES!

      • Korean_Vet

        Nikita63–In the middle of your Paragraph–You Quoted “An armed man is a citizen, a disarmed man–
        is a Subject”-! ( I’d like to change the 2nd part of your Statement) “A disarmed man Is a ‘VICTIM’-!”
        And as such–“Has no potential to become otherwise–Since he “Has No Second Choice”-! Isn’t this True-?

        • Debra

          You are correct. And thank you for your service to our country.

          • Nikita63

            The greatest problem Debra, we face today is from the progressive, Demoncrat , New World Order insanity oriented New World Cabal which has all the answers to every question before they are ever asked and who, given the opportunity, WILL: impose those views on you because after all: THEY ARE SELF-DELUDED MORONS whom think they are superior to the rest of us when in fact, they have little true intelligence, simply an animal cunning and not a whole lot of THAT! All one need do to see the TRUTH of the contention is to observe the machinations of the mindless ongoing in those rare times when the COMGRESS is in session or a certain someone is on the golf course while another freedom is diminished or another crisis is allowed to occur. THAT is THEIR reality and, they WILL make it ours permanently if we let them.

          • Debra

            I totally agree with you. That’s why we have to stay on top of what they are doing–everyday. They come up with something daily to keep everyone off track of all the events. People say all the time, that the Dem are mental, crazy, etc. But i don’t see that as a joke as far as obama is concerned. I truly see mental disorders in this man. Congress needs to demand he have an extensive mental evaluation. He is getting worse each week that passes. He also should be drug tested weekly. Something is bad wrong with his mental ability. And the hatred he shows towards Americans gets worse daily. We need to demand he be checked out and drug tested. ( Company just came in. I will get back on later.)

          • Nikita63

            I cannot comprehend why a large MAJORITY of others do not seem to notice or CARE for that matter. It also worries me that by speaking TRUTH , you make a target of yourself from team SURVEILLANCE WE know is going on at every level imaginable and then, one has to ask the very poignant and valid question: to what end? IT IS BEST TO BE PREPARED FOR FORCED ENTRY AND OTHER PERSONAL INVASIONS AS THIS IS AN UTTELRLY LAWLESS CABAL THAT SITS IN WASHINGTON. I hope you enjoy your company as the way things are going, it mat not always be a possibility.

        • Nikita63

          Although not positive , I had thought it was a quote from Thomas Jefferson.. Your addendum is most certainly true. Along the lines f this thinking, Jefferson DID say something else which I discern as central to the fighting over 2nd amendment rights though not explicitly about them: “It is error alone that needs the FORCE of government. TRUTH can stand by itself.” For all of us these days the entire question has become a matter of WHOSE version of truth, which would not have been a problem were we in actuality, the constitutional republic we are SUPPOSED to be; and united as a nation which we are NOT! Thank you for your service. Mine was a bit later in Vietnam and ALL of us know what government; at least this one, thinks of HONORABLE veterans and active military: not much and not surprising since few of THEM have the guts to go where they send we who have the guts to go and to HONOR the oaths we took as they DO NOT! Ironic, is it not how MOST of them are or aspire to be permanent residents of Washington, D. C and are career parasites producing NOTHING but debt and mandates while destroying ort tryi9ng to , all we tried in COMPLIANCE WITH OUR OATHS, to preserve! In the 2016 election: let’s hope we can implement the FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE to regain our freedoms and our country from those trying to take it from us!

      • Nath

        The quote was, “An armed man is a Citizen, and unarmed man is a Subject.” BUT it all comes to the point.
        The bad part is that when a criminal faces the slogan, “GUN Crime do GUN Time.” That is the first charge that is Plead, plea bargain is for quick sentencing – less work / some punishment, for a public defender / “Defendant” when the lawyer is up to his/her neck in cases.
        The law / slogan should be: Gun Crime, Gun Time: You earned the “Dime”. Dime is a prison term for a 10 year sentence ( minimum ).

        • Nikita63

          The elimination of the possibility of “Plea Bargaining,” would help a lot but, it makes too much common sense. If you do NOT give criminals a chance to maneuver a much lesser sentence for a much greater offense, it KEEPS them off the streets and does not allow them to prey on the innocent. That is how it was ONCE and is supposed to be : but these days, we have a major miscreant calling the shots and releasing 34,000 thousand foreign felons with 88,000 CONVICTIONS for violent crime to prey again upon the innocent and a repeat performance according to major news sources within the past day or two. Such transgressions of public safety and COMMON SENSE will continue until the source is removed which SHOULD have been done on performance record alone after a single term. For that, we have only to thank those who voted for RICO business as usual or, who did not vote at all.

    • xandersaml

      But it’s not important when YOU are in danger – only the elitists.

  • Ibcamn

    keep your fingers crossed people!

  • Columbus

    What better bill to veto than this one. Please explain why every body needs a gun. This isn’t Syria or Afghanistan or any other combat zone. This is the good old USA where we love our neighbor and cherish life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    If you need a gun for protection explain how and when you decide to use it – at church, in the liquor store, on the freeway, in your doctor’s office. Help the rest of us know what great pleasure you derive from walking or driving around with an arsenal in your pocket.

    • Peter Osborne

      Read the SECOND AMENDMENT Columbus, BTW do you have any idea where Columbus the “discoverer ” of the Western Hemisphere was most likely born?
      The own I live in was founded by Royal Patent in 1648. . They were 30 miles from the nearest help and over 250 miles from the Colony’s capital city. The fastest possible turn around time for help was two days. Local law, as hostiles , Dutch privateers and pirates were around, so there was a local law requiring ALL men to bring their firearms to church, no exceptions. Further, a nice Colt semi automatic inn .380 ACP or .32 ACP is not an arsenal. Still further , it is not up to you to decide how I chose to defend my unalienable right to live and noted in the Declaration of Independence

    • coolman11

      Bad neighborhood s do exist i dont know what gated community you live in but some places can be as bad as the middle east and not everyone is your friend there are bad people that would harm you or me, ask anyone that has defended them selves from an attacker and they will say they were glad they were armed. Its not necessarily a pleasure but a sense of confidence.

      • Columbus

        Stay away from BAD neighborhoods.

        • leadfoot320


        • coolman11

          What about the people that have to live in them and want protection im not just thinking of myself here.My wife was driving home from a friends late one night with our kids and got harrassed by another driver following her on a desolate highway nothing happened but it could have and my wife could have been killed before the cops got there so now we are both cc permit holders and proud of it.

        • Clay Fitzgerald

          I live in an upscale community and crime still happens, the police can never get here in time to prevent a crime from happening nor stop one in progress, they do the follow up investigation, report writing, clean up and taking statements from the victims that survive. I am the first line of defense in my home; when seconds count, the police are minutes away.
          A few months ago law enforcement officers from 3 jurisdiction chased a suspected fleeing felon into my neighborhood. The suspect crashed his stolen vehicle and fled on foot into a heavily wooded area that borders my backyard. Police with canine units hunted for hours before he was apprehended. Not knowing what he was suspected of at the time, I was prepared to do what I needed to do to protect my home, my family and myself if necessary. Even with all the LEO’s in the area at the time, they would have been hard pressed to actually prevent this bad guy from getting to my house and putting us in danger if he wanted to.

    • HotFlight

      This isn’t Syria or Afghanistan or any other combat zone. This is the good old USA where we love our neighbor and cherish life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness……Yes it is getting to be a Combat zone, But your living in the far past!

      I have an Idea…You Don’t have or want a gun and you don’t think anyone else should have one, Right?..So, I have a CCW and have mine on me and I see you being beat to death on the street by 3/4 perps, I Could put a stop to your beating without ever firing my weapon but knowing you don’t think I should have a gun, I walk on by…Then I read about you in the news the next day…

      • Columbus

        Can you shoot straight? Probably wouldn’t make much difference whether you fired or not.

        • leadfoot320


          • Columbus

            You do well at the range – a controlled environment with no threatening adversary. Can we depend on you in time of an assault? Would you know your right hand from your left? How many rounds would you have to fire off before actually hitting the target? Would you distinguish the assailant from a police officer? Better yet, in your CC happy neighborhood, how can you tell which person with a gun is the perpetrator?

          • dickG

            There actually have been a number of studies that indicate that Concealed Firearms License holders have a better success rate in hitting a target under actual “combat” (self defense) situations than police officers and, in addition, police officers are arrested at a slightly higher rate for gun violations than police officers.

          • leadfoot320


        • HotFlight

          Sure it would…Bad people Do Not like to be confronted with a gun!…If & when I point a gun and when I pull the trigger, Something always goes down!

    • Mark

      You need someone to explain to you why everyone should have a gun. Wow, how long has it been sense you got out of school? Did you EVER take a history class? Every country that has ever decided to eliminate a class or culture of people( Jews, or rival tribes in several country’s states) have used the same brain dead excuse for taking the victims arms just before coming in and committing genocide on them. If you think for a minute that other people have your best interests at heart and not greed, then you deserve to live like the blind person you are. Sooner or later you, or your kids will be the victim, and have to watch while they take your food, or kill or rape your family. Look around, read the news, its happening all over the world, and all it takes for it to come here is a event like a economic collapse, or something like that. It will overtake you so fast, and you wont be nothing but a sitting duck.SORRY, i wont play that game, my guns are loaded and locked up where i can get to them fast, i have food, medicines and other supplies to last out quit a while, but it all don’t mean nothing if you cant keep it, so you have to have defense. GUNS, are the only thing you have for defense against theirs, weather it be the man next door OR your Government. The Constitution and guns is what make us all equal, and we ALL better start fighting to keep BOTH.

      • HotFlight

        Mark:..AMEN Brother!

      • dickG

        No. Everybody DOESN’T need a gun! Just enough people need to own, get training, and carry that the bad-guys worry that there’s a good chance the next person they jump on will KILL THEM!

        • Clay Fitzgerald

          True, but as legal gun ownership rises, crime rates decline.

          • dickG

            There must be a point though, where additional persons on the street with weapons (concealed or otherwise) drops the violent crime rate to near zero.
            I suspect it is around the 30% concentration.
            Even a real dumb criminal can do the math.
            Hmmmm. “If I jump on this person, there is a 1 in 3 chance that he/she is armed and a 50% chance I will be killed.
            1 in 6 chance of dying tonight! Not good odds.
            Maybe I should look into another line of work.”

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            I suppose there’s something to that, but I’m not so sure that the bad guys really look at it quite that way. It’s probably a little more like looking at the potential victim(s) and just going by a gut instinct. But if someone is carrying concealed the bad guys may get the message from body language.
            At my house I have a few signs posted. One sign I’m thinking about getting has: “BEWARE OF DOG, he eats everything the owner shoots!” Another has: “WARNING, NO TRESPASSING; Violators will be shot, Survivors will be shot again!” And this one: “If you’re found here at night, you’ll be found here in the morning.”

          • dickG

            I really like the last one! It gives a body a chance to “chill” before the cops arrive.

      • don

        your talking to a dumb ass boot licker

    • leadfoot320




      • Debra


    • Charles Ray Jewell

      This Person Can’t Help That He’s A Dumbass !!!! Everyone Deserves The Right To Protect Themselves . If Your Suppose To Be A Man, One That Wouldn’t Mind Standing Around Looking Stupid While Someone’s Raping Your Wife. Where If You Was Man Enough To Own A Gun You Could Have Stopped It Before It Happened !!!! SURE HOPE YOU LIKED THE KOOL AID OBUMMER’S GOT YOU DRINKING !!!!! DUMBASS !!!!!!!!

      • Columbus

        Dear Brother Jewell: your fear of the unlikely seems to have turned your world upside down. Do you actually spend time imagining someone raping your wife?
        Do you measure your own manhood by the weapon you carry?
        Being a man is not connected to your hardware, but rather manhood is a sign of your ability to manage life with courage, faith and belief in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Sure, there are bad people in the world. But the numbers reveal you are much more likely to be shot by someone you know than by a stranger or by someone from across town.

        Don’t let the gun manufacturers distort your sense of being a man. If you need a gun to prove your manhood, life and its beauty have passed you by.

        Be cool, my friend and live life like the treasure it truly is, instead of being in fear and dread .

        • dickG

          A little story for you, Columbus, about fear:
          It seams a little old lady was traveling alone by car from Reno to Las Vegas, NV to try her luck at games of chance.
          The road from Reno to Vegas is long, very straight in many places, and very lonely.
          A NV state police officer, hiding behind a group of large cacti, observed her exceeding the speed limit and took chase.
          He pulled her over, approached the car as the little old lady rolled down her window. “May I see your license, registration, and proof of insurance, please?” the officer inquired.
          “Sure Sonny” I have them all ready for you” she offered.
          “Did you know you were traveling at over a hundred miles per hour, madam?” the officer offered.
          “Well no, young man, I don’t pay much attention to the speedometer out here”
          About that time the officer noticed a large 1911 .45 pistol on the passenger seat and exclaimed that that was an awful big gun for such an elderly lady. At which the lady explained that she had a loaded 12 gauge behind the seat, a 9mm Beretta in the glove box, an AR-15 with 4 loaded 30-round magazines in the trunk, and a .45 Colt/.410 double-barreled derringer in a bra holster.
          To that the officer asked in a rather bewildered voice, “Ma’am. With all that firepower, just what is it you are afraid of?”
          To that, the woman looked the Officer in the eye and replied: “Nothing, Officer. I ain’t afraid of Nothing!”

          • Debra

            LOL Love that story!!!

    • Charles Ray Jewell

      Guess This Dumbass Lives In Disneyland !!!!

    • dondavy

      What polyanna world do you live in??
      Flash mobs attacking and destroying stores, black knockout games, general thieves and muggers walking around. I hope I never need my pistol, but I would rather be armed than become another crime statistic, or have to remember my family being destroyed while I had to stand there helpless.

    • don

      stupid an you do really need help–when law abiding citizens are armed crime rates drop way down–in that fact along should tell your dumb ass something

  • Lizard

    I just take my guns along with me wherever i go in my motor home … Bloomberg can keep kissing Obama azzz ..Just leave gun owners alone

  • ReaperHD

    Especially with the AntiGun Laws of Gestapo Jersey and California where only the Police and Criminals carry guns. You have ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIEN PARASITES in California with more guns than the LEGAL AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Paul Lackey

    This discussion is great for sharing our feelings with each other. Now, take this energy and share it with our elected officials. They need to hear us and take action in our behalf. Actions speak louder than all the words.

    • don

      wake up paul they know what me believe an want–its their marixist agenda that matters

    • American Me

      I have written and written and written and it really is frustrating when you get back a form letter that never answers any questions that you ask and you never see any action in congress.
      We have the worst President ever and the most do nothing Congress in history.These guys make big bucks to sit on their fat Azzes and run their mouths and never achieve anything worth doing.I feel totally unrepresented.Our once great country is circling the drain and these clowns don’t seem to care.We all know Obama wants to destroy our country but congress is failing when they have the power to stop him.

      • Paul Lackey

        Frustrating as it may be, we must continue the good fight. I personally call my senators and my representative. Letters are mostly reduced to ruble before anybody see the real content, ala Benghazi and Clinton. Phone calls do get a little more notice even though you only talk to staffers. Enough repetition of our message may have the same effect as the media repeating their misinformation. Regardless, what do you suggest? Giving up? Not on my watch.

        • Debra

          Paul, you are right, they mostly don’t see our letters. So what i started doing is the ‘phone Town Hall meeting.’ I get a call(message) the day before the meeting to remind be what time it starts the next day. Then a call about 10 minutes before the meeting starts and press to stay on line. Now this is not to just listen to a room full of people talking. This is for you to ask your senator whatever you need to ask him/her what is on your mind. And they talk to you and answer your question. And you get to hear the others ask questions and get answers. This has been the only way i’ve found to have a personal direct conversation with my Rep. This way they get to really be able to hear our concerns and give us an answer. I live in Ga but i believe this is in every state, in every district. Go on your Rep’s website and sign up for them to call you for the town hall meetings. I promise you, it gets very interesting. And you get your question answered or some just want to let them know what they would like to see changed. You will hear answers to many questions. Most of the time i don’t even have to ask a question because someone before me ask it and i got the answer that way. But i listen to the whole meeting and get alot of information. I really enjoy this method, it works well. Please try it and ask your question or tell them what you would like to see changed. It’s you and him/her, one on one, on the phone. Can’t get better than that. This is the only way they get to talk to us -one on one. Pass this info to your friends and family members so they can also get answers and get heard. God Bless

          • Paul Lackey

            Thanks Debra. I have forwarded this info to all my friends across this wonderful country. Maybe we can stir it up.

          • Debra

            Thank you. I sure hope so. (There is more than one way to skin a cat–get our voice heard) And by talking to them on the phone, you can tell if they are truthfully trying to answer your question or trying to avoid answering it truthfully. My rep will get back to me with info if he doesn’t have knowledge on what you ask him. He will call me back when he has checked into the concern I have. We’ll make it thru Obama, I have no doubt. You know why i have no doubt, because there are millions like you out there (us Americans) that are keeping a very close eye on everything he does. Don’t you just know Obama hates it to. He thought we were all dumb and too warped up in ourselves to pay attention to him or care what he was doing. He got surprised and daily. He just don’t understand that Americans MAKE America their business. And we don’t let up. If he wanted to change a country or run a country, he should have picked a different one cause this one is not going to allow it. He took our kindness as weakness and thought we were easy to overtake. Not.

          • dickG

            Actually, Debra, it is easier to determine if your politician is lying if you face them in person ’cause you can see if their lips are moving.
            If their lips are moving, they’re lyin’.
            I thought everybody new that!

          • Debra

            I do– but i can’t talk to them face to face, so the phone is the next best thing for me. They don’t know what question you are going to ask so they don’t have an answer ready and down pat. If their trying to answer you dishonestly they usually do the (UH..) or something to that affect. You’ll know, if you’re use to talking to the public much. You can stump them if their not honest. Face to face would be better and look them in the eyes, but when you can’t the phone is the next best avenue. They don’t get our letters and don’t personally answer them. Don’t throw away a good option cause it’s the second best option.

  • Fred Underwood

    Not much chance of passage since the mainstream media always line up on the side of the socialist tyrants running our Government, who recognize this would help keep them from complete domination of us the great unwashed who do not have enough sense to know what is good for us.

    • Peter Osborne

      Azzhats every one my friend, every one.

    • Paul Lackey

      Then we should swamp the different media sources with our disdain for their reporting.Slanting information is not reporting the facts. Tell them they are being watched and judged. Or, we might as well subscribe to The National Inquirer.

    • don

      will not make it pass our muslim leaning marixist mad rabid dog obama

  • coolman11

    And a universal more than ten rounds magazine permit too.

  • Timothy Toroian

    When Schumer was elected to the senate after spending years in the house he made the statement ” I have a passion to legislate.” He’s into people control so forget about him being a hoplophobe because he and his cohorts want to control your life. They have no interest in the constitution. Feinstein has her carry permit and I assume she expects to keep when she leaves politics and become a “regular’ citizen in California; those known as those who cannot get carry permits. They’re like the ACLU. They have no interest in real civil rights. The ACLU is only interested in civil rights that disrupt the government or anarchy. I don’t believe they or the referenced politicians believe in the pure application of the first amendment otherwise we wouldn’t have to deal with the “PC” police.

  • Nikita63

    Liberals are up ,in arms about it because ir REINFOERCES the notion of neo INFRINGEMENT of the right which if we are American

  • You do not have to worry. When seconds count the police are only minutes away. And, you can be sure they will get there in time to identify and tag your body and if they get extremely lucky they might make an arrest which will help the loved ones you behind cope better with your death.

  • James Harris

    There will be NO-ZERO-NADA new favorable gun laws passed as long as THE COMMIE IN CHIEF OBAMA IS IN POWER

  • marlene

    obama will veto it – then what? wait for 2016 and if we vote right, we’ll get it passed?

  • George Walter Laird III

    hell no no gun control no permits required this is bullshit no control on guns!

  • xandersaml

    There should be no law infringing upon the God given right of law abiding citizens to bear arms now.

    • dickG


  • MontieR

    Sen. Chuck Schumer. Politicians like this need to be slapped with constitutional rights violations and violating their oath of office to uphold and support the constitution.

  • Tomcat01

    First, I am an avid 2d Amendment supporter, but I think this will be challenged for several reasons. The primary challenge I see coming will be with states rights being at the fore front. I agree that the Democratic Party as a whole with many of the names mentioned being both hypocrits and out of touch with the public and reality.

    • dickG

      The Supreme Court has already ruled that Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights is operative upon the states and their subdivisions.

      • Tomcat01

        Hey Dick, just asying that will be the first challenge and they may approach it in such a manner as they did to distort Dumbocare as a tax vice a mandatory medical enrollment program

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        It also is covered by Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution regarding the “Full Faith and Credit” clause.

        • dickG

          But in the case of the 2nd Amendment (as opposed to the 1st and others), the Supreme Court had not specifically so ruled until recently.
          Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us critters have always tried to separate out the 2nd because it didn’t fit their PC mode of their Liber-Logic.

  • Mike Aumick

    Everybody , even the pro 2nd side have overlooked some major problems with gun laws in the U.S. 1st being The Constitution and Bill of Rights are THE HIGHEST law of the land and can only be changed by repeal or amendment. 2nd being the 2nd amendment that gives citizens the right to BEAR ARMS ( no restrictions are mentioned) so when following the letter of the law ANY WEAPON is legal for a citizen to own. This means that EVERY LAW EVER WRITTEN TO REGULATE AND/OR RESTRICT HOW A CITIZEN CHOOSES TO DEFEND HIS/HER SELF IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND CANNOT BE ENFORCED OR EVEN EXIST. To say “that’s not what the founding fathers had in mind” is just second guessing and not a legal repeal or amendment.

    • dickG

      What you say is absolutely true. Except for one thing. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights DO NOT grant any Rights. The Bill of Rights merely, and I mean merely, ENUMERATES PRE-EXISTING Unalienable, Natural, or God-given (if you will) Rights.
      Repealing the 2nd Amendment does not negate the Rights enumerated, nor grant the government any power to deny them.

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        Absolutely correct! The Bill of Rights protects and guarantees the rights enumerated therein.

      • Mike Aumick

        I agree that the rights of man are not granted by ink and paper , but by God , but it is a list put forth by the founding fathers to let future public servants know what is expected of them. All the liberals can do is change the ink and paper , but they think they are even above needing to do that. I was just pointing out that the ink and paper regulating the right of self protection has not satisfied even the first abstract step to being something called law , even an unconstitutional one.

        • dickG

          You can thank the good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia for that!
          They were the primary instigators of a Bill of Rights, and threatened NOT to ratify the Constitution if one was not added forthwith!

  • ChemTeacher

    I would like to see that the holder of any CCW permit, resident or non-resident be able to legally carry in ALL 50 states regardless of a person’s home state of residence. I carry CCW permits for Florida and Utah which combined allow me to carry in 38? states. I would also like to see every state adopt a policy of SHALL ISSUE unless there is a legal reason not to.
    I would rather have the opportunity to defend myself and family than become a victim.

  • JohnnyCuredents

    The only authentic “menace” to NY is….Chuck Schumer, and that clown isn’t merely ”potentially dangerous,” he’s a walking-talking time bomb 24/7.

    • dickG

      I agree. Chucky is losing it. When liberals loose it they become very dangerous.

  • KellyG

    Chuck Schumer of NY says it would allow potentially dangerous people from other states to carry concealed weapons in their grocery stores, movie theaters and stadiums, without even notifying the police! I think he also forgot to mention also anything about those at home in NY that would also be doing that to already… and that all of those he is referring to are what is know as ‘CRIMINALS’

    So, Chuck Schumer… what about that idiot criminal that traveled from out of state the other month just to shot those cops in New York, NY… He was not a law abiding citizen and I’m pretty sure he did not poses a CCW permit either, not that it would make much of a difference to a criminal in any case as their only goal is doing what they want to do no matter the cost… Sounds like the Job description of a Politician

  • LibertysSon

    Dear Chucky, In my 31 years as an LEO, I never arrested a person that was a CC holder with a gun. Your argument is both ignorant and facetious!

  • nmasterson

    People that think outsiders are not coming into their states with guns despite local laws are in LALA Land.

  • rich


  • tinkerunique

    Of course POTUS will veto the bill… He wants to disarm the lawful gun owners and HAS said so. His failure to admit that crooks and thugs WILL get guns is OK with him. He HAS provided guns to the Mexican cartel, Syrian (Al Qaeda) rebels, and given tanks and jets to his Muslim Brotherhood. He ALSO paid the Taliban $5M, then bragged about it on TV. ANY MORE QUESTIONS ???

  • apzzyk

    My fondest wish is that all of those who think that they need to carry at all except when hunting or something like that, would just get in circular firing squads and get it over with. My family has lived in CO since about 1850, some had guns, some not, but so far as I know, none felt the need to carry one all the time. I had a varmit gun under the seat of my car when I was in HS – a single shot .22 – and I scared a couple of varmits. I have not had one myself since I got out of the USMC in 1961 and have gone unarmed from the S. of Mexico to the tundra without any at all.

    • dickG

      Thank you for you service apzzyk.
      And good on ya.
      Didn’t you worry a bit about the bears and moose up North? Come on now. Just a little bit?
      I almost hit a moose driving from Anchorage to Portage Glacier once. The damn thing was bigger than my rental car!
      Went fishing East of Seward one year with my brother-in-law. Just as we finished hooking up the boat to the trailer hitch, he excused himself and went back in the house.
      He came out after a few minutes with a .357 strapped on his waist and handed me a 300 Winchester bolt action and a handful of cartridges.
      “Hey. I thought we were going fishing” I inquired.
      He replied, “We are. But you need to know that up here in Alaska, we are part of the food chain. And we’re NOT AT THE TOP! The worst thing, Dick”, he said, “is that all the animals up here know that!”

      • apzzyk

        Thank you too.

        I just went up with some atmospheric scientists to AK, and we drove but did not hit anything and did not compete with bears for food, and had a support Motor Home with bunks for about a dozen.

        In about 1953 a friend’s brother got out of the Army – really transfered to be discharged in CO. Bought a car in Seattle, and in MT was driving at dusk and hit a Moose broadsided – peeled the roof off the car, then got in with him until the moose could get out. Never found the Moose, but the guy spent almost 3 years in an Army hospital, and since he had been traveling on orders, got a medical and was physically a mess for the rest of his life.
        Don’t go hunting bear with a willow switch!

  • Paul Lackey

    Hey, Debra just gave me some helpful info to get heard by our reps. Here it is. Thanks Debra.


    Paul Lackey

    15 minutes ago

    “Paul, you are right, they mostly don’t see our letters. So what i
    started doing is the ‘phone Town Hall meeting.’ I get a call(message)
    the day before the meeting to remind be what time it starts the next
    day. Then a call about 10 minutes before the meeting starts and press to
    stay on line. Now this is not to just listen to a room full of people
    talking. This is for you to ask your senator whatever you need to ask
    him/her what is on your mind. And they talk to you and answer your
    question. And you get to hear the others ask questions and get answers.
    This has been the only way i’ve found to have a personal direct
    conversation with my Rep. This way they get to really be able to hear
    our concerns and give us an answer. I live in Ga but i believe this is
    in every state, in every district. Go on your Rep’s website and sign up
    for them to call you for the town hall meetings. I promise you, it gets
    very interesting. And you get your question answered or some just want
    to let them know what they would like to see changed. You will hear
    answers to many questions. Most of the time i don’t even have to ask a
    question because someone before me ask it and i got the answer that way.
    But i listen to the whole meeting and get alot of information. I
    really enjoy this method, it works well. Please try it and ask your
    question or tell them what you would like to see changed. It’s you and
    him/her, one on one, on the phone. Can’t get better than that. This is
    the only way they get to talk to us -one on one. Pass this info to your
    friends and family members so they can also get answers and get heard.
    God Bless”

  • Randy

    Makes good sense to me, but most things I think are “good horse sense”, the libbers think are absolutely nuts … like defending Israel and closing our southern borders, for example.


    Only other states have dangerous people who are legally permitted with the right to carry? Does this dumbbass really work for anyone but himself and special interest…why is he paid for by the tax payers?

  • Oingo Boingo

    Notice how it’s mostly jews and jew multi-millionaires (Feinblatt, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Bloomberg, Emmanuel (IDF veteran) and on and on) and on…and their stooges (Soetoro, Holder, McCarthy, DiBlasio, various Black ghetto types, Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson etc.) that want YOU disarmed, but their private guards to have real automatic sub-machine guns, the stinking rat hypocrites.

  • crab apples

    More guns in more peoples hands in America does NOT make anyone safer GUN DOLTS and MORONSzzzz . . . .MORE guns cause MORE problems which we are seeing daily events now. Mentally ill people have just as much access to weapons possession as JOE DIP WAD of Texas does. There is no such thing as “gun regulation, or LAW” in America at this point in time. WE in America now have one major killing incident every week since about last September. Mass killings are up by 300% in the past 7 years over the previous 7 years, per FBI statistics.

    NRA promotes MORE GUNS for what reason. The safety and personal defense argument is specious. If we have 1,000 “incidents of self defense” each month, which is very debatable if it is that many, then the 12,000 per year events divided by about 400 million weapons gives YOU the probability of 0.003% that any gun might be used in a self defense situation this past year. MORE guns for that small probability chance of one being necessary?

    Seriously NRA? Get a damn KLUE gun owners. MORE guns make everyone else LESS safe, and THAT is FACT. NRA can send out as many B.S. staitstics as you want to read and most are absolutely worthless and skewed to show guns “ARE GOOD”. They AREN’T assholeszzzzz . . . .IQ 85’ers have most of the guns in this country. Is that a “bright idea” to have the dumbest people with the most deadly force implements of destruction MORONSzzz? ? ? ? ? ? That means ALL of YOU IQ 85’ers out there TEA Time IDIOTSzzz one and ALL……

    The bill “would create a lowest common denominator that makes the weakest state requirements the law of the land,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, a group funded by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg…

    “This bill is a menace to New York and would allow potentially dangerous people from other states to carry concealed weapons in our grocery stores, movie theaters and stadiums, without even notifying the police,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) told the Daily News. “It is a nightmare for our law enforcement officers and the community, and I will fight this legislation tooth and nail.”

    • dickG

      1st of all, the LA Times is a pretty poor source for reliable information given their extreme liberal bias and PC stance.
      Oregon, a “shall issue” state, has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the nation, yet we have few if any of the problems you relate in your rant.
      Riddle me this, crab apples, why would the good people of New York, after passing a COMPREHENSIVE background check, be more irrationally violent than the people of Oregon? Is there something in the water in New York, is it the weather, or is it a genetic defect common to all New Yorkers?

      • crab apples

        POINT #1 about bias in news media pal. Seriously? Do you think that LA Times changed the FBI statistics to please the paying audience? Does FOX Noise propaganda shape “new stories” to get the most outlandish REGRESSIVE slant on any story that you might want to stomach on that LAME and really inappropriate news “source?

        Sure, I will side with ALL of your FOX noise and NRA fascist FUN factszzzz pal. NO QUESTION ! ! ! ! THEY speak GOD’s TRUTH, eh pal? ha, ha, ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,…Your non-sensical answer is not Ready For Prime Time or Constitutional Law is it buddey the ELF KLOWNN of GUN MORONISM? Idiot…..

        I have NO idea of what the second statement of your diatribe FOR Guns possession in America means pal. Could you possibly translate it FROM TEA TIME GUNTARD speak into plain English brother RICARDO, border Patrol Sentry especiale? MORON . ,. .You make NO sense about anything, do you IDIOT? imbecile…and ASSHOLE . . Send me more stupid questions, could you do that? I love shredding TARD light logic that is totally illogical, eh SPOCK? , GUN CRETIN…. MORON . . . . . . . . . . . .

        • dickG

          I see you admit, by your resorting to name calling, which is a typical “Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us” species tactic, that you are full of $hit and have run out of even “Liber-Logic” rebuttals.
          Your post, above, puts you in the early-to-mid human adolescent intellectual and emotional development stage. You are a perfect specimen of you species.
          Come back and talk to me if and when you grow up.

          • crab apples

            BIG DICK boy, I did leave about six questions in my comment above. Tell me WHY not ONE TEA Time TARD has ever answered even ONE of my direct questions pal? I have over 3300 disquis comments that you can peruse at your leisure OLD FOSSIL Brain boy. You will see and then count the number of issue oriented questions for TEA Timers. I don’t preach to the CHOIR like TEA Time does on sites like ALL of TEA party has and makes the TEA Party whispering of mythic fabrications about Muslims. Black folks and general resentment of Government and anyone that has a brain and intellect, eh pal? Why is that SO stereotypicallly correct of TEA folks buddy?

            I GO for the GUSTO buddey the ELF And KLOWNN boy. So go and see for yourself. You will see the same questions on politics and YOUR political LOSER candidates are NEVER answered even once pal. WHY is that so stereotypically correct of ALL of your IQ 85’er brethren buddy boy? It is amazing to me that so many question avoiders even exist in the Neanderthal sub human intelligence forms that exist mainly in Texas where most of GUN TARDED Vets live and are of IQ 85 to a man or woman, whichever the case might be.

            I have not had ONE TEA individual even challenge my intellect EVER in the 4 years that I have been doing this pal. WHY would that be MORON boy? Ha, ha, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ah,ah,aha,ha,ah . . .Helpless, hapless, uneducated and just dimwitted is the thematic guidance of TEA Time pal. Congratulations on finding the missing genetic pre historic remnants of Neanderthal species buddy . . . ..I am continuously amazed at the ignorance and lack of education that exists throughout the RED states of the South pal. NOW Scott Walker has brought that same ethos to Wisconsin in his great Education destroying mission there.


            WHY is this spot on for observation and analysis of TEA Time MORONs as well buddy BROWN boy? It seems I have endless unanswerable question for TEA Time, eh SPUDS the DUDE and DUD man. MORON . . . . . . .


          • dickG

            I rest my case..

    • dickG
  • Sylvester Jones

    Schumer is a nightmare for new york, a communist like Obama?

  • Mike_Travis

    According to the Constitution, NO PERMIT of any kind is required to own and carry a weapon, so while it appears this is a positive step, in reality it is another gop failure for they should be pushing to remove ALL restrictions of ANY kind, not just talking about reciprocity.

    Enforce the Constitution now, starting by arresting Ovomit for Treason. We cannot accept gimmicks or half measures.

  • worn out 123

    Great idea!

  • blackwingA520

    Bloomberg has lots of bodyguards that carry guns because he’s “SPECIAL” you know! And oh yeah, because he has Lots of money.

  • Columbus

    Look – you guys respond to my comments with combat ready directions. Talk of ably preparing oneself if attacked reveals you all are either in a free fire zone or wish you were in a free fire zone. My concern is about saving lives that are needlessly lost because the gun industry thrives on making too many of you folk feel you are in danger.

    18,000 Americans use a gun to commit suicide each year. Absent the easy access to guns that number would be much smaller. Sure, people would still commit suicide. But not 18,000 people. And, most suicide victims are white men over 50. Black men between the ages of 18 and 34 are the victims of most gun murders.

    Yet, too much of the rhetoric spouted by what I call “gun warriors’ focuses on criminal assaults. Let’s be clear. That rhetoric is based on white folks feeling they will be done in by black folk.

    If black folk were killing white folk at the rate we kill each other, Congress would pass strong gun control laws before Easter.

    The unfettered proliferation of guns in our society is inhumane and uncivilized. You can scream about the 2nd amendment to the cows come home. Those screeds prostitute the 2nd amendment . When you wave the 2nd amendment flag you are pimping the 2nd amendment.

    As a black American male I am the most vulnerable citizen walking the streets of this country. Yet, I need no firearm. Have counseled my sons to accept the firepower police officers bear. And to be strong, upstanding black men entitled to the fruits of their labor and the goodness of this country’s resources.

    If you “gun warriors” spent as much energy on civil discourse as you do on worshipping guns, life in America would be much much easier to manage.

    Cool it, guys. Living by the gun is not healthy , wholesome or wise. Let’s work together to help reduce the steady bloodshed caused because gun manufacturers are licensed killing emporiums.

    • dickG

      “If black folk were killing white folk at the rate we kill each other, Congress would pass strong gun control laws before Easter.”
      So following your logic, you would, at the least, recommend laws prohibiting black men from owning or possessing firearms?
      I suggest you read the following:

    • dickG

      Then, using your logic, I must assume that you would be in favor of laws prohibiting the ownership and possession of firearms by young, black men?
      I suggest you read the following:
      ….The Black Tradition of Arms
      ……..Nicholas Johnson
      Available at:
      Also, do some research on the origin of gun laws in the US. I think that you will find that they were first passed to prevent recently freed slaves from possessing firearms and were enforced as “Black Codes” only against blacks.

  • Columbus

    You guys are off point. I gather your interest is in shooting and killing. I am concerned about ways to reduce the killing. Of course gun laws were passed to prevent black people from having guns. In many southern states blacks outnumbered whites. For self preservation whites moved to prevent blacks from retaliating. That was in the 19th century.

    We find ourselves in the early years of the 21st century with projections that white people will again be outnumbered by 2050. Not just by blacks but by people from Africa, Asia and South America.

    I understand why whites want arms. However, it is folly to believe arming citizens is the answer. To the question of do I want laws preventing black men from owning guns? I want laws to prevent guns from flowing into black and white communities that threaten lives of of all peoples just as heroin is infecting white and black communities today.

    Your question proposes banning guns from black men while allowing whites to possess them. HaH.
    Stop the silliness. If you are a gun owner, what use is the gun to your daily life?

    The problem with guns is like the problem with an erection.

    A man with an erection has to fuck something.
    A man with a gun has to shoot something.

    I submit if we all paid attention more to the former we would be less focused on the latter.

    • dickG

      Black people ARE NOT killing white people in large numbers.
      White people ARE NOT killing black people in large numbers.
      Black people ARE killing black people in large numbers.
      Oriental people ARE NOT killing much of anyone.
      Where’s the problem, Columbus?
      Could it be with black people killing black people in large numbers?
      Maybe, just maybe, the problem lies WITHIN the black community.
      Your analogy about guns and sex is childish and of NO value.
      As to drugs: Just how successful and expensive has the “War on Drugs” been?
      It hasn’t worked very well now, has it?
      I carry a pistol EVERYWHERE I go. I’m to old for hand-to-hand combat with a 20-some year-old assailant and I refuse to be a voluntary, passive victim.
      Don’t forget now, statistics (let’s say 1/1,000,000 chance of being mugged or otherwise assaulted) don’t mean much if you are the 1 and it’s already happened 4 times in my life, each time prevented by a firearm (no shots fired). So, no. A man with a gun doesn’t HAVE to shoot anything!

  • Douglas DeViney

    I agree with Nugent. Why a concealed carry permit. The second amendment should be all we need to carry anywhere. Anytime.
    CCP lets the states say to some, you can’t have a gun to protect yourself. It’s unconstitutional.

  • Paladin

    Common sense is not a characteristic of dumba$$ liberals… They are so worthless, getting moreso by the day…

  • ZO666

    Shall not be infringed works for me and anyone who attempts to undermine the Constitution shall be considered in violation of the law and should be prosecuted as a traitor…Period!