Gang Leader Charged For Shooting Cop In Face

A suspected Chicago gang leader faces federal charges for shooting an ATF agent in the face last week.

Investigators arrested Ernesto “Ernie” Godinez, 27, on Monday — three days after he allegedly gunned down a federal agent in the city’s Back of the Yards neighborhood.

“Violent assaults on law enforcement agents working to make the community safer will not be tolerated,” said U.S. Attorney John R. Lausch, Jr. “The U.S. Attorney’s Office is committed to holding such offenders accountable, as are our local, state, and Federal law enforcement partners, whose tireless investigation to identify and locate the defendant after the shooting made this prosecution possible.”

Investigators said security footage from three separate cameras captures Godinez, co-leader of the Almighty Saints, approaching the corner of West 44th Street and South Hermitage Avenue around 3:15 a.m. May 4, just minutes before a city police scanner detected seven gunshots in the same area. The same cameras show Godinez fleeing the scene back towards his residence a block away.

“Throughout the time period described above, the law enforcement and private surveillance footage reviewed by law enforcement does not depict any civilians in the vicinity of the shooting other than the individual identified as Godinez,” the criminal complaint says. “Likewise, prior to reacting to the shots fired, law enforcement agents in the vicinity of the operation did not see any other civilians.”

The unidentified agent wounded in the attack was part of a team of officers placing a court-approved tracking device on a nearby vehicle when investigators say Godinez opened fire. Celinez Nunez, special agent in charge of the ATF’s Chicago Field Division, said the agent underwent surgery and should be released later this week.

Godinez faces up to 20 years behind bars for forcible assault of a special agent of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms while on duty while using a dangerous weapon. His next hearing is scheduled for May 17, according to court documents.

Lawrence Hymann, Godinez’s attorney, said despite his client’s previous arrests — including as recently as July — he is a reformed family man and the circumstantial evidence amounts to little, if anything.

“I say this is a case that is even less than circumstantial,” Hymann told a local NBC affiliate Wednesday. “There is a lot of speculation based on the facts that the government has given us. There are five shell casings, there is no gun found. There is no weapon found in his home, there isn’t even a bullet found in his house.”


  • Ron C

    I don’t know if they can hold him accountable…? Nancy Pelosi says gang member are democrat voter’s and the best humans in the country….right?
    Just ask her and all of the mainstream news media…just saying?

  • justdave

    HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Between the tough gun laws and and an Obama approved mayor, such a crime should be impossible! I suppose that the Obama presidential library will be a gun free zone and the guards will have only non lethal weapons (sarcasm light on).

    • rick meek


    • Barry’s library should be an outhouse with a half moon cutout in the door.

  • Lee J

    This guy is a criminal and a gangbanger who obviously ditched the gun somewhere other than his home. Three separate surveillance cameras caught him. Typical shyster lawyer defending a “family man”. Give him the full 20 years.

  • Steven Rayow

    It appears, from the narrative, that the suspect was apprehended very soon after the crime alleged occurred.
    It seems that the forensic team would have tested him for gunshot residue. If found, that would certainly be a compelling amount of evidence that his defense attorney would have difficulty explaining away.

  • Bennie Cochran

    Why is this piece of whatever still alive???

    • Nancy

      Because people like you, obviously a liberal,, don’t want to continue showing just what is happening in our USA…that needs to be confronted & stop all this kind of bull!
      This is the results of liberal politics! DUH😢

      • jwright673

        I think Bennie’s comment was asking why didn’t the police blow this piece of crap away.. Unless Bennie has submitted previous liberal posts, I don’t now how you arrived at the conclusion that Bennie is a libtard.

  • pappy450

    Time to stop “arresting” and just blow the SCUM away when they shoot at you.. That way WE THE TAXPAYERS won’t have to “furnish” them with a “FREE attorney”, housing, three hots, a cot, and “FREE” MEDICAL”. “Family man” my BUTT.
    Put them 6 ft. under.

  • rick meek

    Hang him…..

  • JOE


  • Roy Ota

    I’m SURE that the cops examined his hands and clothing for gunpowder residue…….! Maybe he should get a new attorney!!!!!!!

  • Charlie1

    So, if you fired at a law enforcement official and then ran away, would you keep the gun on you or make it available to be found in your home, and would you leave a bullet around in your house to be found? How exactly do shell casings just appear on the ground where there was no shooting? some law degrees seem to be issued from the planet Zardoz! Just saying…Not sure Chi Town is still Frank Sinatra’s kind of town.

    • Warren

      Mooney ( Sam Giancana) made it his kind of Town He was Frank’s Godfather got him & the Rat Pack to Campaign for Jack ran the Hollywood Unions also Vegas & the Teamsters Unions till they Double Crossed him and Sinatra look up Chuckie Nicoletti, Jacob Rubenstein and Handsome Johnny Roselli

  • usmcb10

    Trump said it best they are animals rabid animals there is only one cure put it down!!!

  • don lavrich

    these bastards all need taken out and hung. they are nothing but a danger to society.

  • Carolann313


    • Terry Butts

      The victim survived so they will not even consider it despite the fact it was obvious the individual intended to kill the officer.

  • Terry Butts

    So basically in the place where they have EXTREMELY STRICT gun restrictions a man with a CRIMINAL history somehow gets a gun without complying with the required laws then shoots someone he saw messing with a parked car.

    Even one shell casing can give the fingerprint of the person who put it in the gun the criminal fired. The weapon itself while helpful to prosecuting the criminal who committed the crime is not actually needed to prove they were the one.

    With three days to dispose of the weapon it could have been melted down into unidentifiable scrap, tossed into a river sewer etc. or passed to numerous other criminals so arguing they did not find the gun three days after the shooting is not proof of anything.

    • Bama Bill

      I’m certain one of his “Soldiers” took away as much evidence as possible within minutes. They aren’t that stupid to ditch the gun where it can be found. Besides the semi-auto pistols can be disassembled and parts switched around, like barrels.
      They are not brain dead I’m sure! They all go to “Criminal University” (jail) and learn their “Trade” well.

      • Terry Butts

        Exactly, it is extremely possible for them to simply swap in an extra barrel then dispose of the one that was on the gun during the crime. Most modern guns even single shot ones can be disassembled and have parts switched around with other same model guns. With three days it could be clear across country by now it is not like each state searches every car or package crossing their border.

  • Bama Bill

    Chicago’s “Gun Control” works great! Last year ONLY 3,561 people shot! So far this year, 930 as of 5/19. With a mere 20 shot on May 5th. Of course if the Clinton’s and Barry and Michael moved back, they would have armed security. Citizens can’t own a gun, and politicians get “Armed Security”? Shows who is afraid of being shot!

  • generalJed

    Usually, these types of punks hand off the gun to some subordinate in their gang, or have a “youth” under 17 do the shooting. I have never seen a “reformed” street punk in all of my 49 years that I spent in and around Chicago. I’m grateful to now live in Nevada!

  • Sarge

    And these are the people that Pelosi wants as Democratic voters. Just remember this come November. Of coarse she doesn’t was the American citizen to be able to protect themselves.