‘Ghost Gun’ Sites Under Attack

A national gun control group is pushing the Internet Service Providers of two popular home-built firearm companies to disable the businesses’ websites.

The group, founded by former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, argues that GhostGunner.net and GhostGuns.com should be taken offline because they allow individuals who may be legally barred from buying a firearm to purchase kits that allow them to assemble guns themselves. As such, they contend the companies’ ISPs– Shopify and Dreamhost, respectively– are contractually entitled to shut the websites down.

The Giffords group frames their argument by citing homemade guns used in a series of murders earlier this month by a man in Tehama County, California who was a prohibited from possessing firearms.

“Companies that are more worried about making money than the safety of the public or law enforcement officials sworn to protect them shouldn’t be given a platform to sell their products,” said Robyn Thomas, of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.  “It’s time to turn off the lights on these sites so these companies won’t be able to enable illegal gun trafficking or the next mass shooting.”

In using the Tehama County shooting as a talking point, it should be noted that last year California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new law into effect that mandates homemade guns have to be regulated in the state just like other firearms including having a serial number registered with the Department of Justice, transferred through a licensed dealer, and fall under DROS fee schedules and waiting periods for first-time buyers.

Ghost Gunner, run by Texas-based Defense Distributed, has since 2014 marketed a tabletop CNC machine preprogrammed to complete AR-15 lower receivers. Since its introduction, the device has been made more efficient and can now produce finished M1911 handgun frames in about an hour.

Ghost Guns produces and sells several “80 percent” kits for AR-15 and AK-type platforms as well 1911, Glock and Sig-series pistols to include jigs, slides, and tools. A notice on their website stresses their products are intended only for individuals legally over the age of 18 who are not restricted from purchase or use of products to build firearms.

In response to the call from Giffords, Defense Distributed posted a Black Friday deal on their Ghost Gunner systems while GhostGuns.net characterized the campaign by the gun control group as “false claims and lies” and published a legal treatise about private gun making.

“The practice is deeply rooted in our constitutional history and tradition,” said the company. “Legal scholars have recognized that the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms would be meaningless in practice unless the state afforded individuals the ability to exercise that right—which includes making their own guns.”

Federal regulators have long agreed that no license is needed to make a firearm for personal purposes so long as it meets certain guidelines.

Both of the targeted websites were still functional as of Monday morning.

source: http://www.guns.com/

  • Terry Butts

    ““Companies that are more worried about making money than the safety of
    the public or law enforcement officials sworn to protect them shouldn’t
    be given a platform to sell their products,” said Robyn Thomas, of the
    Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “It’s time to turn off the
    lights on these sites so these companies won’t be able to enable
    illegal gun trafficking or the next mass shooting.””

    These SITES have nothing to do with it guns are so easy to make they were created as far back as colonial times if we count the actual hand cannons it goes back to ancient Rome. There was even a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC special back in the 70s or 80s that showed how the hill people in a nation whose gun laws are so strict just being seen with an UNAUTHORIZED by government gun was summery execution could MAKE BY HAND using only the tools their people have used for centuries to work metal M16 guns so accurate the parts would interchange with assembly line made ones. The metal came from junk vehicles left all over the place in that nation. It is not lost on the intelligent that it was shortly after this the push to get rid of every vehicle made before 1980 especially from scrapyards began using “POLLUTION CREDITS” to entice businesses to buy up and destroy the vehicles working or not.

    It is already a crime for people to MAKE AND SELL these weapons to others (an FFL is required) and it was already a crime for the criminal mentioned in the story to even posses a gun regardless of who made the weapon do these people actually have such low intelligence they think attacking those LEGALLY allowed to own guns will somehow make the criminals suddenly stop breaking the existing laws?

    Remember if the LAWS THAT EXISTED AT THE TIME had been enforced what happened to her would never have happened as the one caught VIOLATING GUN AND OTHER LAWS just before his attack on the politician was once again turned loose on the already broken many times PROMISE he would be gotten the MENTAL HEALTH ASSISTANCE he needed.

    In fact 90% of the existing gun restrictions are IGNORED or PLEA-BARGAINED away by District Attorneys either to lazy to prosecute them in court wanting an easy confession or afraid those restriction would be ruled unconstitutional and removed from the books.

    Even before the internet or GHOST GUN information even existed criminals that could not ILLEGALLY ACQUIRE THEM made their own guns or just went with ALREADY BANNED NATION WIDE easier to make bombs.

    This is just another step in the LIE that not having to pay a fortune to get a gun somehow equals wanting to use it in a crime looking at the statistics more homemade knives are used in crimes than homemade guns.
    They even falsely label guns costing as much as $5000 as Saturday night specials one state even included GOLD PLATED NON FIRING COMMEMORATIVE REPLICAS of guns from World War I and II. They were nothing more than fancy plaques honorably listing the names of those citizens of this nation who gave their lives to defend it in WWI and WWII. I guess to the paranoid anti gun groups it was a CHEAP concealable gun whose only use is for crime.


    When we consider the first ANTI GUN LAWS were based on preventing MINORITIES from being able to own guns out of fear they would defend themselves when attacked by NON MINORITIES one must wonder who these anti gun people are planning to attack that they feel the need to DISARM all but the wealthiest citizens and their personal bodyguards. Even Hitler restricted even being NEAR A GUN to those who were of the NAZI party or its direct supporters before he began rounding up those who taken to his the death camps.

    • Alan404

      Well said.

  • L Cavendish

    There is always the dark web…telephones…print ads…
    We all survived before the internet…and still can today…if we really have to or want to…

  • Alan404

    Tell the anti gunners to, as they say in Western Pennsylvania, Go Pound Salt.

  • Alan404

    Re this “ghost gun” business, I find myself curious about the things.

    In this country, the frame of a handgun is the “gun”, that is the serial numbered or registered bit. The rest of the thing is thing is simply “parts”. The situation might be different elsewhere, but no matter. So regarding these so-called “ghost guns”, where do the frames come from, or are the people selling these “ghost guns” simply selling the 80% frame in disguise, under another name?

    • Terry Butts

      One does not need to purchase any part of a gun to legally make their own so long as they are not making them for resale.


      Basically as long as the frame is classified a “blank” not more than 80% complete it is legal to sell.


      Currently it is legal for people to make their own personal use not for resale guns but the government wants to force people to purchase expensive factory made complete ones from the start they have decided that NOT being wealthy enough to pay thousands for a gun somehow means you intend to use it for a crime.

      Fact is It is still a crime regardless if they make it themselves or not for them to have a gun if they are not legally allowed to own a gun such as being a convicted felon etc. Finding a homemade gun at a crime scene is no different than finding one that had been stolen at a crime scene which happens more often than finding a home made one especially common in big cities are ones stolen from police vehicles.

      One does not need an expensive CNC machine or any part partially complete or not to hand make any gun just the knowledge or pattern to shape the metal to the correct specifications as shown in a national geographic show decades ago even hand tools that have been used to work metal for centuries are able to be used to make guns so accurate their parts can be interchangeable with assembly line manufactured version of the same model they copied starting with nothing more than base metal (even taken from pre 80’s car engines as the people in the show did for example).

      This story is about another attempt to use disinformation on the issue
      in an attempt to abolish being legally able to make ones own gun.

      demanding this can not possibly believe that with all the violations of
      existing laws that it would somehow stop a criminal from getting a
      weapon to use especially when it would be easier for them to steal one
      from a police vehicle like a vast majority of gangs actually have done than to complete their own much less make one from scratch (like some prisoners in jail have actually done).

      In fact putting an antitheft GPS tracking system that works in government/police
      issued weapons would find more criminals and actually might
      affect crime better than yet another restriction passed on the false
      claim that criminals would suddenly start obeying the law after ignoring so many other gun laws.

      Laws only
      work on law abiding citizens and does absolutely nothing to deter or
      stop criminals they only give the government another charge to PLEA-BARGAIN away when they catch a criminal.

      if laws stopped crime we would not have heard of a single
      shooting (or any crime) at all much less in the gun free zones that is where nearly everyone one we heard about in recent years has occurred.

  • marcus J

    Gabby ( The Coyote ) Giffords was my so called Representative , An anti American Hard Left Disease Brained Liberal who spent far too much time ,Energy and effort Pandering to and Advocating for illegal aliens , This Dangerous Domestic Enemy of my Country and Constitution must be stopped

    • John Gillis

      And she was shot by a deranged leftist. Is that ironic or felicitous?

      • Terry Butts

        Not only that but one that was allowed to go free with no arrest after violating existing gun restrictions just hours before the attack.

        This along with years of authorities letting him off in other incidents with just the promise he will be gotten the mental health treatment his criminal actions showed he needed.

        • John Gillis

          Which illustrates the negligence of the justice system in dealing with criminality . When failing to deal with the criminal, politicians decide eliminating private firearms ownership is the solution.

          • Terry Butts


            It is not like they can not look at the examples in other nations and see just how badly such policies failed at taking weapons away from actual criminals yet they still make claims they know to be false in their efforts.

            like the ones in this story acting as if criminals would suddenly not be able to make their own guns if they censored such sites removing them from public access or the internet entirely.

            Some Internet service providers already caved to their nonsense years ago to the point even pictures of guns are blocked all on the false claim it somehow HARMED people to even see a picture of one much less even know what a gun actually looks like.

  • Alan404

    Re this Ghost Gun business, it has long struck me that the verbiage was a lot less than desirable, aside from being incorrect. Why give the anti gunners something else to run their mouths about strikes me as an all to valid question. Otherwise, it appears that the act of making a handgun for ones own use, “at home” is not violative of the law.