Gas Station Owner Having Trouble with Robberies Offers Creative Perk to Concealed Carriers

There is a gas station owner in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota who has taken the safety and well being of himself and his employees one more step in the “out of the box thinking” dimension. After being robbed at gun point recently, owner Frank Schwagel is now offering a discount on fuel to licensed handgun carriers and law enforcement officers.

“Just trying to bring it to people’s attention that there’s been some robberies going on around town,” Schwagel told WJON-TV. “And these guys are coming in with guns and knives and threatening our employees. It’s pretty disconcerting. I just figured anything I can do to draw attention to the problem.”

Schwagel added that he’s had to “spend a lot of extra money on security to try to keep an eye on the store during all hours of the day. I’m also paying people to keep an eye on the store independently. We’re just hoping these guys get caught.”

The discount was effective immediately, and effective after 7pm each day. Here’s hoping it is a great deterrent!