Gun Confiscation In Full Swing In This State

All eyes are on California again, as legally purchased guns are actively being confiscated. Heavily armed law enforcement officers are now targeting registered, legal gun owners that have been reclassified as an “APP”, or an “Armed Prohibited Person”.

What exactly makes one an APP? If you have been reported as a mental health concern, or have a minor misdemeanor on your record. According to reports, there are nearly 20,000 people on the APP list.

Gov. Jerry Brown even signed a bill this past spring to expand the program by spending $24 million to hire an additional 36 officers for a total of 69 agents to track down nearly 20,000 people on the APP list.

California Dept. of Justice spokesperson Michelle Gregory recently told NPR that there is a tremendous amount of work and research that goes into this process, before officers can barge into your home and confiscate your legally purchased and registered guns.

It would seem that gun registration does indeed lead to gun confiscation. What might be next? Will the definition be expanded to include other alleged offenses? Keep your powder dry, America. It appears as though dark times are creeping ever closer.