Activists Come Together To Fight The AR-556

Gun control groups marched in Connecticut last month to demand Sturm, Ruger and Co. stop manufacturing its AR-556 rifle — the same model used in the Texas church shooting in November.

Gays Against Guns — an LGTBQ gun control group founded in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting — led a demonstration Dec. 17 through the streets of Fairfield to Ruger’s headquarters in Southport where protesters waved signs accusing the company of making “massacre weapons.”

“Sturm, Ruger and all the other AR-15 manufacturers out there have blood on their hands for continuing to profit off of weapons that should have never left the battlefield,” said Natalie James, an activist affiliated with Gays Against Guns. “The massacre in Sutherland Springs last month and the massacre that happened in nearby Sandy Hook five years ago are bloody and tragic reminders that these weapons are not fun and games and should be banned for civilian use.”

Law enforcement in Sutherland Springs, Texas discovered a Ruger AR-556 rifle outside the First Baptist Church Nov. 5 where 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley gunned down 26 people during a morning service.

Kelley, a former Airman, should’ve never owned the rifle or the three other firearms federal investigators later traced back to him from dealers in Texas and Colorado. The U.S. Air Force court-martialed, jailed and discharged Kelley for assaulting his wife and infant stepson in 2012, but failed to report the convictions to the FBI — a widespread problem military officials admit has existed since 1997.

Gays Against Guns has targeted gun makers for its dramatic protests before — including two demonstrations at BlackRock in 2016 over the investment firm’s significant holdings in Smith & Wesson and Ruger shares.

“Know that BlackRock has millions of stock invested in Smith & Wesson,” the group said after a September 2016 protest at an NYC investor’s conference . “Both BlackRock and Smith & Wesson are complicit in death and the culture of gun violence that plagues this country.”

The group also called for a reinstatement of the 1994 assault weapons ban and urged lawmakers to reject the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act currently pending in the Senate. The bill passed the House Dec. 6 on a vote of 231-198.

  • Rick King

    So when it is convenient, blame the inanimate object, but when a “Protected group” acts badly, blame the individual? The Political Left is just full of Hypocrisy. Here’s a little known fact, guns cannot kill people. I’ve owned multiple guns (both handguns, and long guns), in the last decade (or two), none of them have killed anyone.

    • ernldo

      Yup, long dead Ted Kennedy killed more people with his Buick than ALL of my guns combined…..

      • Rick King

        I own guns, as a form of insurance. Better to have, and not “need”, than to “need” and not have.

      • Alan404

        I believe it was an Oldsmobile, ut point noted.

      • Charles Campbell

        ernldo, , , , , , HOW DARE you remind us of “Anyone for tennis” Teddy .. . . . . . lol. That dick walked away from the drowning girl, just to save his own arsehole. lovely lad, eh.

    • Jeff Morgan

      They just need something to blame because they know the real reason is their screwed up morals they try to push on society.

      • Charles Campbell

        Only their morals are screwed. Their ass is a push fit..

    • Deadeye

      Funny how that works out.

    • Charles Campbell

      How many poofs have killed people with their dicks????????????????? Like spreading AIDS, so poo
      fs, keep poofing each other.

  • ernldo

    When the shtf, these perverts and traitors will get introduced to a couple of my “ARs”….Ruger, keep up the GREAT work!

  • Jingle Bells

    Gays Against Guns – Acronym is GAG!

    • Rick King

      They should move away, if they do not like the laws. But that is Logical, and the Left hates Logic.

    • John Gillis

      Gag….in more ways than one!

      • Jingle Bells

        Soooo true.

    • gunwrites

      That’s a tough acronym to swallow!

  • sammy smith

    If you domt like weapons dont carry them……. their are alot of cc and you have no idea how many good fuys out their ……. all you hear about are the bad guys……wake up….my rights are just as important as yours….. so dont step on mine ……..

    • Deadeye

      Oh! NO! they get Special rights!!!

  • Alan404

    If a Government Agency, The Air Force had acted properly, the shooter would not have been able to legally obtain firearms. The fault lies in and with Government Agencies, not manufacturers. As to the cry baby “activists”, they and their caterwauling should be ignored as being unworthy of attention.

  • Cleavis Nowell

    There should be a ban on selling gerbils to LGBTQ & metrosexuals; gerbil-stuffing is a cheap and potentially dangerous act which usually kills the gerbil. Queers against guns can move to Stasi Merkel Germany and be killed by muslims carrying smuggled weapons and Arabic translations of Mein Kampf printed in Iran.

  • Jim Barry

    I to own pistols, and both long guns and black guns I got me first when I was 16 and now I am going on 53 none have been used in anger I am a concealed carry holder and every one of my guns are fired at the range several times a year some weekly to sharpen skills

  • John Gillis

    Sad. The LGBT community should want the means to defend themselves.

    • bjensen

      A lot do, one pro-group that comes to mind is the Pink Pistols and I know there are others, sadly if they were there in counter protest we’d never hear about it in the msm..

  • ramthemdems

    Really getting sick and tired of these perverts trying to strip me of my constitutional rights, be it the second amendment or the first if I choose to state they are mentally ill.

  • Kevin Padfield

    It’s a total mystery to me why ANY gun manufacturer stays in the anti-gun northeast U.S. There are plenty of states like Wyoming, Texas or even my home state of Indiana that would welcome the business and jobs. As far as the anti-gunners go let their states succeed from the U.S. because I for one sure as hell wouldn’t miss them.

  • gunwrites

    Because Ruger’s SR556 is much better!

  • gunwrites

    Any wonder Ruger is branching out manufacturing to other states? Say goodbye to your jobs and manufacturing tax base.

  • gunwrites

    Shitdicks Against Self-defense!

  • gunwrites

    In the liberal mind it was the gun that did the killing and the person was helpless to stop himself. So why have none of my dozens of firearms not shot anyone yet? I guess it’s only a matter of time?

    • Terry Butts

      They even made a short lived TV show a few years back propagating that false belief following a gun as passed from one owner to the next MAKING them kill someone. All to put the idea into the minds of those who fail to think for themselves that the GUN controls the person instead of the reality that it is just an inert object that has no control over anyone’s actions.

      Reality as anyone with intelligence knows is that if someone wants to kill someone they will use anything they can to do so even things not even considered as weapons as the long list of items used to murder someone kept by police agencies clearly shows even a pencil, paper, book etc. have been used as murder weapons.

      Yet we only see guns targeted by groups like this as if just doing away with legal guns will suddenly make already illegal murders stop happening.

  • Michael Ksen

    I have a S&W revolver and 9mm semiautomatic.. they have yet to hurt anyone or even fired them selves, should I contact the manufacture and see if there is a recall on these obvious defective fire arms..8 years ownership and 4 years at gun range every other weekend. Remember the Government failing to inform the gun registers that a mentally unstable person should not be allowed to purchase a gun,, Government inefficiency kills more than my two home security handguns.. Oh well lets pass some more laws and let illegal aliens out of jail to kill police officers.. well as long as a requirement for release is they vote Democrat.

    • gunwrites

      That’s the plan for 2018!

  • Ed Mainer

    Since gays logic goes against natural law and they would massacre all their kind through outlawing natural reproduction, you know that criminal act necessary to reproduce more of their kind, they should hold a march against themselves. This is the logic they use, that guns should be outlawed because it was once used in a massacre. So since gay sex massacres the child that would have been produced by normal means does it not follow that they are complicit in massacre sex and all such sex should be illegal. Doesn’t matter that the numbers destroyed cannot be counted, just one destroyed by failing to have normal sex makes 100% of those acts massacre sex.

    • jwright673

      Excellent logic. I’ve never thought of that before but it makes perfect sense.

  • GR Arnold

    FAGS never learn. Most likely the same faggot idiots that want to let more Muslims in.

    • John Gillis

      F.A.G. Film Actors’ Guild? ;-D

  • Terry Butts

    So are they going to go after the VEHICLE makers the same way after all just a couple of airplanes were used by criminals to kill thousands in a single attack and numerous other vehicles have been used as weapons to kill people therefore applying the SAME LOGIC those planes must be banned to prevent any future attacks using them as weapons.

    Remember the Orlando attack was BY THE CRIMINALS OWN ADMISSION because of his ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS BELIEFS and support of ISIS. Not because he was able to get guns if he did not get guns to use he would simply have blown the entire place up with a bomb or plowed a stolen buss into it like has been done in other nations where bombs are easier to make than guns or large vehicles are available because it was NOT about the weapons he was able to get it was about his BELIEFS meaning he would have used ANYTHING he could to kill his victims.

    Until the POLITICIANS and their PUPPETS start using their brains and understand the fact that CRIMINALS do not care what is banned or not when they want to harm others we will never be able to PREVENT such crimes and each effort to do so that targets the rights of US citizens makes it easier for the criminals to do what they want as UNARMED victims are much easier for them to target than those that could shoot them as soon as they attack.

    Numerous survivors of the early shootings testified before congress that IF THEY HAD NOT OBEYED THE SAME GUN LAW THE CRIMINAL VIOLATED they would of had their gun with them and could have stopped the criminal in mere seconds instead of trying to escape while waiting minutes or even hours for a police response.

    • David Steelman

      While they are at it, they need to go after all manufacturer’s to cease making pressure cookers so we have no more Boston Marathon Episodes.

      • Terry Butts

        We could fill pages listing the normal ordinary items legally used for their intended purpose by millions that this failed “logic” would apply to as criminals have misused them for the purpose of harming people.

        The fact that criminals do not obey the law so no law taking away anything they have abused to harm others will stop them is something politicians and groups like this helping promote their political agenda fail to understand or just ignore because the truth gets in the way of pushing their political agenda upon the people even when it exceeds the authority granted the government by the people with restrictions specifically spelled out in the Constitution.

    • Alan404


      When and from where did “politicians and their puppets” acquire any brains? Of course, the above doesn’t say a whole lot for the electorate, does it.

      • Terry Butts

        “When and from where did “politicians and their puppets” acquire any brains?”

        Well you got me there I just assumed if they could breath there was at least some brains present I guess by now we should all know that when we assume something we can easily be in error.

  • billybob

    tell you what, you stop blaspheming against GOD, and we’ll keep enforcing the laws on the criminals. We’ll also try to keep the Muslim bastards from killing every one of you they can!

  • kassa1

    We need to march against Imorality, that’s destroying our country and our children, we need to march against the Athiest, who are evil by nature of their attacks against Christians, we need to march against all those who support the thriving / murderous communist AKA democrat party! Or we can all live by the greatest document of this country and the bill of rights and everyone mind their own buisness, and quite letting the scumbag lawyers and corrupt politicians pity us against one another!

  • Alan404

    GAYS AGAINST GUNS, aka GAG, GAYS FOR GUNS, aka GFG, neither impresses me in the least, though both are entitled to their respective opinions. For myself, I refer to The Constitution of The United States, which while somewhat long winded, is entirely clear.

  • Alan404

    Re this Gays Against Guns, founded after the Orlando Florida club shooting, one wonder as to who the founder or founders might be.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    More gay idiots heard from. Screw ’em.

  • Sarge

    Let’s see how quick these jerks react when MS13 and ISIS show up and start slaughtering people. They talk about blood on their hands… about the millions and millions of abortions by doctors. How about the blood on their hands. Ruger should double their output of the AR15.

    • dino m.

      With twin barrels-and belt fed!

  • mr.nice

    That’s a tough acronym to swallow!

    • John Gillis

      Eeeww….please don’t try. 😉

  • Capn Jack

    Gays against Guns…HahAhahahahahahah…..Sorry…I had to stop and wipe the tears from my eyes…

  • L Cavendish

    Way more killed by handguns…and 20X more killed by abortions every year…but whatever…

  • Jay Hanig

    Ignorant northerners don’t deserve jobs. Ruger needs to pack up its manufacturing facilities and relocate it in states that appreciate their business, their jobs, and their contribution to the tax base.

  • Charles Campbell

    fuck two fav groups to loathe. anti gunners and poofs

    • John Gillis

      There are some gays who are NOT poofs. Those are the ones who SUPPORT the 2nd Amendment and endeavor to protect their own

  • Charles Campbell

    THAT CARPET looks tasty. Lets munch it or bite it.

  • mark

    Yup, long dead Ted Kennedy killed more people with his Buick than ALL of my guns combined…..

  • Mad_Gorilla

    If it weren’t for imbeciles like this bunch, everyday citizens would have the means to protect themselves and stop the maniacs who perpetrate such violence. The truth is that 98% of legal gun owners don’t do stuff like that, but they’re willing to impose draconian gun control on 98% for the misdeeds of the 2%.

  • rivahmitch

    Better decision for Sturm,Ruger would be to move out of Connecticut. I left the nutmeg state in 1967 and I’ve never missed it. It will be interesting to watch what happens when this leftist scum runs into states where the majority are real Americans prepared to defend their rights. Those who are unwilling to kill and die to defend their lives, homes, families, property and rights and who give up the tools necessary to effect that defense will inevitably and deservedly become serfs and lose those treasures. Semper Fi!!

  • Ray Tripp

    Ya why not like blaming a car maker for a hit and run accident? Why don’t they go back to GAGing each other, Or put on there big girl panties………..

  • Raphael

    Gays Against Guns – Acronym is GAG!

  • Mike

    It Should read Gun control for criminals leave the law abiding people alone and we want almost every thing to go back the way our founding fathers intended it to be in the Second amendment. We The People to Keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Stop the criminal save a life. Stopping law abiding people could cause the lost of someone you know and love,

  • The Infidel

    Fuqq a bunch of panty-waisted anti-gun freaks.

  • TC

    Best thing for all gun manufacturers to do is move out of New England and move to Texas, Arizona, or some other RED state. If the gun manufacturers take the THOUSANDS of jobs away…… those states will feel the pinch.

  • Joe Clackers

    Maybe it would be nice if these sodomites would try shoving a loaded gun up their butt.