Gun Control Groups Claim.. Win?

The National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Louisville, Kentucky drew huge crowds again this year. Roughly five miles down the road, a small group of one hundred or so gun control advocates from the Moms Demand group had a gathering as well. Showing the movie “Under The Gun” and discussing the evils of the NRA were the apparent highlights, as well as a few guest speakers.

Moms founder Shannon Watts made an appearance, addressing the modest crowd of about a hundred, which gathered at Spalding University, about five miles north of the NRA stronghold Kentucky Expo Center.

“We are winning,” Watts told her supporters. She said Moms and Everytown have defeated 64 “bad” NRA bills and that voters concerned with gun violence should their voices to the polls.

It is interesting to see such a view point expressed by these misguided folks, with gun sales numbers continuing to climb to record numbers. It would seem that laying the blame on inanimate objects is still going strong, and the idea of teaching morals and that actions have consequences is going to continue to fall by the wayside.