Gun Control Protest Turn Into Riot

Police in one California town said that some among the high schoolers in a number of student-led protests against gun violence were not peaceful.

The Stockton Police Department on Friday said five teens were taken into custody on a variety of charges that included battery on an officer and resisting arrest. One, Verania Cervantes, 18, was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail, while the others, juveniles, were released to their parents. In one incident, a number of teens caught jumping a fence at a closed school fought with an officer and took his baton.

“While the majority of the students were peaceful today, we don’t condone the violence which was committed by a small handful of students,” said Stockton Police Department’s Public Information Officer Joe Silva. “It’s unacceptable to batter a police officer and especially to take an officer’s baton.”

Photos posted by the agency showed both police and private vehicles with windows smashed and sheet metal dented.

SPD noted a 16- or 17-year-old, believed to be a student protester, is wanted in connection with throwing a rock through the vehicle of a car window and hitting the driver. Other calls came from area malls, reporting students creating a disturbance, though when police responded the crowd of 100 was found to be peaceful.

According to local media, hundreds of students from at least four area schools staged a mass walk-out though most were non-violent and many returned to class after about an hour. School officials decried those who turned to violence.

“Peaceful protests are powerful and I recognize that it is awesome to be part of a movement,” Stagg High Principal Andre Phillips said. “But some individuals who were not really there for the protest made this something else.”


  • GR Arnold

    Good job. Kick their asses and give them police records. They don’t want firearms so it shouldn’t hurt them in the future.

    • Jim

      This is California, do you really think they will get convicted? They can’t even convict an illegal alien for murder! Trump needs to build the wall on the Nevada side of the border.

      • Arthur Applegate

        Think of all the money we could save if we moved the customs check point to the east border of california and removed the one on the south border. Then they could be all the sanctuary they want.

      • David Peyson

        They are celebrating having an illegal alien appointed to an official state government position in California. ICE, go deport her!

      • Larry Hunner

        Yes he should,problem solved.

      • GR Arnold
    • GR Arnold
  • Cliff Lindsay

    Chapter 12 of the book ” Behold a Pale Horse ” by William Cooper ” , 1991 . Author Cooper outlines how firearms will be imported and manufacturing and students will be killed to bring about the destruction of the 2 Amendment.

  • Hank noname

    As usual the youth of today have zero respect for their anyone or anything. I wonder if any of those arrested are dreamers. If so their ass should be deported. Also lock them up for their assault on the police officer. If they resist beat their asses

    • greg

      need to have the draft back, then they get discipline and respect in a short period of time, which is what their parents and schools have spared them on all aspects.

      • D. Wright Downs

        Today’s Soldiers ar nothe ones we were. They have no respect and I don’t think I could live with them in my Army. They don’t even know the basics of D&C and that is the basic of discipline to get them from one spot to another.

        • hpinnc

          Well, you must be sure all the gays & trannies are happy and their little feelings don’t get hurt. Our country is being destroyed right under our noses because we have this bunch of traitors, who are not true Americans, & politicians who do not care if the country goes down the slippery hill to socialist/communism. If we ppl. who still love this country, & want to secure our country, don’t show up in Nov. & vote these liberal/socialist/OWO/globalists/no borders out, & RINOs too, we will be doomed & I probably will never vote again, because we won’t have a country worth trying to save.

        • GR Arnold
      • GR Arnold
    • GR Arnold
  • Michael Truitt

    Guess we need laws to ban disrespectful, violent teens now. This proves violence begins in the heart and not with the gun.

    • K W

      Well said.

    • mousekiller

      let parents be parents again, put God back in school and the respect for our flag. . since these were removed our country has been on a down hill race to socialism.

    • hpinnc

      Let them spend a few days in jail, W/O their iphones & a stiff fine. Bet that would get their attention. I would not be surprised if George Sorros was behind a lot of this chaos. What is it Sol Alinskie said about not letting a good chaotic situation go to waste.I am sick to the bone of Mueller & his witch hunt, I’m sick of every time there is a shooting these anti-second amendment punks start marching up & down the streets looting & burning. It is my humble opinion these anti-Americans will not shut up until ALL guns are confiscated. How is this working for the UK? I believe Australia has also taken up their guns too. These punks cannot get over loosing the election.

  • Bernie

    The left-wing loons are fvcking nuts!

  • Bruce Kellar

    Suspend students who protest our constitutional freedom from any future opportunity to exercise those freedoms by their own volition. Looks like more Russian collusion from the left?

    • Anchor Down

      Please, just protesting guns is Communism.

      • hpinnc

        I’m an ole timer, 80 yrs. not an informed, liberal socialist, know-it-all guru. We have stopped teaching respect, patriotism, discipline, & American Exceptionalism in our schools. I hope the good ppl. of this country will show up at the poles in Nov. to try & help Mr. Trump get a full house & senate of true Americans who will try to help this pres. make Amer. great, but to keep trying to drain the swamp. We live in a dangerous world. If we step back & let evil fill in the gap, it may not matter 5 or 10 yrs. down the road. What happens in the next 5 or 10 the USA, I feel will have a great impact on the rest of the world. Some say we should not try to be the world policeman, if not us who? If not us, who will stop the evil forces of socialism & communism in check? You can bet, if we allow these evil empires to grow & flourish, they will not mind hurting our feelings, they will not mind overthrowing the freedoms we hold dear, they will not mind abolishing our constitution, & our culture. They will not mind destroying our western civilization. Let’s either support this man, you may have some issues with him, but who else do you think is better qualified to “drain the swamp”? The democrats DO NOT CARE about the country or the ppl. All they care about is staying in power & finish destroying our country.

  • Richard Bushong

    If they are DACA’s send them and heir parents from wherever they came from.
    If hey are citizens about six months in a juvenile jail would do them well, the 18 year old needs six months in a county lockup.

  • gnracer

    So if at any time for any reason a student or a group of students want to wander away from the school are the school administrators responsible or not for the whereabouts of their students?The student could just decide to leave for any reason they feel like. Will they be given a better grade for the time they miss not being in class. Imagine all the free time students can generate whenever they want to protest. Why not protest something real like the open borders where a majority of the illicit drugs are coming through? The deaths of our young and not so young adults is not being mentioned in the media. I wonder why. Most of the inner city deaths due to gun violence usually because of drug dealing. Also the number off deaths because of drug overdoses is staggering. Heroin by itself is killing too many young lives. Why no mention of this. No they blame gun stocks and magazines. The FBI dropped the ball on this because they were too busy chasing a Boogeyman on our tax dime. We should also start looking into the doctors pushing these mind numbing drugs to allow hyperactive people become like the walking dead. No one can explain to me why all of a sudden in the last decade the number of students that are medication that is for their mind. I grew up in the late fifties and early sixties. There was never any incident of mass shootings in schools across the country. There were just as many guns available and less guns laws. Think about that! We are quick to get a disruptive student on doctor prescribed drugs to calm them in class but the long term effect is something we need to seriously look at. We also are taking God out of our schools, government etc. Then we ask ourselves why are these things happening.

    • 1911 follower

      Guns are not the problem. Cell phones are a major part of the problem as they seem to create children with no social skills, no interaction with people out of their age group. Most have become lazy self centered and many do not learn the ‘Skills of Life’. Schools are also to blame as the the teachers had poor professors in college what promoted their personal political agenda, and now they teach the kids today what to think, not how to think. History is more important than ever and teachers need to teach history and government by factual information, not how they think it should be because of their personal political agenda. And teach Patriotism which is one of the bedrocks this country is built. I could go on but 75 years of life’s experience tells me most people don’t care as lone as they have something to protest.

      • 3 CHEERS OLD GUY! FROM AN OLDER GUY 82 44jon

        • Eddie G.

          Gosh, I’m still a kid after all, I’m only 74. My wife told me one day that she spruced up my stuff in the closet. She said, all you have are knives, knives, and diecast toy cars, when are you going to grow up? A. I’m going through my second childhood and I’m not growing up, and don’t mess with my guns.

      • Luke Lugnore

        The biggest problem is with our liberal schools and colleges.The Teachers and professors are teaching our kids to hate anything that they do not agree with.When you get a professor that tells his college brats the military is bunch of low life bums what do you expect.There is no dissaplint in schools any more Kids do what they want.No respect for there elders thats the problem

        • Eddie G.

          …discipline …their elders not “there”. Bad boy, you flunked Spelling 101.

        • Then just wait for them to open their mouths and shut it for them as they will respect there BETTERS ! Its funny how that works as I am a 60 year old who had a young man attack me for my position on guns rights he had to go home and tell mommy a old man kicked that BUTT !

        • GR Arnold
      • GR Arnold
    • GR Arnold
  • pappy450

    They are showing what a “good indoctrination” in the schools will do to a brainwashed “child”. SOMEONE had to “introduce” the “thoughts” into their heads. HMMMM…. lets see…. how about DEMOCOMMUNISTS and the “lame stream in the tank for the COMMIECRATS”…”media”. OH and lets not forget the ANTI-GUN, ANTI-TRUMP Millionaires and billionaires that are pushing large amounts of CASH to FUND these “RIOTS”..Does the name SOROS ring a bell for “ONE”?

  • Alan404

    Some of these “students”, it might turn out to be so, aren’t really what they claim to be, “students”. Anyone consider that? Reminds one of those “professional picketers” sometimes seen.

  • mousekiller

    These kids are a result of taking God out and the National anthem out of schools and not allowing parents to parent.

    • 1911 follower

      …or forcing parents to be PARENTS!

  • fisherman

    Wow, I’m shocked, a bunch of minds full of mush started a small riot instead of going to school to put a little knowledge into those hollow skulls. Great to see the parents are letting these dim wits do what ever they want. Thanks for raising a generation of stupid, empty headed malcontents. More proof that we can NOT ban any guns. Can you imagine these idiots protecting this country in the future.

    • 1911 follower

      No, they won’t protect it. They’ll give it away to the very people we have fought for the last 200 years. Too much is handed to them.

  • Lewis Hopper

    All violent rioters and looters should be shot, if this were to become the norm you would see very little rioting and looting in America and America would become a safer place to live!

    • hpinnc

      Lewis, you can’t do that. You might hurt their little feelings, or deprive them of their rights as a punk. What we need is give Mr. Trump a free hand to clean this country up, ship out all ppl. who don’t like our constitution, our culture, our western ways, but then we would be on the way to a dictatorship, sooooo, then we go to a dictatorship or trying to fix our problems from within. I hope we have enough ppl. to fix our problems.

  • generalJed

    A lot of these spoiled brats are the sons and daughters of generations of rich hippies families that have been getting away with violence for decades! They expect to be caught and released. They ought to serve hard time. Imagine these vile creatures running our country in the future!

    • Jim

      “Imagine these vile creatures running our country in the future!” You mean the snowflakes that were too traumatized to take a college test after their queen blew the election? The stupid professors let them reschedule for the next week. If they can’t handle a little disappointment how are they going to handle the world? Two words: They’re not!. They are not even smart enough to know that they are being used in their “protests”.

  • ch2801

    Hope they all got a failing grade for the day in Every class, not just the ones they missed.

    • how can they fail? the are doing what they are taught. 44jon

    • Eddie G.

      A whole semester if it was my brat.

  • Carolann313

    What do you expect … California the country’s cesspool.

  • higgy01

    I often wonder who is actually behind these so-called protests. In the past scum like George ‘the felon’ Soros through his sponsored anti-American groups has paid agitators to promote violence. I’m sure his affiliates are in California in abundance brainwashing these teen mush heads without them even realizing it.

    • Brabado

      History tells us that any Riot, Protest, Civil Unrest is always promoted, and paid for Liberals, Socialists, and/or Communists.
      Remember the Pro & Against Trump Demonstrations in N.Y., on the same day… This MO is called Pay-to-Riot often used by the DNC, Soros, and Corrupt Hillary – By the way, when is she going to go to Jail for her Crimes… Where is Justice?

      Rioting and Civil Unrest are the radical MO of Criminal Hillary, the DNC and Soros, to keep our Nation alarmed and political unstable…


      Semper fi.

  • Brabado

    As long as these Liberal, Socialist, Leftists and Progressives Thugs are FREE TO CALL THE SHOTS, and destroy and harras life in America, they will only continue to grow… Must stop Soros, Criminal Hillary and the DNC machines from funding this Criminals, arrest as many as the Police can, and throw them in jail, awaiting Trial…
    Kicking their asses, and of their Anti-American Bosses, will stop their unlawful activities, in a N.Y. second.

    GOD BLESS AMERICA AND LET OUR PROUD LAW ENFORCEMENT RESTABLISH THE RULE OF LAW… Did AG Jeff Sessions wake up already??? Sessions was Pres. Trump worst choice for AG… Rudy Juliani would have been brilliant at that job.


    • hpinnc

      Brabado, I agree with you. I questioned the POTUS’s judgement on that, but figured he had his reasons, and he picked Sen. Sessions. I thought he might work out OK. I haven’t liked him since he recused himself. I didn’t think he had done anything to recuse himself for. I thought he would come in like gangbusters & kick some butt, but he surely has disappointed me. I think Mr. Giuliani would have done a much better job at helping him “drain the swamp”. I am sick & tired of Mueller’s dog & pony show.

  • Gerald A. Reason

    This is something that points to a much larger issue than “gun control.” It is the lack of “self control.” The problem is not the gun. It is the society we have built with our “Dr. Spock” method of raising our kids. (By the way, Dr. Spock (Not the one from “Start Trek”) even disagreed with his first advice on child rearing — but no one seemed to notice that one) We have taught them that there are no consequences for actions. We have taught them that, if there are consequences that we don’t like, we should not accept them. In short, we have raised a society of people who, if it is not what they want, feel they can do anything to get what they want. Our founding fathers (Jefferson and Webster for example) warned us that our freedoms could destroy us if we did not accept the responsibilities which go with them, but demand the freedoms.


    I grew up in Detroit. in the rough section of south west Detroit. you learn to fight quickly with fists and knifes. we never went so far as to try to kill each other. the one thing we had was respect for the adults and elders. none ever feared walking among us. today with fragmented families and absent parents some due to government and draconian tax system that has forced the need of two incomes to support a household. without parent all influence the child is subject to is more government bullshit. influence that does nothing but diminish self worth self esteem and dependance upon government. respect for others is replaced with blaming everyone for your own faults. instead of solving problems they are taught to demand and when it doesnt work riot untill you get what you want. our young are fed with the idea that government has the answers. ignorant of their actual rights they have the right to speak and demand but no one else does. they refuse to listen and while not having a viable answer shout you down. and we see the result of government with all their athority and power failed the kids of the school in Florida. the left jumps at the chance to use the deaths of children to further their agenda to expand control and power of government.

  • John Gillis

    A bunch of children whose parents didn’t believe in corporal punishment. This is the end result.

  • John Gillis

    Stockton, CA is a joke. This is the same town that wishes to institute a universal guaranteed income for its citizens. Liberalism is a mental disease and Stockton is an overcrowded asylum.