Own a Gun? Then Eric Holder Wants You to Wear This…

The Attorney General of the United States has suggested a new twist on gun control: electronic bracelets for gun owners. This is the technology used to keep track of criminals on parole, but Eric Holder seems to think gun owners should be accorded the same treatment.

The Conservative Tribute reported on Holder’s remarks, made during the 2015 budget hearings:

Not long ago, Holder admitted that he thinks electronic tracking bracelets, fingerprint scanners, and other science fiction-style ideas are “common sense” ways to increase gun control.

“Vice President Biden and I had a meeting with a group of technology people and we talked about how guns can be made more safe,” he said.

“By making them either through fingerprint identification, the gun talks to a bracelet or something that you might wear, how guns can be used only by the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon,” he stated.

Aside from how insulting this idea is to gun owners, it’s also completely illogical. Criminals will not follow the law; robbers and drug dealers will not be picking up their “common sense” gun control bracelet.

Technology often fails, and this technology only exists in the Liberal imagination. More importantly, this idea represents a disturbing level of surveillance on private citizens.

  • patriotgrandma

    ERIC HOLDER committed a felony with the week long ARMED TAKEOVER OF THE ROTC building on the campus of Columbia university as a BLACK PANTHER demanding the name be changed to MALCOLM X bld….he is also responsible for supplying the guns of fast and furious which have been used by enemiies of the USA to kill border guards and Ranchers by TERRORISTS coming in through S. AMERICA and to Drug cartels. He has illegally given his wife and sister IN AN ILLEGAL TRUST the ownership of an abortion mill so bad the doctor went to prison and this slime is supposed to be the head of JUSTICE???? THIS MAN above most others in the obama criminal regime proves the degredation of the US govt and a major portion of the Democratic party ..all in my free speech of opinion.

    • Reverend_1

      Need’s to be takin out and tarred, feathered, and hung.

      • charles flemming

        got my vote

        • ElmoS

          I second it.

          • usncb

            So carried, when is the party ?

          • boone1

            I have the ROPE and TREE.

          • gary

            I’ll bring some Mexican kids blindfolded and tell them its a “pinata party” LOL

          • Jamie Hall

            That could work. LOL

          • boone1

            But use real ball bats.

          • harpo49

            no pp holder likes a football bat he is that gay

          • Ken V

            Armed with spears.

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            THAT would be racist

            Besides the government overstocked all its Alphabet agencies with bullets- so we should use a firing squad…

          • b4k9zp

            Is he worth the price of a bullet? Many people don’t think so.

          • Deborah G

            I don’t

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            ONLY if we use one from the the Government’s stockpile.

          • b4k9zp

            We still paid for it.

          • Magnum Carta

            give him life in prison with. 24/7 camera surveillance and recordings of all the Bill of Rights and Constitutional Amendments played over and over in a voice like Heston and of course ” you can take my gun away from my cold, dead fingers.

          • Magnum Carta

            And ride Obama out of D.C. on a pink elephant

        • tarotcardman

          you said it first feel same way

          • Jack


      • cherokeeman

        That would be to easy. I have many other ideas before that is done to him and his queer boss obama.

        • sherri palmer

          I have a feeling that all of us have ideas

          • 454 casull


          • usncb

            Hey! that is funny, I love it

          • 454 casull

            He definitely would;nt ‘all the more reason to do it.

          • old codger

            But only if it’s the red fire ants, another is to hang him by an African Killer Bee Nest and jostle the hive!!!!

          • boone1


          • 454 casull

            NICE TOUCH .

          • gary

            I was thinking of honey and bird seed and hang them from the torch of the Statue of Liberty myself.

          • 454 casull

            That would be good too but the ANTS crawling on his sack driving him nuts would be great also.

          • Eagle_1_1

            probably kill the ants / why are you so mean

          • Cranky

            He has no sack or balls or even a penis, he is ofagma’s eunich! But only if his TS wife has a HEAD ache.

          • 454 casull

            Yeah ‘would’nt doubt it one bit.

          • Jack


          • Jamie Hall

            You got that right!

          • Jack

            Actually,,I favor,a whole”bunch” of us got it right…

          • Jamie Hall

            That sounds even better.

          • whiskyman

            That would work,but lets not disgrace the Statue Of Liberty with the likes of that Skunk…

          • gary

            You know, I didnt see it that way. I always thought it would be a good representat5ive of “Lady Liberty’s wrath”. Incidentally, I always wanted to see Osama hanging there as well. Osama Obama, same differance. No, I take that back, Obama has definitely done more harm to this country then Bin Laden ever envisioned Al Qaida doing.

          • Jack


          • Big Ed

            then slit it and run his leg thru it!

          • gingerL

            too easy

          • 454 casull

            But fun to watch dontcha think.

          • Jamie Hall

            If he has one you mean.

          • 454 casull

            Good point .

      • sherri palmer

        for sure…

      • mudflat

        The sooner the better.

      • Earl

        Castrate him and drench him with pig sty crap, first.

        • Greyguy

          Throw him to feral pigs, make a video, sell it, national debt reduced to pre-Obama levels as each Czar, Cabinet member, and Administration official is added to the collection of videos

      • Galveston1


      • Liberty

        You would think with slavery so fresh in his mind that freedoms would be more important to him. I’m sick of color being the only criteria for this president. Lynch is another one with peanuts for brains.

      • KDS

        Along with all of his friends!

      • Jamie Hall

        I’ll bring the rope.

      • Jarhead6393

        Eric Holder should be given a urine bath donated by Porky Pig before he get the full treatment so worth of this radical Muslim. “Walk Softly And Carry Concealed where legal”

      • punisher -party 2

        I -3rd the motiôn – -/ motion past ,dune deal.
        All say I , lets get on with it ,justice to be
        S E R V E D UP . . . !

      • boone1

        no needs to be killed.

      • Big Ed

        tarred, feathered, dragged thru the streets and THEN hung until dead?

      • Magnum Carta

        Just hung would be satisfactory.

    • Oscar Pearson

      Holder was a loser from day one – just like his boss.

      • VERNR

        Right on Oscar

    • J.B. Young

      A former black panther was given the office of US attorney general?

      • b4k9zp

        Remember the cremation/slaughter of 48 adult and 28 children at Waco on 4/19/1993? Eric Holder was Janet Reno’s assistant Attorney General then, and was equally as culpable for what many consider to be the outright first degree murder of those people.

        • J.B. Young

          That figures.

        • Tex Dixon

          Not to mention he or his firm defended some of the detainees in Gitmo.

    • intheknow

      1000% Agree with you. I just pray karma is real, because if it is he has some trouble ahead of him. One can only hope!

    • Angelo Encapera

      What an idiot e holder is it’s not the law abiding citizen that needs watching it’s his buddy criminals carrying guns, are you going to make the criminal element wear the bracelet get real government intrudes enough on the average citizen

      • Tex Dixon

        When the Police decide that this technology is good enough for them to defend themselves would any remotely intelligent person decide to add this to their arsenal. Here’s a better idea, When the Secret Service dump the MP5’s and M4’s then release it for public consumption.

    • Jamie Hall

      Wow…you actually give him credit for being a “MAN”? Because I was thinking more along the lines of subhuman.

    • Deborah G

      Obama refuses to call HIM a Black Panther[black Muslim] a radical domestic Terrorist instead he makes him in charge of the DOJ> WTF?

    • harpo49

      black panther you mean black pussy

    • Magnum Carta

      Grandma ,
      didn’t know about Department of Justice Chief Eric Holder’s ARMED TAKEOVER of a Federal Building on a Ivy League campus AS A YOUTH.
      Real role model and perfect for providing WISDOM ON GUN CONTROL.
      Did anybody do a background check on his application for employment in the Federal government, Bar Admission, carry permits etc. Was Holder arrested, conviction expunged. Worthy of a look.

  • patriotgrandma

    AMMO CONTROL is gun control….and terrorists and criminals have easy access to both.

    • gary

      well grand maw I can keep my cva bobcat in powder for a long time , I have the recipie ,and the ingreadencts I can get from the local drug store

      • wendygoerl

        And how long can you stay in shot, with the last lead smelter in America shut down by the EPA?

        • Numb3rTech

          A very long time! There is lead everywhere you look and it does not take much to melt it!

        • gary

          under those circumstances ,what makes you think I would pay attention to the epa?

      • b4k9zp

        Average of about one shot per minute with a frontstuffer, or even a breech loading black powder firearm, and the large volume of white smoke on firing gives away your position.

        • Deborah G

          Ever notice how the law can’t stop moonshining even now? My money is on those boys and the Vets

        • gary

          the smoke well your right about that ,the rate of fire can be brought to 2 a minute if you do paper or other preload primitive cartritges , some civil war shooters could do 3 a minute but you have to pic your battles

          • b4k9zp

            as an aside, did you know that there have been many War Between the States era rifles recovered from battlefields of that war that have been found with as many as twelve to 14 bullets stuffed in them. The soldiers using them were so caught up in the battle that they were going through the reloading procedure but either entirely forgetting to put the percussion cap on the nipple before firing the weapon or putting it on loosely so that it fell off before the weapon was fired, and then putting another load in the barrel.

          • Tex Dixon

            I’ve never had a modern center fire rifle misfire. I have had several black powder misfires. I’m a gunsmith. I can tell you that a muzzle loader requires much more attention and cleaning to perform accurately than any modern weapon I can think of unless you go back to to WW2 and some of the Japanese rifles and pistols that were known for being a POS because of rapid manufacturing and no testing before shipping them to the front. There were a few others but not many. I’ll take an M4, AK, or even a Winchester model 70 any day. I’ve got plenty of brass, primers, bullets and powder to last a very long time.

          • gary

            the problem is sooner or later the brass will be used up and no matter the caliber you have the brass ammo is eventually used up a black powder rifle is admittedly more labor intensive than the modern rifel but it’s ammo is less heavy than the modern rifle and even a possibles bag can carry 100 rounds lighter and easier and lighter than a modern rifle can so both have their benefits and draw backs

        • Big Ed

          Anyone who’d go to war with one of those things deserves what happens after that first shot.

          • b4k9zp

            Well, as long as everyone is using the same kinds of weapons, there’s no great harm. But when one side uses smokeless and flashless powder, as the Spanish did in the Spanish American War, and the US had to use black powder weapons, the US suffered higher casualty rates.

  • coolman11

    Just like every thing they propose there’s an evil motive behind it I wouldn’t be surprised if the bracelet can remotely cut your shooting hand off

    • Reverend_1

      I would love to put one around Holder’s fuckin neck.

      • Deborah G

        I think you have about 20 million people that agree

  • drthack

    Well ladies and gentleman we can all agree the freedom of speech is live and well (so far). So the one thing I haven’t heard is anyone willing to stand up and be counted and stop the madness. Our fore fathers would be very disappointed to hear the bashing of our Constitution. (WE THE PEOPLE) are allowing this to happen. Who will (Stand and be heard) we the people are the cause of this. We the people allowed the corruption. Stand up America (We the People stall be heard). Stop fighting with each other and stand on the line to be heard. We the people are the ruler of this country that I love and fought for as my father who die protecting this wonderful country. We are a Free Nation, stand and fight for your country. God Bless America!

  • b4k9zp

    Any one but me notice the chilling resemblance between Holder’s statements and the Nazi requirement that all Jews were required to wear a yellow Star of David, and all homosexuals were required Pink Triangles, so they could be rounded up and sent to the death camps.?

    More proof that Obama and Holder are NAZIS!

    • gary

      you had doubts?

      • b4k9zp

        Nope. Never doubted for a second. Holder’s statements just confirmed what I already knew.

    • Deborah G

      I just said the same thing before I read your post. The Nazis and the Obama regime are pretty close. They want the super race of Black Muslims to rule.

      • shamu9

        Super Race!! LOL , ROFLMAO!! Super CHIMPS!!, is more like it!!

        • b4k9zp

          Racist comments are never welcome, shamu.

          • LastGasp

            By whom?

          • Deborah G

            There is no bigger racist than Obama,Sharpton and Holder. care to call them out on it?

          • b4k9zp

            I have, and will continue to do so. But when one has the truth on one’s side, one doesn’t have to stoop to the racists’ level and call them names.

          • boone1

            Than leave asshole.

          • b4k9zp

            Your hatred of these people makes enemies of those who could be friends. Ignorant one.

          • boone1

            Than you must love muslims and you must be a communist liberal POS you should think about not leaving anymore post here asswipe I can hate people that are trying to take peoples rights away and if you don’t think Obama and Holder are trying to do that than you are a stupid moron.Remember this when the 2 Amendment is gone so is the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights all will be gone and we the people of America will be nothing but slaves to this already Communist Government.I will never be a slave to no one let alone to this Government you can but not me.Now piss off

          • b4k9zp

            Your comments show that you’ve never read any of my posts except the one you disagree with because it stings too badly. I am no liberal. I’m a lifetime member of the NRA, the Texas State Rifle Association, the Second Amendment Foundation, and have contributed regularly to the Citizens’ Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership in America, and several other pro-gun organizations.

            When you call others “stupid” or a “moron”, or an “asswipe”, you are falling into the same trap that the anti-gunners do, proving that you know you have lost the argument, and that you know you don’t have any facts whatever or any conceivable form of logic,reasoning ability or thinking ability to support your opinions.

          • boone1

            Look dude I am also a member of the NRA and a Disabled Combat Vietnam Vet and a oath keeper I could care less about Holder and obama both should be shot or hang both hate America and so do the Communist liberals that are in Congress and in the Senate and that includes all the damn RINOS.And I will man up and say I’m sorry for the name calling I have called you.But I will leave you with this it will come down to a CIVIL WAR in this Country very soon and you know it.The white race is sick and tired of there money going out for nothing and they are treated like crap for the last 70 years CIVIL WAR IS COMING my friend if you like it are not it’s just right around the corner and this Communist Government won’t be able to stop it and we the people will WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

        • Al

          Ja wolh

        • 454 casull

          No shit ‘if the term TALKING MONKEY ever fit anyone it was OBAMA. LOL.

        • Deborah G

          THAT was sarcastic in case you missed it LOL More like a group of Planet of the Apes wookies

          • Eagle_1_1

            dont insult chewbacca of star wars

        • Paul Stewart

          Baboons more like it.

        • Galveston1

          Planet of the Apes is here?

          • Rick

            Next will be Soylent Green.

        • tinkerunique

          IF Sharptongue let his beard grow out, he WOULD look like a monkey. He seems to be 0’bummer’s “mouth” to stir up trouble and hate – crying “Racist” at any thing that he thinks is wrong.

      • ramtuff98

        If memory serves me right didn’t Hitler and Himmler make the Jews wear yellow stars? For what purpose. Easy ID come round up time. Watch this A–hole.

        • Deborah G

          yes and he wants us to wear a steel bracelet. All easy ways to identify who you want to take out

    • Reverend_1

      Death to the Nazis, and I don’t mean the German ones. You know who you are niggies. (free speech)

    • wendygoerl

      Many moons ago. What’s surprising is that Holder’s STILL beating the bracelet drum after his own government branch has pointed out that the technology doesn’t “personalize” the gun (and therefore, such technology wouldn’t trigger New Jersey’s “personalized weapon” law).

      • b4k9zp

        Remember, Holder was Janet Reno’s Assistant Attorney General under Bill Clinton at the time of what many people believe to be the outright murder of 48 innocent adults and 28 innocent children by ATF, FBI and US Army personnel at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas on April 19, 1993.

        • Al

          Yup.. Janet Reno. The witch of Waco.

        • Deborah G

          details details deatail, don’t confuse an Obama Zombie with anything like a fact they will wet their pink panties.

    • palehorse58

      The Nazis hated blacks. they thought that a black person was an inferior human being. Eric and Obummer are 2 assholes that can’t think beyond their noses. They have no concept as to how this country was built. Their day of honoring themselfs is sure to end. 2016 can’t come soon enough!!!

      • Deborah G

        Amen hopefully sooner with the entire staff marched out in handcuffs.

      • John Flynn


      • b4k9zp

        Quite true. They hated Jews, Communists, homosexuals, and themselves, as do most haters.

    • Carl Peal

      Agreed! First of all such a requirement would require every firearm owner to purchase the gun and bracelet as a set. That is flaw #1. #2 is who is to say that there isn’t a tracking chip inside that bracelet for the goons to pick us all up when they choose to? I urge everyone to contact their representatives if this ugly suggestion ever becomes a bill under serious consideration, no matter if it is federal or state level. This must be fought. Bombard your representative and Senators constantly, and let them know you are watching them, and that you expect them to vote for what the people want, not for what their party necessarily wants. Just my opinion.

    • Rick

      You took the thought right out of my head, I was preparing to write a comment on that but you beat me to it! The idea and resemblance is so scary that it borders on disbelief that Holder would even consider it, all the while knowing that the holocaust is still fresh in the majority of the older populations minds and the prospect of wearing this ” Badge ” sets off all kinds of implications.

    • Mike Aumick

      That’s why if you see some of my other posts , you see I refer to him as “Heinrich” Holder.

      • b4k9zp

        Yeah, though the name of Otto Adolph Eichmann also fits.

    • conservative since 1962

      No, Obama smokes so he is not a NAZI! The NAZIs were anti-smoking! I’m not sure about Holder but I think he smokes also.
      They are something equally as evil, who have learned NAZI strategy & tactics!

      • b4k9zp

        He’s a Nazi in all but name. As are many of those who post such disgusting racist attacks on this forum.

      • Big Ed

        In all the old ww11 movies the Nazis smoked and ate sauerkraut.

  • Jamie Hall

    Make Holder and Biden wear bracelets and dial all of our guns in to their frequency.

    • wendygoerl

      That’d pretty effectively disarm us, as the range of bracelets’ operation is much smaller than the ring their bodyguards form. You’d be playing tiheir tune.

      • Jamie Hall

        It was merely a hypothetical, just wishful thinking.

        • wendygoerl

          You never know when some idiot hears a comment made in jest and sincerely decides it’s a good idea. I suggest you consult “Genesis of S—” (it’s available in corporate, parliamentary, and military versions) before offering stupid solutions around people who have already proven their stupidity.

        • Deborah G

          Think of all the unregistered guns and see if THEY volunteer to get one. Obama is going to create the largest Black Market America has ever known and the people rights will be gone. This is what those MOPRON libs don’t understand. Start taking just ONE constitutional right and the rest follow suit.

          • Jamie Hall


  • Billy

    All this coming from someone that should be on deathrow for many crimes including fast and furious!

  • Francisco Machado

    Wouldn’t it be more effective to require all criminals to wear tracking bracelets, armed or not, so the law could send out a patrol car and call up homeowners and tell them who’s breaking in? If they want to propose insane and unworkable laws, why not propose ones that benefit the public? Why do these lunatics propose expensive laws that inconvenience law abiding citizens and are beneficial to criminals? – Never mind. I think they have already answered that question. When I was a youngster, you could buy guns mail order from adverts in the back of Popular Mechanics (heck, even comic books), shipped to your door.. I cannot but wonder if the percentage of criminals in possession of guns has shown any change since those days.

    • wendygoerl

      They can’t even properly track the criminals that already have bracelets. Tracker forgets a scheduled excuse to be out of range, and somebody three states away gets woke up from a dead sleep and starts calling around trying to figure out where their charge is. (Speaking from the experience of having a monitored co-worker on a bakery night shift).

    • Deborah G

      Because those stupid liberals and black Panthers think they are the victims of the white people

  • gary

    would some one put eric holder out of our misery? he is going to give all black people a bad name ,ant give plausibility to the bigoted belief that all black people are criminals like him

    • Robert Myles

      He already has and most are too stupid to realize it

  • Janet Julien

    What was he smoking and why the heck isn’t he sharing?

  • Michael Jeffries

    I think all public officials, whether appointed or elected, who do not own a gun should wear these bracelets.

    • RPM

      How about bracelets for the non-gun-carrying public, so we will know who cannot help in an emergency…

      • Michael Jeffries

        Sounds good to me. I was part of a large contingency that helped a nation keep their freedom, but, because of inept American politics, their freedom was lost. It was in a land, far, far away, and in a time. long. long ago, otherwise, known as the Republic of Vietnam. Is the time coming when we need to fight another fight – a fight that rights the wrongs in American politics?

      • ramtuff98

        No make that little yellow bunny rabbits.

  • fred

    Who is this Holder guy? Oh he was appointed to run guns to the drug cartels in Mexico and Central America and really should be in jail with the POS in the WH!

  • Victor P. Bundy

    Like I stated before that Barry Soetoro AKA obama had a heron problem and I think he has some of these people in goverment hooked or they are over-medicated they all sound like they just came out of the looney ben or something.


    Everyone already knows Holder is a racist bigot-a lying thief who should be in prison

  • gregsmom

    Isn’t this guy supposed to be out of office sometime soon? How can we speed that up?!!!

    • lrn2play

      yea and look who his bath house buddy wants to replace him with

    • Paul Stewart

      Why speed up and get worst sooner?

  • Drummie

    Eric Holde is not just an idiot for proposing this, he is an anti-american racist idiot in general.

  • paulrph1

    Automatically guilty and you have to prove yourself innocent. That is a Communist idea.

  • David Seale

    Become snipers.

  • doctorbob

    Next step: require all Jews to wear yellow Stars of David on their coats, so we can spot them in public. And require all gun owners to own a little yellow gun on their lapel, so we can spot them in public, too. Oh, and put yellow crosses on Christians so we can keep track of Christians, and why not yellow R’s, so we can spot Republicans in public? Perhaps we should require electronic tracking for all ordained ministers?

    Is it time for Revolution yet?

    • Velma Saccone

      Past time in my opinion.

    • wendygoerl

      So out-moded. All you need is your RFID driver’s license, passport, or equivalent non-driver ID. Tag everyone for anything. Anyone who wants to know can just buy a scanner.

    • Deborah G

      It is WAY past time. Obama is the most evil man I have ever seen hold office

  • Deborah G

    The Jews had to wear Yellow stars, we get steel bracelets ….seems logical to an illogical to an illogical lefty

  • Deborah G

    Today bracelets tommorrow FEMA camps what’s to stop them and their Black Panther gestapo?


    Who is minding the store ? When we have a lawless illegal who hijacked the presidency and a attorney general that is lawless .What happened to the congress and the Senate ?I know the supreme court ! but they don’t want too work because they have a life time job and they are tired or lawless also either way they don’t seem to do any thing. Dose any one remember the bounty hunters ?Ill bet they would work if the bounty was big enough

  • fred

    When you said in the headline, “eric holder is and idiot” you should have stopped right there. That is the truth and says it all exect that he is also one of the biggest criminals not to be indicted in our history, I am hopeful that with change.

  • peanut butter

    I guess that soon, we will be seeing thousands of ‘cloned’ Eric Holders walking around holding every gun owner’s hand. That would be a tell-tale sign of who has a gun. Then they could just pick up their ‘Eric’ clone when they come to take the guns away.

  • graceymac

    Did anyone see the battery add on the super bowl last night depicting GOD as black?

  • Bobtrhn

    Screw Holder and Obama both.

  • bulldogmom1

    I say no, HELL NO!!!! If I hold any guns it’s none of you or the governments fricking business!!! You of all people HOLDER should wear a electronic bracelet in a fricking jail cell…. Out of my cold dead hand. And not until!!! Up yours HOLDER you wonderful pot stirring ASS!

  • Edwin Knight

    This damn criminal should not be given the consideration of anyone except a prosecutor with the intention of making him pay for the crimes he has committed !

  • JimH

    It is “legal” to own a firearm in the U.S.. Why treat law abiding citizens as criminals? They aren’t the ones you need to worry about.
    Try working harder at catching REAL criminals instead of writing laws that make good people into criminals.


      You are so right.. I would have to agree with you. I’M NOT GOING TO BE TREATED LIKE A FREAKING CRIMINAL. I’m not going to wear a bracelet so the anti-gun lover can keep track on me.

      • LastGasp

        Our Founding Fathers knew how to deal with this.

  • senior65gal .

    Eric Holder needs to get a life and stop taking his brain out and playing with it. Insulting and dangerous to the common sense gun owner. “Two brains are not better than one”, when those brains belong to, of all people, Joe Biden and Eric Holder. Makes one wonder what his body guards carry to protect Holder.

    • Tedski

      His brains are not the only thing he is playing with.

  • privae times

    What a total asshole he is. A gun bracelet like Hitler gsave the Jews a star of David to wear. He is a true Nazi communist singing the ovomit song of socialist take over of OUR country. Uprising is on the horizon if this ahole keeps this crap up. Will thugs wear one? Lol

  • MIKE6080

    maybe a star next eric ? or maybe a bullseye

  • Bobtrhn

    With all the BS going on now, I think it’s time for Americans to start doing something and stop talking about it.



  • Somebody arrest that clown now!

  • Judy

    Well we think obama’s crap packer should be wearing identical wrist and ankle bracelets.

  • Obie Miller

    He is, in lockstep, doing what he is ordered to do by obama.

  • Alan404

    Pearl earrings might work. Other than that, the very idea of Holder occupying any public office in this country strikes one as more than passing strange.

  • Mark

    OK I’m sick of listening to all the criminal idiots we have in office. when are we going to get common sense back in government and politics. If not we are doomed to revolution and death. Why don’t we EVER listen to history and why do we have to be so Stupid to let it repeat.

  • John Gagne

    Sounds pretty SI-FI to me. But dreams usually don’t make much sense. Eric Holder is a dream!!

  • Loring Bruce Loding

    Put Holder and Biden in the same room and you have a recipe for disaster. You just need one more with his hands over his mouth (guess who) to complete the picture. Hear no evil, see no evil & speak no evil. Only problem is, that trinity hasn’t a clue as to what real evil is.

  • ReaperHD

    It’s my opinion that Anti-Americans should have their teeth knocked down their throats, Holder should have to pull his pants down to chew his food.

  • Fearthenut

    The word buffoon comes to mind!

  • JimH

    During the End Times it would accessorize that “Mark of the Beast”, perfectly.

  • CaptTurbo

    Forget gun bracelets, Eric Holder should be wearing an orange jump suit.

  • shamu9

    Classic “Blazing Saddles” Line!! Up Yours Nizzo!”

  • Archangel

    Eric Holder is the epitome of the Domestic Enemy many American’s swore an oath to defend our Constitutional Republic against!

  • James

    Even if it WAS brought to production,the “smart” guns would cost close to $2K,and a tech fail would very likely get you killed. Who needs THAT?

  • 4b4mac

    It’s rather amaIng that someone hasn’t invented a device to jam the bracelets. That might be a bad idea where real criminals are concerned but great for misapplied bracelets. As for electronically or photo electronically regulated firearms. It should be possible to create an enabling override. Technology has reached the level where countering devices should be practible just about anywhere. Any super techie patriots out there looking to get rich? In a more practical sense, however, disabling Holder and the bulk of the global dictatorial cabal could be more practical

  • Lorraine E

    It is easy to recognize who the government perceives to be the enemy – it’s us their employers. Government officials and bureaucrats are public servants who we pay to protect us from criminals and terrorists. So how are we to perceive our employees who for some reason have decided that we are their enemy? I think they should all be fired. A Convention of the States is the only thing that can save us because the RINOs have made our congressional representatives irrelevant.

    • Tex Dixon

      You are the only other person that I have heard mention this besides myself. They want an armed surrection so they can implement Marshall Law and use all these new Military vehicles sold or given to local law enforcement. A Constitutional Convention is our greatest last hope before the deaths of many from Government oppression.

  • James

    I thought Obozo already picked and placed Holder’s replacement;why is Holder still barking orders? He should be either in Prison or out looking for a JOB. Or is the new guy just a CO-pilot?

  • Oscar Pearson



    HEY ERICK, F-YOU you Communist pig !!

  • WilliamHarrington

    Yah, ve tink all uf you should wear a yellow ‘star of David’ so ve know who you are. Seig Heil

  • alfred e newman

    no matter what there only so many codes magnetic or other wise every 10th gun would have the same code just like every 25th key to a lock are identical

  • J.B. Young

    Holder, obama and his administration are the ones who need to wear these bracelets, so we know what they are up to at all times. The sorry low life bums.


    Okay, I’ll wear one when all the felons, drug addicts, tax cheats, fraudsters, welfare spongers, Obama voters and unemployed wear them.

  • ElmoS

    Attorney General Eric Gun Runner Holder is being replaced by an Eric Holder Clone. Eric Holder and ” These Are My People.” should be brought up on charges for the laws he has broken and the people he has harmed. He does this without a concern for the rule of law, i don’t know how he gets away with this?

  • thegodfather4u


    Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday criticized the House Judiciary
    Committee, a day after he had an angry exchange with a Republican committee
    member, Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert.Holder told a large audience attending the
    annual convention of civil rights activist Al Sharpton’s National Action
    Network in New York that he and President Barack Obama had been subjected to
    “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive” attacks by Republicans.

    Attorney General Eric Holder said “We as a nation have failed,” to
    address the mistrust between black communities and the police.

    On October 16, 2014, Judicial Watch announced that,
    based upon information uncovered through its October 2 public records lawsuit,
    the U.S. Congress had confirmed that the rifle was tied to the Fast and Furious
    operation. Attorney General Eric Holder has already admitted that guns
    from the Fast and Furious scandal are expected to be used in criminal activity
    on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border for years
    to come.
    In a 2012 consent decree, Holder ordered
    Seattle to soften its use-of-force rules and train brass and rank and file
    alike in “bias-free” policing that recognizes and eliminates “implicit bias,”
    while disciplining any conduct tied to it. It’s part of a “racial justice”
    movement launched by the Obama administration to “reform” the criminal justice
    system. Since Holder stepped in, crime is up 13% overall in Seattle. But it’s
    not just minor infractions. It’s the biggies — aggravated assaults up 14%, car
    theft up a whopping 44% and murders up 21%. In Las Vegas, police have banned
    patrol officers from touching African-American suspects during foot chases. In
    Fayetteville, NC, where Justice started retraining cops in October, searches of
    black suspects are no longer allowed ………….Factually
    this means criminals are going to do whatever they desire as long as they are
    black…………..AMAZING !!!

  • thegodfather4u

    In an
    effort to stifle free speech and regulate all forms of communication, it
    appears a new federal law might be set up so the Department of Justice can do
    just that. The law is to be created so the DOJ and other entities can patrol
    all electronic communication in an attempt to monitor and regulate all types of
    speech deemed “hateful in nature.”The bill proposed by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.)
    and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) is called the Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014, and is setup to monitor most
    types of electronic communication to curb hate speech. The passage of the law
    doesn’t stop at monitoring speech, it even goes as far as to propose that a new
    government organization known as the National Telecommunications and
    Information Administration should
    be responsible for the collection of data and would actively bring reports
    before both the DOJ and the U.S. Civil Rights Commission for review.The bill
    asks that both the Department of Justice and the U.S. Civil Rights Commission
    be intimately involved with the National Telecommunications and
    Information Administration’s task of collecting data ! Obama and Holder taking America …step
    by Hitler step………..

    • ramtuff98

      And you don’t think someone is monitoring this very site right now?

  • thegodfather4u

    For the past several months, the U.S.
    Department of Justice has been pressuring banks to refuse service to businesses
    the DOJ is targeting politically, such as gun stores, in a program entitled
    Operation Choke Point.

    Under the program, the DOJ, headed by Attorney
    General Eric Holder, is attempting to shut down various legal businesses,
    including firearm dealers, dating services, purveyors of drug paraphernalia and
    pornography distributors, by coercing financial institutions to close the bank
    and merchant accounts associated with these businesses. Comment from Alex Jones: This is a
    classic example of criminal racketeering. Holder is shutting down businesses
    just like the Nazis targeted the assets and later the companies of Jews in the
    1930′s. The DoJ has been caught shipping guns to drug dealers, terrorists and
    gang members in Mexico
    under Fast and Furious, yet Holder is targeting legitimate, lawful gun shops.
    This is completely outside of the law and resembles the behavior of a
    dictatorship. Impeachment proceedings must begin immediately.

  • thegodfather4u


    • b4k9zp

      Why has obama been allowed to get away with declaring executive privilege to cover up his and Holder’s involvement in the Fast and Furious program? The Supreme Court held by unanimous vote that Nixon had no ability to declare executive privilege in the Watergate scandal, and a Washington District court judge ordered Clinton to stop his executive privilege claim in the Monicagate scandal< and NO ONE DIED in either of those two scandals. But at least 200 Mexican citizens and two US law enforcement officers have died in obama's and holder's "Fast and Furious" scandal.

  • capa760

    Eric Holder would have done a professional and honest job, IF HE had decided to chose RIGHT, and follow THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, BILL of RIGHTS, AMENDMENTS, SECURED BORDER REGULATIONS, THE U.S. IMMIGRATION LAWS of Trained Professionals, and Honest U.S. Election Policies and Procedures. BUT-There was WRONG-it was his choice and you chose WRONG. As Grandma would say-You cannot redeem yourself to family, friends, and the world, after making the wrong choice. The Democratic National Committee will not be trusted again, after running a ‘Marxist’ candidate, instead of a Democrat.
    The voting Democrats , trusted the Democrat choice by the lying DNC, and the crimes continued into election fraud, and hopefully into a U.S. Courtroom of Justice, for treason, ignoring America’s Oath of Office, Code of ethics, Election Fraud, sane
    budget spending, Founding Documents, Unsealed fraudulent qualifying papers.



  • sherri palmer

    I would like to see him wear an electronic bracelet WHILE in prison

  • Tom Wittlief

    So, Holder’s idea is to permanently attach a GPS type device to all gun owners who HAVE a (government issued, of course) permit to have a firearm. So, when is his idea to put such a device on criminals convicted of serious felonies coming out ? Holder is NOT considering Gun Control. What he wants is pure PEOPLE CONTROL. Obedient (ignorant, unarmed) peasants to rule over. This is NOT an individual who considers himself a representative of The People. This is an individual who considers himself Royalty.

  • LieutenantCharlie

    Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are Communist Party Criminals, who want to ‘TRANSFORM’ America into a Fascist Country!

  • American Me

    What is behind all this is they are scared to death of us.They know if they continue their assault on our freedom the American People will eventually rise up and fight back and without guns there won’t be much we could do.So they are hell bent on controlling our guns one way or another.You can bet these bracelets would have an electronic override that would make your gun useless.Just more bad ideas from our dictator and his head enforcer.We must stand strong and never allow anything like this to be put upon us.Although I hope and pray it never happens this may come down to a second Revolution.
    Just consider the ammo shortage and the shutting down of the last lead smelter in America.Like I said one way or another.

    • old codger

      Well yes but for every Blue Hat or UN clown that gets wacked, that leaves a gun and ammo on the ground. Just saying! Gun and ammo just ripe for the pickings!

  • Fat pork ball piggins Meat hoo

    So if I’m a white dude who legally carries a firearm(love that second amendment) and they want me to wear some kind of device to tell them I have a firearm?!? Doesn’t that defeat the point of concealed Carrie?!?! And isn’t that racist?!?! Well I’ll do it if all black people will do it too cause you never know…, they might start a riot! And all illegals should have a band around thier arms too telling everyone they are illegal so the government will know who is here illegally and if you see them working illegally the government cans send them home too!! We can play holders game too, but we are the racist ones!
    Long live the king of Indonesia-obama!! No capitalization of his name on purpose

  • rich

    needs A stupid tattoo across his forehead…

    • Tedski

      Done with a bullet.

  • KayO

    We need for everyone in the Obama Administration to wear one so we can see where they are at every moment. When they’re wearing theirs, then I’ll consider this stupid idea.

  • A. Little

    The ultimate in “clueless”

  • Steven Fry

    Guns are plenty safe enough in the hands of decent, responsible, law abiding citizens. On the other hand, kitchen knives, baseball bats, golf clubs, common tools, etc., can all be downright deadly in the hands of dangerous criminals.

    • ramtuff98

      Did you say GOLF CLUBS? The big O an Holdupper own those. “I will only give up my clubs when you pry it from my cold dead fingers”.. OK, I’ll go along with that.

  • apzzyk

    Conservatives make a lot of noise when a technology is being, or is proposed to be, going against them, but when it is advantageous, they snap it up. Your cell phone, if it is ‘smart’ has a gps so that when it is on, you can be tracked, and if you carry that means that it can be tracked too. The Supreme Court that it was unconstituional for law enforcement to put a gps in your car, but try to find one that is about the size of a hearing aid battery – good luck. I have microchips in my pets so that if they leave and are found I can get them back.

    I understand that some law enforcement agencies are using this so that if a cop goes down that the crook cannot use his gun against anyone. Most of those guns on the street are stolen, and it would be nice if the owner could get it back before it is used but that would require registration, which is off the table. I am old enough to remember when the ‘zip’ guns were high tech for criminals, but with so many real ones stolen because their owners did not buy such things as gun safes, or left them in the head-ache rack in their trucks, or lost their purses, the zip gun is never seen.

    • b4k9zp

      The supreme court never said that it was unconstitutional for law enforcement to put GPS in cars, because they’ve been in the cars since about 1994. Every car made since about 1984 has had a “black box” on board which monitors everything that happens aboard the car, including its location. GM’s OnStar and the Ford and Chrysler, as well as Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, etc equivalents all have GPS on them whether you pay for the served or not.

      Your ignorance about gun laws is quite obvious. Requiring gun owners to buy gun safes is putting a money value on the exercise of a constitutionally protected birth right and civil right, which is racism of the highest order, as Roy Innis of CORE said about banning “Saturday Night Specials” in 1988.

      • apzzyk

        I have encouraged you to put your ass where your mouth and fingers are, and to test the laws that you find violate your rights. If you won’t do that you are simply another coward. My generation had the guts to put our asses on the line for Civil Rights in the South, but that is beyond you so quite bothering me and others.

  • Bill

    This overpoweringly reminds me of the mandate that Jews prominently wear large Stars of David in Naziland under Hitler. But I MUST be mistaken. Ain’t no Nazis in this country. They wouldn’t be tolerated.

  • game50

    Sound like Hitler haven the Jewish people wearing a star,so when the time comes. They’ll know who to take to a Fema camp. Wake the hell up ..the boy doesn’t. give a shit about ,the people who does the right thing. The SOB should be ARRESTED for TREASON.

  • HOLDER, BIDEN, AND OSLIMA are all criminals in the first degree and need to be dealt with very soon!! Oh, they are also WORLD CLASS MORONS TO BOOT!!!

  • daveveselenak

    REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, yet just more proof why I am Right! Wake up sheeple, wake up! mInr, NSA!

  • ZO666

    I think a nice shock collar for Holder is in order…..

  • crazyfish

    If Holder wants me to do anything I won’t.

  • jd

    Eric should be the one wearing bracelets,the kind that require a key.Damn criminal.

  • icemancold

    WELL: Did Holder say what a person is to do when faced with a life or death situation and the battery in the Bracelet or gun is dead and the gun will not fire even though the lawful owner has the gun and bracelet ?. No he did not because this common sense question never crossed his illogical democrat pea brain.!!

  • Suffolk Property Inspector

    but the illegals do not need to do this So the licensed gun owner needs to be tracked I guess that they just want the Islamic Terrorists to know where we are this way they will be able to attack unarmed citizens

  • mark

    F–k holder all the illegal thing.s he has done I would like to see him in a prison cell with a big old red neck named bubba that would make him his butt-buddy bitch. and rape him every day. PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH.

  • Alan

    Who gives a damn what Holder wants, he should be in chains and an orange jumpsuit. Screw him and his commie boss.

  • I don’t wear finger rings, nor wrist watches, and I’m certainly not wearing bracelets.

  • jaydee

    He is the one who should be wearing the bracelet, so we know what the heck he is up to and who he is visiting.

  • Ruckweiler

    From my cold, dead hands. Charlton Heston.

  • John Wirts

    Yes! Let Eric Holder, Diane Feinstein and any other anti gun politicians, who own, and carry guns, and hire armed guards, have their entire entourage be requires to hear these 24/7 first!

  • Sue Darley

    He is a Black Muslim at best (Ugh) and Black Panther at worse…He is indeed a criminal…he sends his band of goose steppers to harrass and arrest law abiding citizens while letting the likes of Skeletor Sharpton and his Black Panther buddies preach the destruction of the white population…Send them back to Africa since they seem to have their hearts there, although africans don’t consider the blacks here as Africans but mutants…so to the moon with them all who are ungrateful and who hate America so much.

  • glock 19 fan

    Very similar to Hitler’s edict requiring Jews to wear the Star of David conspicuously. Nicht!!

  • gary

    fuk the muslem this is not the middle east I cant wait till an american is back in office

  • tarotcardman

    forget him he is out should be inedited for providing weapons to gangs that killed our agent. , tar and feather him run him out of town

  • joão cezar

    Cold, dead fingers on a hand with no electronic tracking bracelet…

  • a8mark

    what is taking so long to get this clown out of office. he`s already has a contempt against congress issued.then obama clears him

  • 2nd Amendment

    Eric Holder needs to bend over and suck his own……..oh ya he can’t he’s nothing more than a little BITCH. He is putting gun owners in the same light as FELONS. I am not, nor have I ever commited a felon. So without being one, he basically wants me to declare myself a felon. That is a JOKE!!!!! LOOK OVER WHAT ALL ERIC HOLDER HAS DONE IN HIS CAREER. HE FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS FROM THE DICKTATOR, AND HIS FAVORITE NAZI – HILLARY. THEY CHOSE HIM FOR BASICALLY TELLING BENGHAZI TO KISS HIS ASS, AND SUPPLIED DRUG CARTELLS, AND TERRORISTS WITH THE VERY SAME GUNS THEY WANT DEEMED ILLEGAL BY THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED SCREWED AMERICAN’S. THERE IS ONE DIFFERENCE, SILLY ME THE ONES SUPPLIED WERE FULLY AUTOMATIC. THE ONES THEY WANT OUT OF OUR HANDS ARE SEMI AUTO. It is coming to the point where it is a joke to say I’m American. There is no such thing anymore. Saudi Arabia, has already dumped the Petrodollar, they only way now to bye oil, petro whatever, they will not take the USD anymore. There are only two ways to purchase it anymore are the Rubble, or Gold. This started about 2 years ago. The USD and the EURO are both worth NOTHING. The latest stat’s that I have seen is the USD is worth a whoppen $0.03. So our currancy is nothing more than 3 cents on the dollar. And if you have older pennies, from basically 1980 and older are worth more than 3 cents for scrap. Thats pretty sad that when one of the super powers, are now nothing more than a third world country. Thank you DICKTATOR OBAMA, H. CLINTON AND ERIC HOLDER. Another thing that the 3 have done for us, watch your bank accounts, get rid of cash buy gold silver, whichever you can afford because now the banks have the power to just take your money, gives ya a nice warm feeling doesn’t it. ERIC HOLDER IS MORE THAN JUST AN ASSHOLE, HE WAS MADE TO BE THE FALL GUY. HE NEW WHAT THEY WANTED HIM TO DO AND HAD NO PROBLEM WITH ANY OF IT. I would really like to see whats in FORT KNOX also. When they have told past presidents that wanted to go in and look. THEY HAVE ALL BEEN TOLD NO. I always thought the commander and chief had the power to do as he wanted. The reason why they have all been told NO. IS BECAUSE THERE IN NOTHING THERE!!!! To sum it all up. IT DOESNT MATTER ANY MORE WHAT PRICK DOES WHAT, THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE THE DAMAGE. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS NOTHING MORE TAHN A JOKE TO OTHER COUNTRIES, ONE LAST THING TO THINK ABOUT, WHY HAS THE US MILITARY BEEN BUYING 1.6 BILLION IN AMMO, WITH THE IRS, AND THE POST OFFICE DOING THE SAME. ALL SAYING IT IS FOR USE ON AMERICAN SOIL!

  • KellyG

    There is a treatment for some Mentally ill Patients out there that I think might actually help Eric Holder…
    It’s called Electroshock Therapy and he needs lots of it… Hells-bells, I say turn the Voltage up to the max
    and leave it there for as long as possible until there is nothing left… then maybe the problem will be fixed.

  • Eli Charlie Noseworthy

    QUICK AND SIMPLE FOLKS, 12 gauge buckshot square up his BLACK A.S.S. would suffice !!! GOD HELP AMERICA…

  • Eli Charlie Noseworthy

    C’mon folks, he loves criminals, he belongs to the OBAMA-HO CLUB ” HATE WHITY” especially BARRY’S BITCH !!!

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    So typical of a lib. Always punishing us for exercising our Constitutional rights. Maybe if they were tougher on criminals we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in. But, of course, they’d rather be lenient & coddling toward the evil & tough & punishing to the good. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

  • Stan Hoffman

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it LSD that makes a person hallucinate like that?

  • Buddy Honeycutt


  • Wear a bracelet? Hee . . ., hee . . . , hee . . .

  • alicelillie

    This bracelet idea reminds me of Jews being required to wear a yellow star in Nazi Germany.

    • b4k9zp

      You’re not the only one.

  • Jack

    BOY,,,this is a GREAT article,,,NOW,,,WE need to stop Obamas desire to take”over” the internet,,,The article I read stated”if anyone tries to post a comment they?(Obama and his ilk don’t like),,it will be deleted immediately,,and the author will be hunted down..,

  • Jenny Everywhere

    How about instead we issue to all of the anti-gunners a Peace Brassard, so we can identify which cowards we lawful gun-owners have to protect when there’s trouble?

  • Michael Valgos

    Hey John McCain we have a scum bag too. His name is Eric Holder, and he, and Obama are neck n neck for the biggest scum bag spot. I thought that this ignorant son of a bitch was supposed to be resigning?

  • Jim Miller

    What a MORON FAKE HYPOCRITE, he was supposed to step down as Attorney General but, WHEN?, that was only a make believe, he wants to treat Honest law abiding citizens like CRIMINALS , while his DARLING THUGS roam around with guns doing as they please…………NO QUESTIONS ASKED

  • BuzzLOL

    . Put those tracking bracelets on the evil, dangerous people with ADDICTIONS… such as drug addiction, religion addiction/psychosis, homosexuality addiction, obesity addiction, sloth addiction, greed addiction, etc…
    . Track the BAD PEOPLE… not the good people…
    . Register criminals… not guns…

    • b4k9zp

      Register BuzzLOL.

  • QuisPercusit

    Who has the authority and guts enough, to arrest Holder Much less his pimp lipped boss Obamafraud?

  • tarotcardman

    Holder is a criminal , obie is a lousy golfer and a worse president where is the impeach button.

  • Patrick

    Does this dumb son-of-a-bitch even understand that 99% of the thugs (MOSTLY BLACK), don’t care about his rules, or that they steal and take what they want, with guns in thier hands?? What a stupid , overpaid, dumb shit!

  • sweetqueen777

    Maybe some big yellow stars, or armbands?????? When is this jackass going away????

  • whiskyman

    Why don’t that no good piece of trash crawl off somewhere,and die ? Hes the biggest crook we have here in the US,hes personally responsible for people being killed by his “Fast and Furious” boondoggle. Then had the Gaul to sweep it under the rug,and try and hide it………” “Vice President Biden and I had a meeting with a group of technology people and we talked about how guns can be made more safe,” he said”…. I wonder what percentage him & Biden owns in that technology Co. or how much in kickbacks were they was promised ?
    If that entire Administration were thrown into a huge barrow,they would tie into twisted knots worse than a barrow full of snakes.

  • Tomcat01

    These people are total idiots!!!! Lets penalize the majority and ignore the minority committing the crimes. Lets make more criminals out of law abiding citizens.

  • Ibcamn

    holder is an idiot and should be taken out to the wood shed!wear a bracelet so i can carry my gun,not!why doesn’t holder just try to make it law that we would have to wear a blaze orange sport coat to carry!!this is just one more fact of how obama and holder need to get our guns to finish their tyrannical plot to destroy america!if they had no want for what’s ours,they wouldn’t even think of stupid sh!t like this!it’s all about taking our guns,period!(besides,you know as well as me that bracelet would have every imaginable device built into it to get you for something!)

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS

    Stopped reading right after ” “common sense” ways to increase gun control.
    “Vice President Biden and I had a meeting”


    Holder should wear a bracelet that says he’s a faggot commie!!

  • rwp24382

    Most likely the type of common sense solution they are looking for is to get people to buy the bracelets, then find a way for the government to render them useless. That makes sense to them. If you don’t want to have your firearm confiscated, then they will make the weapon totally useless with a flip of a switch. I don’t trust this person with the type of control he is wanting to have over people.

  • Texmex32

    Eric Assholder can Kiss My Royal Texas Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Ronald Hagler

    Seeing as how both Obama and Holder are Sociopaths with Psychopathic tendencies, it is no surprise that he would suggest something this strange and “Anti-Constitutional” ! The Obama administration has spend over six years trying to destroy our Constitutional rights, while continuing to support illegal immigration, as a means to further weaken our economy. As a Lieutenant in Obama’s “Personal Guard”, Holder is simply continuing to complete Obama’s mission to weaken the American citizen and bring Obama’s agenda to fruition . They cannot re-write the Constitution, yet, so they seek to circumvent it at every opportunity. While posting our objections here is good, it is just a start. We must write, call and email our Congressmen and demand that they stop the madness emitting from the White House, since we all know, Holder says nothing unless King Obama OK‘s it!

  • Dave Phelps

    ALL liberals are brain dead idiots, and this is further proof

  • Sammie Jo

    EFF U Holder.

  • It’s a classic case of the camel’s nose in the tent syndrome. They take an inch here an inch there, and soon he will be the RULER ! You NEVER negotiate with those who are determined to do you in. PERIOD!

  • Greyguy

    Erik would like to be able to hold the switch to turn of all the bracelets so your guns would not work. Much easier to impose Marshall Law that way.

  • Douglas DeViney

    Wow! Are you out to prove their point? That you need controlling? The biggest concern for me is that they can create a system that will allow Govt. entities to send out a signal that would shut down all the “safe guns” in the area for hostage situations or maybe nation wide if they think we’ll try to overthrow them. They would not be taking the arms but their use would be gone.

  • Bill Swan

    screw eric holder

  • avlisk

    I think wearing a star on our coats, or perhaps a number tattooed on our arms would be better, Eric. Those things have worked before. I knew this guy was evil, now I know he’s evil and crazy. Adolph Hitler would be proud of him. We know Obama is.

  • glorybe2

    One of my working revolvers was made in 1896. Imagine trying to retrofit finger print identification into that weapon. And with a bit of luck that pistol will easily last another 100 years. It is actually the most popular police revolver used in the US up into the 1930s. It is more reliable than any modern pistol and quite simple in design. It also will never fire if dropped on its hammer.

  • 23cowboy

    If you want to put a bracelet on criminals, then Holder should be first in line to get one. He is one of the biggest criminals in DC, right behind the Prez and Vice.

  • Ken V

    F*#k Eric Holder and Obama.Both of these idiots should be strung up from the highest tree for treason.

  • Kevin

    The bracelet would just be another digital device whose battery would die just when you want to use it. I don’t have any optics on any of my hunting rifles that depend on batteries either. It’s just not smart.

  • harpo49

    p holder is one of the biggest idiots that I have had the mispleasure of hearing the man is sooooooo friggin out of touch it isn’t funny he and obutmunch are both racist communists AND A DANGER TO OUR FREEDOM AND WAY OF LIFE WE NEED TO ACT BEFORE IT IS TO LATE IT MAYBE TO LATE ALREADY

  • harpo49

    again I must ask is this stupid #@[email protected]#^% for real he just can’t be living in the real world not this world anyhow what a friggin idiot he and his other communist nitwit pal barry the numbnuts have got to be the ones that hatched this stupid azz idea

  • Francisco Machado

    24 hour recording cameras on administration politicians would benefit the country a lot more. Yes, it may well be a bad idea, but sometimes the best bad idea is made necessary by circumstances. A society in which the government can monitor the citizens but the citizens cannot monitor the government is tyranny. Destroyed hard drives, refusal to testify to Congress, “executive privilege,” wiped private server, make guns available to known criminals but deny them to citizens, laws by mandate, “Operation Choke Point” for legal, legitimate businesses the administration doesn’t like……