New Poll Data Implies America Has a Gun Problem

That’s right. One in three Americans owns at least one gun. Gun sales are up, gun ownership is up, training and instruction are also rising.

Recent poll results show that white males over age 55 are more likely to own a gun, gun owners are most likely to live in the south and west (not in the north country), and Alaskans are most likely to own a gun, with 62% of them owning at least one firearm.

The researchers used data from a 2013 online survey of 4,000 people over age 18 from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Participants were selected to be representative of the U.S. population as a whole.

About 29 percent of people nationwide reported owning a gun. Only five percent of people in Delaware and six percent in Rhode Island owned a gun, compared to almost 62 percent in Alaska.

More than half of people reported owning a gun in West Virginia, Arkansas, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Regionally, gun ownership was least common in the Northeast and most common in the South and West.

Which makes sense. Polar bears aren’t going to slow up or stop an attack by the potential “hot-pocket meal” pleading for the bear to go eat berries and twigs instead of them.

In general, gun ownership is on the decline in the U.S., although sales are up, so those who do own them may be buying more than one, Kalesan said. Read More

Essentially, fewer people own guns now, but the people who do own guns own more of them. The data also implies that older men are more likely to own guns than younger people. Hmmm… somebody needs to educate Millennials about the importance of exercising 2nd Amendment Rights, don’t you think?